Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's a scary scenario: "One Second After"

Regarding a discussion about EMP and "One Second After," a novel by Professor William R. Forstchen

By John Kubicek

I had just finished posting the great column "The Sky is Falling!" by Dave Johannes from Uncommon Sense when Coast to Coast A.M. came on the radio. So happens that the original host of the show, Art Bell, was hosting the show tonight.

I've always loved hearing Art on the radio, so I don't mean to marginalize him, but he always did have that propensity to shriek, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" many times over the years when he was the main host before his semi-retirement. One of the best examples of that was with all the guests that he brought on the show back in the late 1990's, such as Gary North, that claimed that the Y2K computer bug was going to destroy our infrastructure. Of course, as we know, it never happened! I have used that example here because it directly correlates with the guest Art has on the show tonight. Only, in this case, Art and his guest, William Forstchen, are talking about a scenario that isn't actually far-fetched. In fact, it is a frightening possibility, especially given that North Korea has nuclear weapons, and Iran is probably very close to having them.

The scenario that was being discussed on the show is based on a novel by William R. Forstchen, by the title of "One Second After". This is where a nuclear weapon is detonated high above the United States, and an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) fries everything; virtually all transistors, the entire power grid, and all communications would be gone in a second. There wouldn't be any water, transportation, or even emergency services left to keep us going.

If you really believe that this is just hysteria-on-steroids, you need to watch the two youtube videos I have included below, both of which I found on the main page of the website for ""One Second After":

Bill Forstchen on his new bestseller, One Second After - Provided by ngingrich

Newt talks about the threat of a nuclear North Korea - Provided by ngingrich

During that radio show, Art and Bill discussed where we go from here, with the knowledge that the scenario really CAN happen. It brings up questions: What can we do? Can we prevent it? Should the U.S. (or maybe Israel) take preemptive military action against Iran and/or North Korea? Are sanctions ever going to stop Iran from building their first nuclear weapons? (Sanctions never worked to prevent North Korea from building their nuclear arsenal, by the way.) Or, is there a way that we can somehow shield our electrical/electronic infrastructure to reduce the disastrous effects of an EMP attack?

The threat is real.

An EMP attack on the United States of America will end this country as we know it. Professor Forstchen explained how the EMP attack on the U.S. would eliminate about 90% of the population in his estimation. We know that should it happen, there would be an immediate retaliatory strike on the country that attacked us, assuming we can determine who the perpetrator was. So, in other words, hundreds of millions of people could lose their lives. This is a scenario that must never happen if it can be prevented. But, do our leaders have the political will to take preemptive action? I seriously doubt it! My guess is that there would be an enormous amount of reluctance with the current administration and Congress to do a preemptive strike on Iran or North Korea.

From what I heard on the show tonight, the politicians in Washington won't even fund any kind of defensive shield, including missile defense, to protect the electric and communications grids. (I have not verified that at the time of this writing.) And that is a big problem, considering that it was also mentioned by Professor Forstchen that a large solar flare could also take America back to the 19th Century (or earlier!). America definitely needs to harden the electrical grid if at all possible.

In my humble opinion, the topic of an EMP (whether man-made or sun-made) scenario is not some type of hysteria-driven doom and gloom theory. This isn't like Algore's global-warming-caused-by-man (Anthropogenic Global Warming) hoax. It is real. At any rate, it isn't a situation where we can afford to bury our heads in the sand. If there is anything that can be done to prevent an apocalyptic scenario such as an EMP attack, we need to get busy NOW. Otherwise, keep your ammo dry.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, I have had the book "One Second After" on my bookshelf for several months, but haven't had the chance to read it yet. I am thinking it's a good time to get busy reading!


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Friday, November 27, 2009

Last Week on TheREALjohnny2k - 11/16 through 11/21/09

By John Kubicek

I'm sure you've heard this somewhere before, but I will use those words here: The last week or two have been the worst of times and the best of times... for me. And also maybe for all of you patriots out there that wonder where this country is going.

Yes, I'm just a little behind this week. Normally, this post would have been done at least by last Monday, but I had a slight obstacle to get through earlier this week. It seems that an anti-biotic I was taking last week gave me a severe allergic reaction. There were a couple days there that I wasn't sure I was going to make it. But I did. And in the mean time, after all the news I was able to consume in a week, I wasn't sure America was going to make it, either. And there I was, unable to do anything about it. At least, not then.

