Monday, January 19, 2015

Survival? Why bother? Most of us could be doomed!

By John Kubicek

I see the survivalist ads all of the time. The gun and ammo dealers, suppliers of food products that will last 25 years, appliances that can run on solar or wind-up power... You can even buy generators that run on alcohol that you can produce yourself... It's endless. If we don't have every possible ability of defending our property and a large storage of survival food, we'll be doomed!


Well, yes. Between now and Doomsday, you have the opportunity to arm yourself and have the food necessary to eat... for awhile. If there happens to be some kind of incapacitating catastrophe, how long will it last before things return to "normal"? A few days? Or, maybe a few weeks, months... years? How long can you last on survival supplies and gear? Not to mention the cost of various weapons, ammo isn't exactly cheap, either. How much ammo would you need? Do you have a way of knowing how long it would need to last?

I've had these questions, but my answer is always the same: There is no way that I could finance my survival needs. If I did have the finances to acquire guns, ammo, food, spare fuel for a generator, would there be a purpose? I kind of figure that only 0.1% of our population could be totally prepared. Another 5% would probably be able to survive for a few months... Are you getting the picture?

But we don't have to be doomed just because we don't have the resources to begin stocking up on food and guns and ammo. Should there be some type of catastrophic incident, we can all work together to survive. Rather than spending all your money on survival gear, just learn a skill that doesn't require the technology we have today. Learn how to grow food, or hunt, etc... When things start going sideways, each one of us can provide services that can be used to barter for other services or products. such as food. that we need. Most of us do NOT have to be doomed if we work together. Just sayin'...