Sunday, August 09, 2009

"Manufactured" Opposition Building

By John Kubicek

While in the process of working on this piece, I continued to see additional evidence that I would have liked to include here. I was watching Fox News. Yes, they ARE fair and balanced; and I was continuously bombarded with the MSM disinformation that the uprising at town hall meetings is "manufactured" or orchestrated.

Today, you are going to learn something new. There is "manufacturing" going on, for sure, but it isn't being done by who they are telling you is doing it. In fact, it is the very people that are talking about the "astroturfed" uprising that are being scripted to spread that lie. Simply said, there is no orchestrating going on. It is genuine outrage, period.

There are a multitude of events going on at this time regarding the "ObamaCare" health care plan. Suddenly, people are going out to the town hall meetings with their U.S. Representatives while they are on recess. It is amazing, because the people that are showing up are the ones who are waking up. People are getting involved in droves, that at one time were content to stay home and watch "Dancing with the Stars" or "NCIS."

But suddenly, in the last few weeks, there is the new paradigm. Those who were once content with life are finding that their lives are going to change (just as promised during the campaign last year). Many of the folks showing up at the town hall meetings, and raising their voices, started reading their emails, and clicking to the links that friends had sent them. They talked to their family, friends, and their neighbors. They started learning the truth. And what they have been learning is that the truth is not pretty. It isn't what they could call "hope."

And in the mean time, the Democrats have been manufacturing something very sinister, and that is the LIE that the "sheeple" are being influenced in some nationally coordinated effort... You know, like those pesky community organizers would do. But, it IS a lie, because the only thing that is happening is that enough people have access to the actual bill, and the word is getting out. The hostility is not the work of community organizers from the "right-wing extremists," there is no "orchestrating" done on the side of the opposition. It is just that people are becoming informed. They are learning the truth.

The biggest coordinated effort comes from the Democrats in trying to convince the public that the opposition is being organized by the "evil" Republicans that want to keep you from getting health care, the tragic crisis that is being generated by those on the left. In fact, their effort is laughable, or would be, if it wasn't so sad that so many people have been indoctrinated to believe that only the government can provide for all of their needs.

Thanks to a very good friend on, I learned of what Sarah Palin had to say about the current debate on the health care plan. In her statement, she mentioned that "Such a system is downright evil" at one point. Those words came in the context of the fact that bureaucrats, the "death panel," would make medical decisions based on the patient's "level of productivity in society, whether they are worthy of health care." (Report me now to the White House Snitch Line.)

While the good former Governor of the Great State of Alaska was at it, she also linked to a fantastic video of Rep. Michelle Bachman in action:

If there is any one point that I want you to remember from this post, is that the "uprising" is not nationally coordinated. The truth is, people are becoming informed. People are visiting our blogs and videos, reading their emails, or just talking to their neighbors. The powers that be in Washington are getting scared, because they can no longer depend on their cohorts in the mainstream media to indoctrinate the public. There is just too much available information on the web, and people are seeing it, and sharing it with others, including those that don't even have internet access.

The "enraged mobs" are not part of a nationally coordinated effort. The uprising is not an "astroturf" job by evil health insurance companies or Republicans. The citizens' concerns - NO, I mean the FEARS - are not being manufactured by the Republican party or anyone else. The only thing being "manufactured" are the lies by the Democrats. They have to resort to blaming the town hall meeting disturbances all on somebody in order to cover their very evil agenda. (Report me now to the White House Snitch Line, because I am the M.O.B.)

Senator Barbara Boxer thinks that the "angry mobs" are "well dressed"

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