But, hey, I love to make the liberals chuckle now and then, giving them hope that I wouldn't be around much longer to keep my Conservative friends going.

It so happens that I was on a roll last week. I was blogging and uploading videos like there was no tomorrow (almost literally, as I found out this week). It may be kind of a good thing, though, that there was this delay in posting this blog. Have you ever had those times when you were wondering what's been going on in the world because you've been so busy? And I know, it was the Thanksgiving holiday week, where almost everyone is busy trying to get ready for guests, or going on a trip to grandma's place for the big feast.

Well, now, you will know what happened last week. And I'm glad I have this opportunity to bring you up to date, even if a week ago seems like an eternity. Even if you had the chance to TiVo every Glenn Beck show last week, and all of the news, it's likely you didn't have a chance to watch much of it yet.

Let's put it this way: It was quite the week. Fort Hood, the terrorist trials to come in New York, the cloture vote in the Senate to go into the debate on their health care deformation legislation, and a lot of chatter regarding the Sarah Palin book, "Going Rogue," that came out this week. Believe me, and you will see, I kept very, very busy last week getting all I could on It was a daunting task, but hey, somebody's got to do it.

If anything, if you're bored, I'll keep you busy if you should choose to watch all of the videos I've included below. But it works for me, just knowing that you have the opportunity to see all that is going on. And to make it interesting, I threw in a couple videos last week that will actually keep you upbeat. I hope that will make you feel better after seeing the challenges that we are facing! Because, we are AMERICANS, THAT'S WHO!

November 16, 2009 - Michael Mukasey, Part 1 - The Fort Hood shooting was a terrorist act

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey discusses the Fort Hood shooting case. Was it a terrorist attack? Mukasey believes it was, and has solid arguments to support his opinion.

November 16, 2009 - Michael Mukasey, Part 2 - Trying 9/11 Terrorist KSM in New York is the wrong decision

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey discusses why trying KSM, the 9/11 mastermind, in New York City is a bad decision.

November 16, 2009 - Sarah Palin Needs to Go Pedal to the Metal

To get out of Earth's gravitational pull, when the Shuttle is launched, it has to go "pedal to the metal." Sarah Palin needs to do the same thing. The book tour for "Going Rogue" is exactly what needs to be done. It is her chance to build up her support and momentum. That is the one way to nullify the negative gravitational pull of the likes of David Brooks and other detractors. It can be done, and I know Sarah can do it!

November 17, 2009 - (Nov 17 09) Glenn Beck on Fox and Friends

Glenn Beck sits in with Fox & Friends, discussing issues such as Sen. Charles Schumer's call for "gun control" (for military members?), ACORN corruption at the top of the organization and not at the bottom, and Doug Hoffman's success in the NY23 race against both parties.

November 17, 2009 - Why does the (Liberal) Press hate Sarah Palin?

Peter Johnson, Jr, a Fox News Legal Analyst, discusses why the media loathes Sarah Palin. We can count on more attacks on her now that her book, "Going Rogue," is out.

November 17, 2009 - A soldier's extraordinary gift to his family - A video diary

A soldier serving in Iraq had made a video diary of his days on his tour of duty in Iraq, and the guys in his unit made sure that his family received it after he was killed in action trying to rescue his commander. He won the Silver Star for his meritorious action that lead to his death. The story is about how much his video diary meant to his parents. This was one that brought tears to my eyes.

November 17, 2009 - Glenn Beck on November17, 2009, PART 1: What did he just say?

This isn't anything that you will ever see on the mainstream networks. Glenn asks why the person doing the interview didn't even flinch when it was said that we were facing a world-wide financial collapse, a global currency or a New World Order. How strange! Wouldn't you say something like, "What did you just say?" It didn't even phase the host. Is that not scary?

November 17, 2009 - Glenn Beck on November17, 2009, PART 2: Glenn PLEADS for us to share this with others

I'm doing exactly what Glenn Beck has asked us to do in this segment. I truly hope you will do the same!

