Sunday, August 30, 2009

Don’t Give Up, Even Though He’s Heavy (He’s My Big Brother)

By John Kubicek

I keep asking myself, "Is resistance futile?"

On one hand, I could say that I'm not worried, there are a few people out there like me that are going all out in order to save this country. With the Grace of God, we'll succeed, and we'll wake up many of the sheeple in America that were formerly oblivious to what is going on. God knows, I've tried my hardest.

But, on the other hand, what I see on a daily basis is people in America that are totally oblivious to what is going on. There are many sheeple out in the pasture for the wolves to prey on.

I'm tired, and would love to have a good day of sleep, but I feel I must keep on going. I've gotten to the point where I believe that America is hanging on the brink of tyranny. I'm not just believing that, but I'm feeling it right where it counts: In my wallet. That's the dose of reality that could eventually wake some of the sheeple up. But what counts is, could it be too late?

There are many people - patriots - that are now laying it all out on the line. Whether it is those that are at the top of Conservative talk radio like Rush, Hannity, or Beck, there are also those of us that would not have nearly as much to lose, but the risk of losimg it all still has the same outcome.

It has been hard to explain in just a short amount of space, in just one post, the overwhelming feeling that I am getting these days. I've been seeing the writing on the wall. Why, because I'm smart? No, just because I'm following what is going on in the world, and mostly in this country regarding politics. I see the power-grab politics that is going on, and it's making me quite uncomfortable.

Worst of all, there is the more insidious side of what I've come across while keeping on top of it all. I'm finding that the one side in power is finding many outlandish ways of staying on top. And it all has to do with finding ways around the Constitution of the United States. You need to know that our Bill of Rights has been in their sights, and they are going to intentionally water down our rights, little by little, like boiling a frog.

It is that fact that makes wonder if any type of resistance will soon become futile for those of us that still value freedom. It may not be "Check Mate" yet, but it's getting close. And the longer that people stick their head in the sand, the harder it is going to be for those of us that want to make a difference. Once the Obamacide team has it all together, with their Civilian National Security Force in place, along with their efforts to silence the talk radio realm... and if necessary, cut off the internet, well, folks, resistance may become next to impossible. It may just become futile if we don't keep working at it.

It won't be easy. But don't give up, even knowing what Big Brother can do to us. He will be heavy, because he IS our Big Brother!

Don't Give Up
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
Things can be tough, but God Is There

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Paul Revere Rides Again

By John Kubicek

"Tyranny is coming! Tyranny is coming!"

Wait, I guess that wasn't exactly what Paul Revere was saying, but somebody else that we all now know was shouting it in his own way. That's right. David Hedrick, Marine vet and star of the now viral video seen below, was giving us all patriotism arousal. That's a really good thing these days.

Anyone that hasn't seen the above video until now wasn't paying attention... Until now.

On Saturday night on, I received several tweets concerning the video and the event above. When I first found out about this video, I knew it would be hitting big numbers. I didn't have any doubt that the videos would be going viral. Sure enough, FoxNews heard about it, and they talked about it on Fox & Friends Sunday morning. You betcha, I caught it:

Now isn't that just crazy? Can you imagine that? FoxNews went after the Marine Vet, David Hedrick, and ignoring most of what he said, they focused on his comments about Nancy Pelosi.

But as bad as that distortion was, what Fox News did was to bring heaps of attention on that Town Hall meeting with Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA). The people that end up watching that video are going to hear all of the cheering during Hedrick's "rant". And they will know, that is not the normal sound that the "sheeple" make! And, that is NOT manufactured!

I also want to give my kudos to Fox News for saying what the liberal side was trying to focus on. That's right, the liberals were the ones that actually brought up the Nazi connections in the first place. The Marine veteran, David Hedrick, said a lot more than what Fox News focused on.

Now just check out the following video of David's interview with Gretchen on Fox & Friends this morning. David didn't let us down. He should be a regular contributor on Fox News. i have to tell you, he was pretty impressive!

