Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Then So Be It... I'm a Birther

By John Kubicek

There is no doubt in my mind - EVER - that God leads us to doing what we need to do when it is His plan. I have had that experience over the last few weeks, where the directions my life has taken have lead me to new destinations, and not part of my plan, but because of His plan for me. I can give testimony to that, as what I thought I would be doing just a month ago has completely changed. The changes in my life plans came upon me from influences from outside of my own control. And I know God had a very big part in how things are working out.

And with that being said, I want to do what I can to explain, and to answer your immediate questions, the first one being, "what do my personal life changes have to do with the overwhelming world events that I want to write about?"

Let me start with when I wrote, "Don't Give Up" back on July 26. I had this feeling that day when I was writing. I knew that something was happening in my mind and my heart that seemed to be lifting me up, and getting me out of that rut I was in. Of course, much of what inspired me that day came from the music video that Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush had produced... and the many, many times that I have watched and listened to and shared with the people that I love. I don't know, maybe it was those words that Kate sung, "You worry too much." Or, maybe, it was when I realized that I was just a "crumb," something that could possibly be misconstrued into thinking that I was "nothing," but believe me, I think a lot of people out there actually got the point, as the comments I received have confirmed.

The one thing I had learned from these last few days was, let your heart not be concerned, God has it all under control. We worry too much.

In saying that, I'm meaning that there is that possibility that maybe some of us are worried too much that Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen. Is he, or is he not? Well, no matter what, and no matter how the truth is hidden at this time, it will come out.

I sure don't want people that I love to take what I've just said the wrong way. I have a great amount of respect for my friends at My friends there, like Joseph Farah and Jerome Corsi, have been under a great amount of attack by the mainstream media. All they are doing has been pursuing the truth. That's all they are doing. And I am right there with them. I've been following this amazing story for quite awhile, and I have to say that I've understood the doubts that some have in their minds. Those that have their doubts have been called "birthers." But yet, much of the evidence, combined with the unpopular concerns about Barack Obama's birth place, are continuously denigrated by many people in the media.

Maybe we worry too much. Yes, I was worried that should it be found that the President was not constitutionally eligible to be President, there would be huge problems should he have to be relieved of his duties. Not to mention the fact that I would worry about this country if Joe Biden had to assume the duties of the presidency, I also determined that there may be a great deal of civil unrest... and we know where that could lead.

The other thing that we could worry about is even more profound. Don't we deserve to know that there is no question about the eligibility question? Do we need to be worrying about that, in an obsessive way, while the Obama administration is using that issue to take our attention away from the way this country is going?

Like a good friend reminded me recently, it isn't a good thing if the good old magician trick - the old slight-of-hand, where our attention is kept on one hand, while the other hand is doing something else - and they could be turning this country towards Socialism while our attention is turned elsewhere. That's not a good thing. I have to agree with him.

The interesting thing - and the bad news - is that Obama's staff knows those things. The last thing they would want would be investigative journalists on the staff, or anywhere else on the web, to be concentrating their efforts on the things that Obama and the Democratic Congress are doing to us. The point my friend made was that if they could discredit all that the truth seekers are doing, so that when the evidence is provided of what Obama's plans are, nobody would believe it. And I agree. My friend is very wise.

The proof of what I just wrote is very evident for those that are watching the news, that those who oppose the "birther" questions want the issue to go away. And yet, maybe that is what they want us to believe, because it is such an easy diversion from what is going on. They know that discrediting Joseph Farah and others will protect that other agenda, keep the attention off of the truth by great investigative journalists, whether or not Obama is qualified to be President of the United States. It could be just a trap, and I've also joined my fellow patriots in falling into it if that is the case.

The scary thing is, though, is that if somebody is seekiing the truth, should we just give up because many others are trying to demean us? The answer is: NO! Emphatically, I tell you, we should not give up in seeking truth. Once that point comes when we have to be afraid to want the truth, we SHOULD be afraid. So be it, I want to know the truth, and if that makes me a "birther," I'll accept that label. I refuse to just look down at the river running below as if I was going to give up. I refuse to just look the other way. And I know that Joseph Farah knows what I'm saying. I guess you can say I, along with Farah, need not to "worry too much" about what others say about about our concerns.

Don't worry too much! Don't give up on seeking the truth, it will set you free. And so be it. I'll be content to be a "birther" if that is what it takes to know the truth.

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groovsmyth said...

Though Robert Gibbs and company might very well be engaged in that ol' magician's sleight-of-hand, trying to make citizens think the eligibility issue is trivial, but still content that its simmering may serve to distract those citizens, NO aspect of the Truth is trivial. Rresident Obama's 200 days in office have produced a whirlwind of Socialist stunts, ALL of them damaging to our freedom. However, whether or not he is even eligible under the U.S. Constitution to be POTUS is fundamental to the demise of the Republic as well. The problem is that Americans have a long-established habit of taking their freedom for granted. While they're searching for an easy way out to fix the longstanding decay, and being duped by the GOP, they are wasting valuable time. The issue of Obama's eligibility has indeed been kept alive, to the tune of 58% of Republicans finding merit in knowing conclusively whether Barry is a natural born citizen. However, that "birther" issue is alive and well NO THANKS to any effort by ANY Republican holding office. The Republican leadership has also been mocking the effort right along with the Democrats. When, WHEN will rank-and-file Republicans get a clue that party leadership cares not for their Conservative values?

groovsmyth said...

You too can fulfill Scripture. You can turn in dissenters from the fascist party line by sending non-PC e-mails to

(better hope your teenagers aren't Obamatons)