There is one question that many of us would ask, though. What can we do about what is going on? Is sharing this information really going to make a difference? And yes, I am asking myself that question.

The problem is, I don't know the answer. I do not know if all that I share here on youtube or on my blogs will make ANY difference. I truly do not know. But what I do know is that failure is guaranteed if we do nothing. What is difficult knowing is that even if we do something, success in keeping our freedom is NOT guaranteed.

November 18, 2009 - The 3 Chuckleheads ... Just what are they laughing about?

Right after I saw this segment, I had to immediately go wash out my mouth with soap. I knew what this was. They were mocking the "ultra-conservatives" in the Republican Party. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

This segment came just after the great Glenn Beck "rant" yesterday that I've uploaded here. The way it was handled by the panel of these jokers, it was as if they don't take what is going on very seriously. Yeah, so funny, the Chinese will own us and we'll need to LIKE learning to speak Chinese because they're going to OWN us. That sure got the laughs, though, didn't it? Will they still be laughing when the sharp knife is penetrating their back?

My belief is that the panel had an insidious plot to subliminally let us know that there is nothing to worry about, other than JOBS. And as Bill Press said , paraphrased, "eh, bump up the debt another 1/2 trillion, no big deal. We need jobs."

They just don't get it, do they?

November 19, 2009 - "Americans, that's who" - The Gatlin Brothers on Fox & Friends (19 Nov 09)

The Gatlin Brothers finally get back together after 17 years. Larry Gatlin tells how he came up with this song. He was angry after reading an article, from an unnamed East Coast newspaper, that tore down America.

November 21, 2009 - Jennifer Madsen, President of the Baton Rouge Tea Party on Cavuto

Jennifer Madsen is on Neil Cavuto (with guest host) on November 20, 2009. She discusses the politics of winning over the vote for cloture today with a moderate Democrat Louisiana Senator.

November 21, 2009 - Screw 'em! This is YOUR time!

This is for you, Harry Reid, Tom Harkin, and the rest of you losers in the U.S. Senate: What are you doing to this country?

have news for you. You will be receiving your pink slips in 12 months if you even THINK about passing your massive health care bill. We're not going to take it any more! We're getting really close to our tipping point. We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it any more!


Video provided by therealrevo - Different Presidents, A Different Corps Update, 3/12/09

This video has received a lot of attention. As of right now, it is showing well over a half a million hits since it was posted on March 1. It is also controversial. Many Obama supporters have claimed to debunk the video by pointing out that the events were not comparable. They argue that the event in Anbar province that President Bush attended in September 2007 was informal. The Camp Lejune event that President Obama attended, on the other hand, was more formal. They point out that it is not fair to compare two events in which the Marines are subject to different rules of behavior.

In fairness, they are correct. The events were different in many ways and the Marines present were subject to different behavioral expectations. There is, however, more to this video than that. If the content of this video were that easily debunked it would not still be drawing tens of thousands of hits per day. The different degrees of formality aside, this video is quite revealing.

In the video, the Marines exhibit obvious love and respect for President Bush. His visit was not an event that followed closely on the heels of 9/11. This video was taken after the worst days of the war and after the surge created major progress in the region. The president is visiting the troops in Anbar Province, the home of the infamous Falluja and Ar Ramadi killing grounds. This visit took place after the province had been pacified. In other words, the Marines showed their love of Mr. Bush even after the darkest days of the war.

The Lejune video, on the other hand, shows Obama entering with all the pomp and circumstance of a royal visit to the peasants. Hail to the Chief plays in the background; something that President Bush didnt allow during his military visits. Obama knows that keeping the Marines locked at the position of attention means that no comparison can ever be made to the loving reception President Bush regularly received from the troops. Obama knows how the Marines feel and will always treat them exactly like the rabble he sees.

This is the real truth of the video and why it is so popular. It warms the heart of Bush supporters to see President Bush receive the love, gratitude and respect of these warriors. It angers Obama supporters because they also see the love President Bush receives and they know their man will never see anything similar from the troops. They know that these warriors loved the last president and will never give similar respect to this one.

