Thursday, November 12, 2009

Saluting Our Veterans, Past and Present

John Kubicek, USAF, 1977-1982By John Kubicek

Just before Veteran's Day this year, there is a shooting at Fort Hood in Texas. Anger and frustration has built up in me as I followed this story from the day it occurred. The Obama administration hesitates to call it what it is, an act of terrorism. While the terrorist that did the shooting fits completely into the mold of the very people that we are fighting on two fronts, Iraq and Afghanistan, the administration tries to make it out to be somebody that just snapped.

And then, there was the way the President handled the initial press conference following the attack at Fort Hood, where he spends the first several moments of the press conference giving jovial shout-outs to his constituents.

But, my aggravation grew immensely, as over the next few days, I start learning how it was another case of the government dropping the ball. Once again, just like before 9/11, we find out that intelligence officials and law enforcement couldn't coordinate and connect the dots with all of the information that they already had. In just the FBI alone, those that knew that Nidal Hasan was being watched could not or did not communicate with those that did the background check when the murder weapons (guns) were being purchased.

My patience with the way the President is handling the War On Terror ran completely out this morning. It turns out that the President wants to go "back to the drawing board" to decide what to do with Afghanistan. That was just this morning. You can check it out for yourself.

There just isn't any problem in thinking at this time that President Barack Obama has no clue in how to run a war. In fact, after the way he has handled the act of terrorism at Fort Hood, he doesn't even have a clue in how to boost the morale of the troops. No, in fact, I really can't see any way our military would be encouraged by Obama's actions, and lack of action.

In order to keep my sanity, I decided to put together a few videos that I've put up on over the last year, beginning with a tribute for Veterans Day a year ago. Our military needs to know that WE care about them. WE the People know and understand the veteran's courage, service and sacrifice.

The following videos may have been posted by me, but I want our current and past military service members to know that it took all of the people involved in the videos, and all of you, to make these clips possible. Thank God that we have patriots in the civilian population that believe in the patriots and heroes in the military. Putting this video montage together was my relatively meager attempt to say thanks to our Veterans and those now serving to protect our freedom.

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