Friday, January 20, 2012

Why I Need to Do Something Different

By John Kubicek

I originally wrote this back on December 27, 2011, but I never published it. I was going to add more to this, but that didn't happen. It does just happen, though, that this topic will fit in with another project I am currently working on, and so posting this is essential in making my point. As is, it is done.

The interesting thing is that I did not have to change the title. It fits perfectly with the blog that will link to this column.

Here is what I wrote back on December 27:
There is one thing that I've learned, and it took way too long for me to figure it out: Change is inevitable. It all hit me during the most recent December holiday weekend... (Okay, I'll say it: The days we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, known as Christmas.) I had my epiphany, and it was not easy for me to accept. But accept the truth I must, because if I don't, I won't survive the new century that we are embarking on.

In order to find a way to go along with all of the changes that we will face in life, it is essential that we are willing to make adjustments to our life plans that will enhance our ability to adapt to changing conditions.

The problem is, seeing a tradition end is not an easy emotion to overcome. I experienced the perfect example of that on Christmas Eve. A long-time family tradition of a large get-together on Christmas Eve with my family seems to be fading away. The grand-parent's (my parents) grand-children are spread across the country now, and can't get back to Iowa at this time to keep the tradition alive. I knew after the most recent Christmas Eve on Saturday evening that it'll never be the same.

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