A good YouTube video stirs the emotions and this one does that. It elicits different emotions in different people but the underlying truth that is the catalyst for the emotional response is the same for everyone. The Marines loved President Bush in a way they will never love President Obama.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last Week on TheREALjohnny2k - 11/09 through 11/15/09

By John Kubicek

Sunday, November 15, 2009

As you will see, I added quite a few videos to TheREALjohnny2k channel this last week. Not only was there quite a bit of material that I found that was worthy of uploading, I also had a lot of time on my hands last week. For once, I practically had an unlimited amount of time in order to do what needed to be done in order to find excellent material, put the videos together, and then get them uploaded. (It also helped to have recently found a way to vastly increase my uploading speed.)

On Monday, I had several teeth pulled, requiring several days of recovery time because of stitches and getting new dentures. I took two days off from work following my normal two days off for my weekend which falls on Monday and Tuesday. I could so easily get used to having that much time off. But as we are all aware of, putting food on the table requires an income, and I still need a job to do that. However, I did realize how much I would love to be able to have a self-supporting income working at home, doing something that I so much enjoy!

It was very good timing for me to have that extra time last week, as there really was so much good material to share with you. That brings up the point that the hardest part of my job as a youtube "vlogger" is finding the kind of information buried in the hours upon hours that I watch and record that will help you the most. Fortunately, I have the assistance of the Fox News producers that bring top quality hosts, guests, and excellent presentations to be so grateful for. Without them, I wouldn't be able to bring the stories to you that are the most thought provoking and definitely informative. It helps that Fox News has the "fair and balanced" theme, as it gives us the opportunity to usually get more than one side or opinion to the story, (even if the liberal side is dead wrong).

Speaking of being fair and balanced, there is something else that requires a little discussion today. There is no question that this writer sees things from the Conservative perspective. Though what I bring to you will reflect the Conservative ideals the most, I also do my best to at least provide time to people in the news with liberal points of view every now and then. It doesn't hurt to know what they are thinking, because it makes them so much more predictable. It helps to understand them in order to understand many of the things going wrong in this country and in the world right now. (I know, that sounds pretty harsh, but it's so true.)

So, how about if I stop rambling here, and just let you get started watching the videos below! There are a bunch of them this week, and it may take you awhile to get through them all, and you don't want to miss seeing any of them. As always, you are free to use any of the videos I put on youtube in your own blogs, and don't even worry about giving me the credit (don't worry, the videos will take care of that for you).

November 10, 2009 - Judge Andrew Napolitano Filling in for Glenn Beck, and talks to Glenn on phone

The good news is that Glenn Beck is feeling great, his surgeons were not Marxists, and he will make his triumphant return on Vet's day, 11-11-09. The bad news is that he has some bad news to tell us about. I'm thinking it will have something to do with the terrorist in the Fort Hood attack. We'll see.

November 10, 2009 - The Democrats have divisions, too. How will that affect them in 2010?

Frank Luntz and Sean Hannity agree that Democrats on the Left are going against We the People, and some of the Democrats want to be re-elected, and are much more moderate. This is proof that politics are already swinging back to the Right.

November 10, 2009 - They Want the Money, Part 1 - Sean Hannity with Stuart Varney and Dana Perino

This begins a series tonight that highlights how the government keeps wanting more and more of your money. And this is in the midst of a recession, and this is not going to be the answer to get us out of this economic funk.

November 10, 2009 - They Want the Money, Part 2 - Bill O'Reilly and John Stossel segment about rising taxes

This is the second part of a series tonight that highlights how the government keeps wanting more and more of your money. And this is in the midst of a recession, and this is not going to be the answer to get us out of this economic funk. This segment features Bill O'Reilly and John Stossel.

November 10, 2009 - They Want the Money, Part 3 - Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller

This is the third part of a series tonight that highlights how the government keeps wanting more and more of your money. And this is in the midst of a recession, and this is not going to be the answer to get us out of this economic funk. This segment features Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller.

This segment takes "They Want the Money" full circle. One of the last things talked about in this segment is about Barney Frank's attempt to explain himself out of trouble for "not knowing" his boyfriend was growing a pot farm. And keep in mind, this is about the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac connection. It's all about Big Government and the loss of our freedom.

We are Taxed Enough Already!

November 11, 2009 - Jack Van Impe on 11.09.09 - Part 1 - The New World Order

Jack Van Impe talks about the creation of the New World Order coming soon.