You see, we need to have Paul Revere ride again. Yes, guys like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh have been the spokespersons for those of us that have been disenfranchised because of the normal corporate political correctness. But now, should for some reason the talk show hosts ever be silenced, it is guys like David Hedrick that can make that famous shout, "Tyranny is Coming! Tyranny is Coming!"

God bless the patriots!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Silencing of the Sheeple

By John Kubicek

I came up with the idea for this writing when I saw the following segment on Fox & Friends:

We all know that eventually, as we age, we come down with the CRS (Can't Remember Stuff) disease, but I was able to remember when those that protested the War In Iraq complained about being called unpatriotic because they disagreed with the war effort, especially in Iraq. That was back in the days when people still remembered the horrors of 9/11, and of course, anyone that complained about the course of action was just so unpatriotic. They were un-American. They were demonized. And the war protesters made a valid point that it was their right to speak out - even if they were part of the Code Pink minions.

But, isn't it weird that those same people, those who claimed their rights to speak up were being taken away, seem to be the same people that are now calling the Town Hall dissenters "mobs," and Tea Party participants "teabaggers?" The same mainstream media that criticized the Bush administration for calling those that dissented against the War on Terror as being unpatriotic, are now calling people that voice their dissent on health care reform (known as ObamaCare), "un-American."

Being called "un-American" isn't the only thing that we are now hearing about those that go to the town hall meetngs to stand up and speak up:

(Thanks to glennbeckclips at and for this video!)

A few days ago, Joseph Farah wrote a column, "'Ridicule is man's most potent weapon'," where he explains why Saul Alinsky's fifth rule in his "Rules For Radicals" doesn't always work:
But I have news for the late Saul Alinsky. Those tactics may have served well the extremists of the past – in the short run. However, the ridicule of this campaign has been so over the top, so pervasive, so malignant and so obvious, it has backfired. The rules for radicals work well when radicals are not running things. But when the inmates take over the asylum, as they have in this country in the last six months, the old tactics of intimidation simply allow more people to see through the looking glass.
There are some in the media that aren't going to be reined in like good little sheeple. And it is apparent that the ridicule won't stop some citizens from speaking up, and saying what they want to say to the politicians at the town hall meetings.

So, when ridicule doesn't work to silence the sheeple, the big question is, what tactics will those in D.C. and their state-run media use to quell the dissent? No, they wouldn't resort to thuggery, would they? Ah, c'mon, it would be crazy to believe that would ever happen! Oh, wait...

(Thanks to pesank at for this video!)

When the tea party rallies were taking place last spring, the radical left occupying the White House, the liberals in Congress, and the state-run media claimed that those who attended were organized by the Republican Party or FoxNews. And let's not forget the maligning ridicule such as Janine Garofalo's name-calling, using the derogatory label of "tea-baggers." Janet Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security then added to the cacophony, with the report that claimed most of the people with Conservative values were right-wing extremists and a domestic terrorist threat.

Add those events to what is now going on at the town hall meetings regarding Health Care Reform (ObamaCare), there seems to be a frightening pattern of malignment of those who wish to speak up. As seen above, when the claims of those who are speaking up were manufactured ("astroturf") - organized "mobs" - didn't work, they moved on to claiming that the people speaking up at the town hall meetings were racists, and even dangerous. It even went to the point, as in Mike Sola's case, where he received a threat to him and/or his family after he had confronted Rep. John Dingell (D-MI). The question is now, will the tactics of the left be escalated any further?

Unfortunately, there is an answer to that question which sends chills up my spine. You see, the Obama administration and the leftist crew in Congress have an agenda. They are determined to see that agenda get passed into law. It's pretty apparent to us these days that the "sheeple" are not going to be allowed to get in the way. I believe that the radical left will stoop even lower in order to silence any dissent. I know it may sound outrageous, but I am beginning to believe that the Obama minions will do what ever it takes. That's just my opinion, but certainly seems plausible, considering all that is at stake.

It would only take one act of violence at one of the town hall meetings, by somebody that could be tied to any "right-wing extremist group" - what is called a "patsy" - and all of us sheeple who dissent will be discredited. Worse yet, it could give our goverment an excuse to suspend many of our rights, especially our 1st Amendment rights.

