Friday, January 04, 2013

We're Still Here!

By John Kubicek

Do you remember when Y2K (Jan. 1, 2000) was that potential doomsday? All the computers were supposed to shut down, or not work anymore. Nothing happened.  We have thunderstorms in June that do more damage than resulted from the supposed computer shut-downs at power plants that were to come, and never did.

The latest supposed end-of-the-world date was to be on December 21, 2012, the date that marked the end of the Mayan calendar, according to various "experts" that may not have known what they were talking about. And to make matters worse, for some unknown reason, the date became widely regarded as some kind of apocalyptic nightmare that would happen. Like the end of the world?

Well, guess what! Nothing happened, once again. We're still here. Yes, that's right: Still here!

No Rapture.

No Apocalypse.

No end of the world because the Mayan Calendar supposedly ended on 12/21/12!

Not even a little 666 tattoo on our hands or foreheads!

I happen to be acquainted with people that are actually disappointed that the world didn't end. That's pretty sad, I think. But there is something that distresses me even more: Too many people are grasshoppers, as opposed to being ants!

Yes, that's right, simply put, too many people are totally unprepared for a disaster. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, mud slides, blizzards, tornadoes, and wild fires happen all of the time, all over the United States, and the World. And over and over again, people are consistently errant in depending on the government to take quick action, as we witnessed in Hurricanes Katrina or Sandy.

And here is the problem: If small areas of the country are affected so adversely and some kind of assistance to help recover can take such a long time coming, what if the disaster was much, much worse? Take for example the threat of an EMP attack!

For some reason, I was telling a youngster just last night, about the EMP weapon and what it could do, and I immediately felt guilty for giving somebody just getting started in adult life one more thing to worry about! I'm not even sure why I brought up the subject, to be honest. I could ask, "Just where did that come from?" I'm afraid I can not answer that question. However, I later found out that the threat of an EMP weapon being unleashed on America had been written about and discussed on the radio at the very time I made mention of the possibility!

The event on December 21, 2012, that too many people feared, never happened.  The problem was that it was a prediction based on a date.  Because nothing happened on another predicted date, my greatest fear is that people will let their guard down.  They'll become grasshoppers and eat everything that was stored away in case of an emergency.  There may be a lot of people that do not believe that they can survive a total disaster anyway, and thus, will not make any attempt to prepare.

It's frustrating to even fathom the end of our lives as we know it, and not have any hope of surviving the ultimate calamity.  The good news is, if we all work together, WE - those of us that survive the initial disaster - CAN overcome the impossible task of recovering; we'll just have to work together! Individuals alone will have little chance of survival. There is NO WAY to have enough preparation to get through something like an EMP attack that sets the country back 150 years, on our own.  Only the very rich that can afford the shelter and supplies could do that.  Right?  No. Not even close!

Actually, it will only be by working together that we will survive a catastrophic EMP attack.  WE have to plan ahead, together.  A neighborhood, a small town, or most any societal clique, can work together to combine our abilities and resources!

It is truly disgusting that such an attack could ever happen.  But face it, there are enemies of freedom that really want America to be exterminated!  The EMP is the ideal weapon, being that it COULD produce mass panic.  If we work together like ants, however, we can get through it.  And our objective is to be planning for what we must do, educating people about the possibility, and being willing to pitch in to help each other out.

We're still here! That is not an accident!  There is somebody UP THERE that wants this country to survive as a beacon for the hope of freedom beyond our lifetimes.  We can avoid an attack like we did when the Japanese deferred an attack on mainland America because of the probability of "a gun behind every blade of grass."  And, well, whether or not some Japanese general ever said that, you should know darn well, with any common sense, that when the Chinese said we should disarm the public, an invasion following a debilitating EMP attack would be inevitable!

We're still here!  It isn't that I'm trying to be a harbinger of doom and gloom.  Our hopes should not dim as the sun sets, because just like yesterday, or today, tomorrow the sun will again rise.  The Phoenix will be brought out of the ashes, should anything happen!  And I think our enemies know that, despite the poor excuse for a leader that was re-elected.  They are aware of our faith and love for each other, and our will to fight for freedom, even if just a few are willing and able; they can not conquer us.

We're still here, and we will be as long as God allows.  I'm just sayin'....