November 11, 2009 - Jack Van Impe on 11.09.09 - Part 2 - The End of Free Speech

Jack Van Impe talks about the way the New World Order (the U.N., for now) will try to stop free religious speech, and that Barack Obama says that it doesn't matter what religion you are.

November 11, 2009 - Jack Van Impe on 11.09.09 - Part 3 - The Global Economy and Terrorism Connection

Jack Van Impe talks about the connection between the global economy and terrorism.

November 11, 2009 - My Salute to Our Veterans 2009

Fox & Friends pays a tribute to our veterans on Veterans Day 2009. Featured on the show is a musical video tribute, Tony Orlando, Challenger the Ambassador bald eagle, and Col. Ollie North. They talk about the service to our country the vets give and the sacrifices the vets sometimes make to keep our freedom.

One important point that was made,.was that we should be giving the veterans thanks 365 days a year, not just one day a year. Be sure to thank the veterans any time you can!

November 13, 2009 - Politicians use us as props because they think we are dumb

In the last few minutes of his show on November 12, Glenn Beck talks about how politicians use people as props. But while trying to validate their diversity, politicians think people are dumb. It turns out that the people that make up the diverse groups props that the politicians try to use are not dumb, but also, they dont always fit into some type of stereotype, or mold.

November 13, 2009 - Ken Blackwell on the ACORN Spin: Bring it on, because we're going to win this one

It's true irony to see ACORN suing the two courageous journalists that exposed the corrupt organization, and now ACORN is trying to sue the U.S. Congress for cutting off their funding. It's "spin on steroids"!

November 13, 2009 - Michio Kaku dismisses the 2012 hysteria

The two things that bother me are that this 2012 movie is coming out now (for reasons I'll try to explain later), and that I have posted this segment on Friday the 13th.

It's like we don't already have enough to worry about! The intentional demise of Americanism before our eyes is bad enough, isn't it?

Fortunately, Michio Kaku reassures us that the science of the theory behind the movie, that we'll be taken out due to planetary alignment, is blatantly lacking in credibility. (Hey, it's just like the fear tactics of the global warming hysteria!)

November 14, 2009 - Socialism vs Capitalism: You decide (This video will make it easy for you)

You really can't argue with idiots. They can barely comprehend your questions. You have to love the part in the first segment where the liberal Democrat activist never answers the question about how Obama is a capitalist. I'm surprised she didn't also say Barack Obama was way too conservative for her taste.

And it gets even dumber, when in the next segment, Pat says Obama's administration is Leftist, but not Socialist... and it surprised him that Obama wasn't a centrist. Pat was disappointed about that. Apparently, Pat wasn't paying attention last year. Good one, Pat. You're a pinhead.

November 15, 2009 - The Final Frontier: What Will it Mean When the Vatican (Religion) Meets E.T. ( Science)?

Guests: Father Jonathan Morris; Michio Kaku

1st Segment: Father Jonathan Morris talks about "E.T. Call Rome", where 30 scientists and scholars and leaders of the Catholic church meet to discuss the possibility that we aren't alone.

2nd Segment: Michio Kaku discusses how science helps humanity. The example given was when the first satellite view of a hurricane saved thousands of lives.

Conclusion: Are we being gradually softened so that new scientific discoveries coming in the near future do not freak us out?


Video provided by DifferenceRecords - Freedom Isn't Free
Freedom Isn't Free written by Randy Travis, Pastor John Hagee and Pastor Matthew Hagee. Performed by Pastor Matthew Hagee. This single reminds us of the foundations upon which our country was founded and the sacrifices made by those that have enabled us to be One Nation Under God.

Song Download:

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Saluting Our Veterans, Past and Present

John Kubicek, USAF, 1977-1982By John Kubicek

Just before Veteran's Day this year, there is a shooting at Fort Hood in Texas. Anger and frustration has built up in me as I followed this story from the day it occurred. The Obama administration hesitates to call it what it is, an act of terrorism. While the terrorist that did the shooting fits completely into the mold of the very people that we are fighting on two fronts, Iraq and Afghanistan, the administration tries to make it out to be somebody that just snapped.