Freedom is important, and I do not want you to forget. So, let me just remind those of you that may have forgotten what tyranny is all about.

(Thanks to covertress on for this video)

I'm just sayin'...

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

"Manufactured" Opposition Building

By John Kubicek

While in the process of working on this piece, I continued to see additional evidence that I would have liked to include here. I was watching Fox News. Yes, they ARE fair and balanced; and I was continuously bombarded with the MSM disinformation that the uprising at town hall meetings is "manufactured" or orchestrated.

Today, you are going to learn something new. There is "manufacturing" going on, for sure, but it isn't being done by who they are telling you is doing it. In fact, it is the very people that are talking about the "astroturfed" uprising that are being scripted to spread that lie. Simply said, there is no orchestrating going on. It is genuine outrage, period.

There are a multitude of events going on at this time regarding the "ObamaCare" health care plan. Suddenly, people are going out to the town hall meetings with their U.S. Representatives while they are on recess. It is amazing, because the people that are showing up are the ones who are waking up. People are getting involved in droves, that at one time were content to stay home and watch "Dancing with the Stars" or "NCIS."

But suddenly, in the last few weeks, there is the new paradigm. Those who were once content with life are finding that their lives are going to change (just as promised during the campaign last year). Many of the folks showing up at the town hall meetings, and raising their voices, started reading their emails, and clicking to the links that friends had sent them. They talked to their family, friends, and their neighbors. They started learning the truth. And what they have been learning is that the truth is not pretty. It isn't what they could call "hope."

And in the mean time, the Democrats have been manufacturing something very sinister, and that is the LIE that the "sheeple" are being influenced in some nationally coordinated effort... You know, like those pesky community organizers would do. But, it IS a lie, because the only thing that is happening is that enough people have access to the actual bill, and the word is getting out. The hostility is not the work of community organizers from the "right-wing extremists," there is no "orchestrating" done on the side of the opposition. It is just that people are becoming informed. They are learning the truth.

The biggest coordinated effort comes from the Democrats in trying to convince the public that the opposition is being organized by the "evil" Republicans that want to keep you from getting health care, the tragic crisis that is being generated by those on the left. In fact, their effort is laughable, or would be, if it wasn't so sad that so many people have been indoctrinated to believe that only the government can provide for all of their needs.

Thanks to a very good friend on, I learned of what Sarah Palin had to say about the current debate on the health care plan. In her statement, she mentioned that "Such a system is downright evil" at one point. Those words came in the context of the fact that bureaucrats, the "death panel," would make medical decisions based on the patient's "level of productivity in society, whether they are worthy of health care." (Report me now to the White House Snitch Line.)

While the good former Governor of the Great State of Alaska was at it, she also linked to a fantastic video of Rep. Michelle Bachman in action:

If there is any one point that I want you to remember from this post, is that the "uprising" is not nationally coordinated. The truth is, people are becoming informed. People are visiting our blogs and videos, reading their emails, or just talking to their neighbors. The powers that be in Washington are getting scared, because they can no longer depend on their cohorts in the mainstream media to indoctrinate the public. There is just too much available information on the web, and people are seeing it, and sharing it with others, including those that don't even have internet access.

The "enraged mobs" are not part of a nationally coordinated effort. The uprising is not an "astroturf" job by evil health insurance companies or Republicans. The citizens' concerns - NO, I mean the FEARS - are not being manufactured by the Republican party or anyone else. The only thing being "manufactured" are the lies by the Democrats. They have to resort to blaming the town hall meeting disturbances all on somebody in order to cover their very evil agenda. (Report me now to the White House Snitch Line, because I am the M.O.B.)

Senator Barbara Boxer thinks that the "angry mobs" are "well dressed"

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Then So Be It... I'm a Birther

By John Kubicek

There is no doubt in my mind - EVER - that God leads us to doing what we need to do when it is His plan. I have had that experience over the last few weeks, where the directions my life has taken have lead me to new destinations, and not part of my plan, but because of His plan for me. I can give testimony to that, as what I thought I would be doing just a month ago has completely changed. The changes in my life plans came upon me from influences from outside of my own control. And I know God had a very big part in how things are working out.

