Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When Johnny Marries Moochie

The unintended consequences of state-approved same-gender marriage

By John Kubicek

(I would highly recommend parental guidance before you allow your children to read this column or see the following video.)

This news segment was the top of the news on Monday, April 27, 2009. I really didn't need to see this happening, and I was having a major problem with all the gagging that I was going through. I was beginning to wonder if I was coming down with the swine flu. But then I got to thinking what was really making me sick. The fact that the State of Iowa became a place that my new hero Carrie Prejean wouldn't approve of was nauseating enough. But then, they (the local media) had to go and rub it in my face. I doubt a baby's dirty diaper would have been worse..... Ooops, TMI.

In order to keep this from being an adult-rated video, I had to insert the picture of me and the love of my life - a female, of course - giving each other a smooch, in contrast to what the local TV station was broadcasting.

(Repeating my warning: Parental discretion is recommended before seeing the following video)

I must apologize to any same-gender couples. I am not trying to be intolerant. It just sort of seems that way... But, in trying to be tolerant, to accept diversity and alternative life-styles, I should be tolerant and give you the freedom to allow you to do your own thing.

And so, with that being said, I'm sure to get your support when I apply for a marriage license to marry the love of my life, my best friend, Moochie. I mean, if we're going to have equality here, why should there be any line drawn to what is acceptable?

I am sure you are aware that I'd only be one card-carrying member of PETA and ACLU attorney away from my dream of legitimizing my relationship and partnership with Moochie. According to the definition of marriage now the law in Iowa, it would only be fair for me to marry the girl that sleeps next to me when I go to bed. And of course, I'd also need to have a pass on the fact that she's only five and a half years old (about 39 in dog years).

While trying to be tolerant, and watching the local news segment where I had to shut my eyes, cover my ears and loudly repeat, "la-la-la-la," I had to wonder what is next. How long before other relationships and life-styles are to be sanctioned and forced down our throats? What do we do if other cultures in our midst insist that they should be able to hook up with members of their own family? Will age limits for marriage, or consenting physical relationships, be the next to go?

Now, just how far will society go to draw new lines where we are expected to be tolerant? We're really going down a slippery slope where we may not be able to stop our momentum before we go over the cliff, into the abyss.

What I am now wondering, is how long will it be before Perez Hilton adds me to the public enemy list along with Carrie Prejean and Dr. James Dobson? Well, Perez is the least of my worries. It may soon be a case of being an enemy of the state, the way things are going, at least here in the swine flu... I mean.... the hog state (Way too much pork around here).

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stay True to Your Beliefs

By John Kubicek

In the last few days, we had the news about Miss California, Carrie Perjean, telling the world what she felt about the moral decay of this land, and sticking by her Christian values. And we have Rev. Gerri Janeway – writing "Where Did It All Go?" – also not afraid to say what needed to be said.

First, let's see the interview that Sean Hannity had with Carrie:

The reason why this story about Miss California made the news circuit on Fox News was because of the detractors on the other side such as shown in this poorly made video (Warning - turn your speaker volume way down - the audio is way too loud in this one):

While I should be sleeping right now, I had to get this out today. You see, this is all about staying true to your beliefs. And this may be a difficult thing to ask of you right now, following the DHS Assessment that links us to right-wing extremism, but now is the time for us to stick to our values. What Carrie Perjean did was to go out on the limb, and profess her Faith and belief in our Lord Jesus, despite the consequences. Meanwhile, Rev. Gerri was not afraid to tell us of the results when we stay silent. Just stay true to your beliefs.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Distractions, Distractors, and Detractors

By John Kubicek

It is frustrating to be in the situation I'm in. Being somebody that follows the news on a regular basis (okay, I'm a news junkie!), I also have a desire to venture into the blogosphere. In my other blog, Blogging In Our Time 2 Escape, I am doing my best to help you, my loyal readers, to follow along with the stories that are affecting our ultimate destiny.

And the Time 2 Escape blog is just the tip of the iceberg. I also contribute extensively to (TheREALjohnny2k) and (johnny2k). The only thing holding me back from doing a lot more with those two sites is the time limitation. If I didn't have to sleep, eat, or go to work, that 24 hour per day thing still wouldn't be enough to accomplish all I am inspired to do.

Speaking of being inspired, there is this other thing where I also want to write my own essays from time to time, as I am doing here, or on my other blog, The Cross Tribe Network. Hey, there is nothing like spreading myself too thin. But worse yet, I'm overwhelmed with all that could be written about. Some would call it Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), but I call it Distractions, Distractors, and Detractors (DDD). I will now explain the great difficulties that I encounter with this dreadful syndrome.