And then, there was the way the President handled the initial press conference following the attack at Fort Hood, where he spends the first several moments of the press conference giving jovial shout-outs to his constituents.

But, my aggravation grew immensely, as over the next few days, I start learning how it was another case of the government dropping the ball. Once again, just like before 9/11, we find out that intelligence officials and law enforcement couldn't coordinate and connect the dots with all of the information that they already had. In just the FBI alone, those that knew that Nidal Hasan was being watched could not or did not communicate with those that did the background check when the murder weapons (guns) were being purchased.

My patience with the way the President is handling the War On Terror ran completely out this morning. It turns out that the President wants to go "back to the drawing board" to decide what to do with Afghanistan. That was just this morning. You can check it out for yourself.

There just isn't any problem in thinking at this time that President Barack Obama has no clue in how to run a war. In fact, after the way he has handled the act of terrorism at Fort Hood, he doesn't even have a clue in how to boost the morale of the troops. No, in fact, I really can't see any way our military would be encouraged by Obama's actions, and lack of action.

In order to keep my sanity, I decided to put together a few videos that I've put up on over the last year, beginning with a tribute for Veterans Day a year ago. Our military needs to know that WE care about them. WE the People know and understand the veteran's courage, service and sacrifice.

The following videos may have been posted by me, but I want our current and past military service members to know that it took all of the people involved in the videos, and all of you, to make these clips possible. Thank God that we have patriots in the civilian population that believe in the patriots and heroes in the military. Putting this video montage together was my relatively meager attempt to say thanks to our Veterans and those now serving to protect our freedom.

November 12, 2008 - My Salute to Our Veterans 2008

October 02, 2009 - When They Come Back

November 08, 2009 - Something for Dad

November 11, 2009 - My Salute to Our Veterans 2009

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Monday, November 09, 2009

Last Week on TheREALjohnny2k - 11/02 through 11/08/09

By John Kubicek

I apologize for a little delay in getting done with this weeks installment of Last Week on TheREALjohnny2k. I had to take Monday off for some post-op outpatient recovery time.

As it turned out, there was no shortage of events and issues that I tried to cover last week, and it was almost overwhelming. There was no shortage of clips that I had collected regarding the House vote on the health care scam last Saturday in the dead of night. There wouldn't have been time for me to post all of them to youtube, and you wouldn't have the time to watch them all, either. However, I didn't entirely push the issue aside, being that there are episodes for you to see below where some important people give some excellent commentary about what the Health Care legislation is REALLY about - and it ain't about your health. (The correct answer would be: Government control of your life from cradle to grave.)

What I humbly was wrong about, in the initial moments when the news was breaking on the tragic shootings at Fort Hood, was that it would just end up being a bunch more psycho-babble about crazed killers and the need for gun control. That didn't prove to be the case, however, as it opened a very big can of worms that is going to be an issue that should receive the large amount of attention that it deserves. I'll just give you a hint, though, I think you'll agree that this is way more of a case than an Army Major "snapping."

Last, but not least, is the fantastic video that I included at the end, in my FAVORITE OF THE WEEK segment. It's almost a half hour long, but you should watch it all, and take notes if you have to. This video was also included in my other blog, and was a definite big hit. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend seeing it here on this page, though, after you see all of the videos I've included on this page. It seems to tie them together - you know, as they say - it will help you to connect the dots that I provided to you last week!

November 02, 2009 - Fred Thompson talks about NY23 and Doug Hoffman vs the Republicrats

In the NY 23 race, there was a choice of voting for a Democrat or a Republican, or a Conservative. The Democrat and Republican represented the same exact principles. There was no choice for a conservative voter. Along came Doug Hoffman, who filled that void.

November 02, 2009 - It's about We the People - Rush Limbaugh: "Let's Bring More In"

November 1, 2009 - Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace: Rush Limbaugh's wisdom shines with the Chris Wallace Interview on Fox News Sunday. In this video, excellent segments of the interview are put together for one outstanding display of common sense from the conservative side.

November 03, 2009 - Glenn Beck vs Scozzafavian Republicrats

This clip is from Monday, November 2, 2009. And yet, I did not upload it until after the election returns were in. WHY? The answer is obvious: I did not want to influence the election - for the better OR for the worse. There are mixed messages in this segment.