And with that being said, I want to do what I can to explain, and to answer your immediate questions, the first one being, "what do my personal life changes have to do with the overwhelming world events that I want to write about?"

Let me start with when I wrote, "Don't Give Up" back on July 26. I had this feeling that day when I was writing. I knew that something was happening in my mind and my heart that seemed to be lifting me up, and getting me out of that rut I was in. Of course, much of what inspired me that day came from the music video that Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush had produced... and the many, many times that I have watched and listened to and shared with the people that I love. I don't know, maybe it was those words that Kate sung, "You worry too much." Or, maybe, it was when I realized that I was just a "crumb," something that could possibly be misconstrued into thinking that I was "nothing," but believe me, I think a lot of people out there actually got the point, as the comments I received have confirmed.

The one thing I had learned from these last few days was, let your heart not be concerned, God has it all under control. We worry too much.

In saying that, I'm meaning that there is that possibility that maybe some of us are worried too much that Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen. Is he, or is he not? Well, no matter what, and no matter how the truth is hidden at this time, it will come out.

I sure don't want people that I love to take what I've just said the wrong way. I have a great amount of respect for my friends at My friends there, like Joseph Farah and Jerome Corsi, have been under a great amount of attack by the mainstream media. All they are doing has been pursuing the truth. That's all they are doing. And I am right there with them. I've been following this amazing story for quite awhile, and I have to say that I've understood the doubts that some have in their minds. Those that have their doubts have been called "birthers." But yet, much of the evidence, combined with the unpopular concerns about Barack Obama's birth place, are continuously denigrated by many people in the media.

Maybe we worry too much. Yes, I was worried that should it be found that the President was not constitutionally eligible to be President, there would be huge problems should he have to be relieved of his duties. Not to mention the fact that I would worry about this country if Joe Biden had to assume the duties of the presidency, I also determined that there may be a great deal of civil unrest... and we know where that could lead.

The other thing that we could worry about is even more profound. Don't we deserve to know that there is no question about the eligibility question? Do we need to be worrying about that, in an obsessive way, while the Obama administration is using that issue to take our attention away from the way this country is going?

Like a good friend reminded me recently, it isn't a good thing if the good old magician trick - the old slight-of-hand, where our attention is kept on one hand, while the other hand is doing something else - and they could be turning this country towards Socialism while our attention is turned elsewhere. That's not a good thing. I have to agree with him.

The interesting thing - and the bad news - is that Obama's staff knows those things. The last thing they would want would be investigative journalists on the staff, or anywhere else on the web, to be concentrating their efforts on the things that Obama and the Democratic Congress are doing to us. The point my friend made was that if they could discredit all that the truth seekers are doing, so that when the evidence is provided of what Obama's plans are, nobody would believe it. And I agree. My friend is very wise.

The proof of what I just wrote is very evident for those that are watching the news, that those who oppose the "birther" questions want the issue to go away. And yet, maybe that is what they want us to believe, because it is such an easy diversion from what is going on. They know that discrediting Joseph Farah and others will protect that other agenda, keep the attention off of the truth by great investigative journalists, whether or not Obama is qualified to be President of the United States. It could be just a trap, and I've also joined my fellow patriots in falling into it if that is the case.

The scary thing is, though, is that if somebody is seekiing the truth, should we just give up because many others are trying to demean us? The answer is: NO! Emphatically, I tell you, we should not give up in seeking truth. Once that point comes when we have to be afraid to want the truth, we SHOULD be afraid. So be it, I want to know the truth, and if that makes me a "birther," I'll accept that label. I refuse to just look down at the river running below as if I was going to give up. I refuse to just look the other way. And I know that Joseph Farah knows what I'm saying. I guess you can say I, along with Farah, need not to "worry too much" about what others say about about our concerns.

Don't worry too much! Don't give up on seeking the truth, it will set you free. And so be it. I'll be content to be a "birther" if that is what it takes to know the truth.

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