Monday, May 17, 2010

4Troops: Understanding Our Purpose ~ By John kubicek

By John kubicek

A Captain in the military was shot and killed. Well, not exactly, because after a 110% heroic effort by the medics and docs, the Captain survived what should have been a fatal wound. You will see him in a video later on in this space, but for now, let's see why his life was so important to us.

It seems like it was just days ago, but turns out to be a few months ago... (Where does time go?)... I happened to see and record a group performing on Fox & Friends. This group is called 4Troops. Yes, their CD is being promoted, but as you will learn, it's for a purpose. From February 05, 2010, "For Freedom":

A little over a week later, 4Troops had an encore performance on Fox & Friends. Well, there were technical difficulties as they call it in the TV business. In the military, they call it a SNAFU... Here's the video that tells this part of the story:

I would call it redemption. Not too long ago, my old computer went through the death throes. Chips burned out.... it couldn't have been much worse. Well, thankfully and fortunately, I was able to acquire a new machine. It kind of took me awhile to learn the new stuff on Windows 7 and work out some of the kinks... For a while, there were extreme audio difficulties, which turned out not to be because of my computer, but from my media provider. The problem was finally resolved, though, and the very next day I was able to capture this segment with 4Troops on Fox & Friends:

Would you like to know something? I love what Ron, Meridith, Dave and Daniel stand for. They're using their talents for a good purpose, and I respect that greatly. It really hit me yesterday when I put up this video of their appearance on Fox & Friends Sunday with Dave, Alyson and Clayton. And by the way, I was able to get a bonus song on this video. You're going to love this:

There is another part to this story. It all seemed to come together yesterday. What you just saw in the previous video referred to the Captain that came back from Death to complete his earthly mission. You could call this the absolute "after the show show." Just imagine what this guy went through, and how he is now telling us about those that need more than just the physical therapy. Remember that song, "Galveston?" Emotions must be dealt with.

I think we all need to agree with this: We need to complete our "deployment" in this world. God has a purpose for us. We just need to understand it. We're not going to get out of this battlefront easily. And that's the problem. Because if this battle is getting to be too much for you, at any time, you can walk out of it. The only problem is, what if God still has a purpose for you even if your legs were blown off? Is it ever a good time to give up?

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