November 04, 2009 - More than a sneeze - Glenn Beck exposes the supposed good economic news

There are some of us that don't really believe that the American economy is recovering. It isn't time to start celebrating, even though Republicans won the elections for Governor in Virginia and New Jersey. And an independent nearly took down the Republicrats in NY23. How good is that?

But, don't celebrate just yet. The economy, it is still in a shambles. There has been no recovery. The 3rd Qtr gain in the GDP was a sham. Government programs only moved future gains into that quarter; and just in time for elections. Mmmm Mmm MMMM!

No, the recession is NOT over!

November 04, 2009 - The bad news about the Health Care legislation; Rep. Bachmann organizes a "House Call"

Nov 04 09 - Glenn Beck is out, and Judge Napolitano fills in. Matthew Spalding explains the history of health care legislation, where Progressives began pushing for it 100 years ago. And then, Michele Bachmann tells about the town hall gathering on the steps of the Capitol.

November 06, 2009 - Gretchen Carlson asks Geraldo the BIG QUESTION: Is There Political Correctness In the Military?

The weekday Fox & Friends hostess Gretchen Carlson will never cease to amaze me. She's got the spunk to ask Geraldo the question of the day. To paraphrase, she asked Geraldo if the military overlooked the problem because of Hasan's religion. In my words, was there a case of political correctness that prevented the red flags from being investigated? Should that be the way to fight a war against people that want to destroy this country?

November 06, 2009 - News of the week: Chris Wallace comments on Ft Hood, Unemployment, and Election 2009

While checking to see what is coming up on Fox News Sunday, Fox and Friends get Chris Wallace to give some opinions about several ongoing topics that have been in the news this week. This was an unusually long segment for the weekly tease that Fox & Friends does with Chris. Was that because they knew that Rush Limbaugh wouldn't be bringing in the viewers like last week, or was it because of the incredibly important stories that are going on this week? You decide!

November 08, 2009 - Something for Dad

Veterans day is coming in just a few days: This Wednesday, actually.

This is for all the people - men AND women - serving our country overseas, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan! This is for you! Thank you!

November 08, 2009 - Was it an act of Terrorism? Or did the Major just snap like the Liberals want you to believe?

My first impression was that it was another guy that snapped, and those stories are coming at us way too often. I wasn't going to mention the story... That was until I was starting to hear that it may have had to do with Islamic terrorism. Well, maybe...

What do you think?


Video provided by KCtheKat - Overview of America
John McManus narrates a moving tribute to America and discusses the history of what makes America great and how only we, as informed citizens, can keep the timeless concepts of Americanism alive.

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Your wake-up call

By John Kubicek

I've been late to work because of hitting that snooze button a few too many times. The alarm goes off, and I'm seemingly oblivious to what I need to be doing. Please, just nine more minutes of sleep!

And I wouldn't be surprised to know that some of you that are reading this have been holed up in some motel room with an important appointment to get to, or a flight to catch, and that "wake-up call" from your hotel never comes.

Well? Which is it that I'm talking about? Which scenario could explain how liberty is lost? There is only one obvious answer: Both.

But wait, there is that third kind of wake-up call. I remember that in Basic Training camp when I went into the Air Force, there was that reveille, the signal to arise. For some of the more sound sleepers, it took seeing others up and about that got them up and going. Uh, no, there was no "snooze alarm" in this scenario.

There may be some tense moments for you as you read this piece. Good, because it's my hope you'll figure out who you are.

Are you the person that hears the snooze alarm going off, most of the time? As you hit that magic button allowing you a few more minutes of the desired sleep, are you like those that say, "Life's good, quit bothering me about WAKING UP!"?

Hopefully, you aren't one of those WAITING for the wake-up call. That is those of you that depend on the Mainstream Media for the "wake-up" call that will never come. It is a horrible feeling to wake up a few hours too late. There is nothing worse than knowing the disaster has already happened, and there isn't any way to reverse what just happened. You just missed your flight... Or, you just missed being able to make a difference. Bad feeling, you know.

Now, let's take a look at that last scenario, where some don't wake up until reveille sounds, and others are moving about. I really don't have a problem with that scenario; it explains most of us. While guys like Doug Hoffman blew the trumpet for reveille, there were some that were quick to rise like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, and some that stayed between the sheets, hitting that snooze button, which was probably most of us.

Well, hopefully this is YOUR wake-up call. Whether it is my initial alarm or one of the snooze alarms, I still have my clock-radio alarm turned up to maximum volume. Hopefully, you will do the same. I'm hoping that you'll also wake up soon enough. There's nothing worse than missing an appointment, ignoring the signs that you know of, or being oblivious to all that is going on.

You don't won't to wake up only to find out that your freedom has been lost, now, do you?
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Monday, November 02, 2009

Last Week on TheREALjohnny2k - 10/26 through 11/01/09

By John Kubicek

It was an amazing week! At the end of this blog, you will see the inspirational video that got me going this week. A very good friend of mine referred it to me in an email just a few days ago. It's called 2010, by Lloyd Marcus. But in order to understand the meaning of that outstanding video, you will want to see every one of the videos I posted this week.

Think about it. America is STILL a free enough country that we can express our views in blogs, videos, in the news, on the news. We can even still speak to our friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors without the fear of being turned over to the government for .... Oh, wait, they have those pesky "hate crimes" laws now, don't they...

For the most part, though, I really don't worry about the attacks on our freedom of speech. Not yet, anyway. But that is what this is all about, isn't it? Could you imagine a time in THIS great FREE country when we would have to worry about everything we say, let alone, think?

Are you like me? Oh, probably not. It can sure hurt to be considered to be out on "the fringes" of society. Well, that is what some people would want you to think about us on the Right. There can be a price to pay for speaking up when it doesn't agree with the "political correct" norm. At least, that seems to be the way the rules work these days.

So, that is why I put up the videos this week that you'll see below. It was a scary week, in the context of it ending with Halloween on Saturday. Yet, we must not fear what has been happening. We just need to be aware of what is going on.

Now if I may, I need to add a side bar. At this point, I haven't put up a "tip jar on the counter
." My endeavors to this point have nothing to do with providing an income for myself. (My kids are grown up, and they are on there own, and for the most part, are doing much better than me!) It is ALL about making sure that people know what is going on in this great country. If you are like me, you want to keep it free, right? The only thing I ask of you is to let others know about this page, my videos, my blogs, and our desire to maintain our freedoms. That isn't too much to ask, is it?

October 28, 2009 - The Karzai Problem: Who Benefits?

Once again, the CIA plays "adopt a drug dealer". It turns out that Ahmed Wali Karzai, the brother of the Afghan President Hamid Karzai, is on the CIA payroll. But there is a larger question that is looming: Why did this story get leaked now with the Afghanistan run-off election coming in the next few days? Somebody apparently wants Hamid Karzai to lose. Who in Obama administration would that be, and why?

October 29, 2009 - Michelle Malkin takes on the OBAMACORN Monster

The only transparency I know of in the White House is that when Barack Obama looks in the mirror, he can't see his own reflection.

Now, combine that with his zombie minions of ACORN and SEIU, Now we know why the White House has it in for Fox News. They seem to be the only ones in the mainstream media not wearing the rose-colored glasses.

October 30, 2009 - Geraldo Rivera discusses the need for a PLAN for Afghanistan

Gerald Rivera has a good amount of common sense when it comes to what America needs to be doing to accomplish our mission. If America accomplishes the mission, we WIN! And we can do it! I should say, our military can do it! God bless all those that are serving our country. They are still doing their patriotic duty, even if Washington D.C. isn't supporting them.

October 31, 2009 - The Very Scary 2000 page Health Care plan

It isn't going to be read before being voted on, and that IS the problem! I think that anyone that votes for this crazy plan should be voted out of office in a year from now!

November 01, 2009 - Newt backtracks on Scozzafava endorsement

Newt may have come around now that Scozzafava has dropped out of the NY23 race, but there doesn't seem to be an apology for the way he slammed Sarah Palin last week, Saul Alinsky style.

November 01, 2009 - The Lightning Round: Chris Wallace interview with Rush Limbaugh

A good part of the interview of Rush Limbaugh by Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday" where Rush speaks out about Sarah Palin and a few other issues concerning the GOP.


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