Monday, August 24, 2009

Paul Revere Rides Again

By John Kubicek

"Tyranny is coming! Tyranny is coming!"

Wait, I guess that wasn't exactly what Paul Revere was saying, but somebody else that we all now know was shouting it in his own way. That's right. David Hedrick, Marine vet and star of the now viral video seen below, was giving us all patriotism arousal. That's a really good thing these days.

Anyone that hasn't seen the above video until now wasn't paying attention... Until now.

On Saturday night on, I received several tweets concerning the video and the event above. When I first found out about this video, I knew it would be hitting big numbers. I didn't have any doubt that the videos would be going viral. Sure enough, FoxNews heard about it, and they talked about it on Fox & Friends Sunday morning. You betcha, I caught it:

Now isn't that just crazy? Can you imagine that? FoxNews went after the Marine Vet, David Hedrick, and ignoring most of what he said, they focused on his comments about Nancy Pelosi.

But as bad as that distortion was, what Fox News did was to bring heaps of attention on that Town Hall meeting with Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA). The people that end up watching that video are going to hear all of the cheering during Hedrick's "rant". And they will know, that is not the normal sound that the "sheeple" make! And, that is NOT manufactured!

I also want to give my kudos to Fox News for saying what the liberal side was trying to focus on. That's right, the liberals were the ones that actually brought up the Nazi connections in the first place. The Marine veteran, David Hedrick, said a lot more than what Fox News focused on.

Now just check out the following video of David's interview with Gretchen on Fox & Friends this morning. David didn't let us down. He should be a regular contributor on Fox News. i have to tell you, he was pretty impressive!

You see, we need to have Paul Revere ride again. Yes, guys like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh have been the spokespersons for those of us that have been disenfranchised because of the normal corporate political correctness. But now, should for some reason the talk show hosts ever be silenced, it is guys like David Hedrick that can make that famous shout, "Tyranny is Coming! Tyranny is Coming!"

God bless the patriots!

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