It was Easter morning, and I was watching the news, when I saw a story on Fox & Friends which perked my interest. I just happened to have recorded it so that I could put it up on

I was so totally into that story, and I was getting ready to write about it on this blog, until something else happened that glorious Resurrection Sunday... As you saw at the end of the above video, there was a situation that was coming close to a climax. Just as the above video was being uploaded to, Capt. Phillips of the Maersk Alabama was being rescued from his captors. So much for being able to write the blog I was planning for the Limbaugh video. It was such an uplifting moment that captured America's complete attention, and mine!

I would never accuse the Obama administration of trying to distract us just after the great interview David Limbaugh had with Fox & Friends. That would have to be a conspiracy plot way beyond any one's imagination... even mine. I'm just saying, it had to be a coincidence.

(We do need to remember that our distractions are usually self-imposed.)

Allow me to put it this way to make my point: Barack Hussein Obama could have publicly announced that the Illuminati had just elected him as leader of the New World Order, and the story wouldn't have made a ripple in the news compared to what happened last Easter morning. What could ever compare to Navy SEALS taking out three pirates and saving the captive sea captain, while waves were tossing about both of the vessels? It was a great story, and I was diverted from anything else that day.

There are many things that can divert our attention in life. While many of our distractions are self-imposed, some aren't. To make my point, let me just show you several parts of the definition of "distraction" that I found on

mental distress or derangement: That child will drive me to distraction.

that which amuses, entertains, or diverts; amusement; entertainment: Fishing is his major distraction.

that which distracts, divides the attention, or prevents concentration: The distractions of the city interfere with my studies.

division or disorder caused by dissension; tumult.

( Unabridged ~ Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2009.)

Oh, by the way, also included at, was "Synonyms: madness, lunacy, insanity, craziness." How crazy is that? (I had to wonder.)


In an initial draft of the story about what David Limbaugh said in the above video, I was going to use the word, "distractor". That word came up as a misspelling in my word processing program of choice. I assumed that noun to mean "a person (or group) who distracts people (from the truth)." However, I found it to have a different meaning when I again referred to I came up with the following:
One of the incorrect answers presented as a choice in a multiple-choice test.
(The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition ~ Copyright © 2006 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.)

Now, think about it. When you were in school, you'd be taking a test, and there was that "distractor" as one of your choices in a multiple choice question. The most effective "distractors" were the ones that sounded like they could be a viable choice. That's right, those darn teachers could be so sly.

But this doesn't just apply to tests in your school days. Distractors are another diversionary tactic. Ask any military commander. Or, ask anyone involved in the battle for the hearts and minds of the people... er, I mean the sheople. It is kind of like feeding enemy spies with misinformation to present another possible "option," just like the distractor quesiton on a test.

And once again, I am able to provide yet another video that will illustrate my point. This is a case where our President had a little faux pas in diplomatic protocol. The President should not "bow" to anyone. Yet, his minions were throwing out explanations as fast as they could, hoping that one would stick. Those explanations were what I'd call, "Distractors":

And even Geraldo admits it (@ about 3:42), "keep spinning it, and spinning it..."

In other words, there can be more than one "distractor" in a multiple choice question on a test.


I know this is the part of this essay you've been looking forward to reading about, just as much as I couldn't wait to write about it. How would the word "detractor" be related to "Distractions" and "Distractors"? I'll tell you after the following videos, assuming my brain hasn't imploded by then:

This "little" rally of about 400 people uplifted me. However, Rahm Emanuel had apparently been very busy on the phone, and gave the marching orders: Not just to the administration cronies such as Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, but also to the media minions. They certainly seem to have the art of detraction down to a science:

That video above fits the Random House definition of "detractor" perfectly: "the act of disparaging or belittling the reputation or worth of a person, work, etc."

Between the liberal left-biased news media minions and Janet Napolitano calling all of us that attended the rallies "a threat," it seems to me that there seems to be a tyranny forming that threatens our freedom. When the diversionary tactics begin to bow down to the level of having to disparage the opponent with mass propaganda, you have to figure it is their last desperate attempt to win the war for the hearts and minds of the "sheople."

You are not sheople anymore, now that you understand the "Distractions, Distractors, and Detractors" tactics that the enemies of our freedom will use. And by the way, sorry that I ... er... distracted you from the point that David Limbaugh made in the video at the top of this page, that Obama may be a Socialist.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Life Means Something

By John Kubicek

It's Good Friday. Instead of trying to write today, I decided to present a collage of videos that have a lot to do with all that is going on.

Am I tugging at your heart strings yet?

I can just say that if somebody harmed my dog, Moochie, I would not be able to show the same restraint as did Marcus Luttrell...

But here is the video I saw about a week ago that got me thinking about this topic, that life means something: