Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Revolution is just beginning

By John Kubicek

Having a severe case of "writer's block" in tbe last few weeks may have been the best thing to happen to me. And then I read a great column, "What Do You Do With Writer's Block and Idea Gridlock?" I found out from that column that my problem was actually "Idea Gridlock." The now famous words of wisdom that I read were, "When writer's block and creative gridlock strike, as they have for me this week, sit down and write or draw or brainstorm or do whatever you do. Just by doing, words and ideas form."

"Just by doing": Those were the words I needed to hear... or read, in this case. Those words stuck in my head. I don't know why, and I'm not sure if that is good, or to my detriment, or just something like "food for thought" I could expound on today. So, today, I'm just hoping that what I feel like writing is just "food for thought."

Let me just start with telling you about my new banner. That's the part at the top of my blog page here that gives you the name of the blog, and what you may expect to read in the blog. What I did was to get away from the good ol' text banner, and saying this is "johnny2k Is Home." Oh, how interesting.... NOT. How about what I've done instead? How about stepping out of the box a little bit? I'll explain this to you, but please keep your fire extinguishers handy. I may go up in flames on this one.

First, the new graphic text you'll see where I designed a title; cool. Next, there was that sweet little description: "A blog by a patriotic Freedom Fighter". And will that bring in some people from the google searches? For sure. And it isn't fair, but that's how blogging works if you happen to care about the number of visitors to your blog. It is just about as lame as somebody can get when wanting to attract visitors. I don't deny it.

But, it gets better! How about the picture with the graphic text next to it: "We Surround Them." My graphic creation abilities came out in the open. But, do you have any idea what that is about? Probably not, unless you're a dedicated listener and watcher of Glenn Beck's radio and TV shows.

In that new banner, of course, is the obvious killer line: "The Revolution is just beginning." It is a case of an unbridled johnny2k making a statement. So, what is that supposed to mean? Isn't having a word appear ANYWHERE on a blog, like "Revolution," something that flags me, that will put me on some kind of list, one that is probably not one we want to be put on?

So, there you go, I think that I found the way to get out of a situation like "writer's block" or "creative gridlock." The true reason for having a problem with writing, for having a case of having "writer's gridlock," is just like overcoming any other phobia. Sometimes, we just need to find a way to put the fears aside. Sometimes, we just need to "JUST DO IT" as the good old Nike ad would say.

But of course, there can be consequences for speaking out. Just saying what you actually believe (whether right or wrong) can have detrimental consequences, especially concerning your employment. How careful we must be - we MUST be - when it comes to our speech at work, and even then, also when we are not at work. That's just the way it is now. But, then, maybe these words are more important than you may have thought: "The Revolution is just beginning."

At least at this time, nobody here is suggesting that you take to the streets, complete with torches and pitchforks. However, what I have said here is important in that we just have to be willing to dissent. It should be very apparent to you by now that dissent is frowned on. And it is understandable if you don't want to go outside of "acceptable boundries" of speaking freely. You have the right to do just that, but there is also plenty of reason to fear the expression of your 1st Amendment rights.

Really, it's about being "Silent No More" - while we can. But if that is something that you are uncomfortable with, for the safety of yourself, or your family, please keep in mind that actually, WE SURROUND THEM!

Be afraid? Forget about it. You are not alone. Don't settle for "eating cake." The Revolution is just beginning.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's for OUR children

By John Kubicek

"It's for the children" is a phrase that has brought about a bit of passion in folks, including yours truly. As a radio host known as "Mancow" from Chicago says, beware when you hear those words: "It's for the children"

And maybe the word "passion" would be an understatement when it comes to the audacity of a new "star" in the radio talk shows and a personality that a few of us are able to enjoy on the Fox News channel. Glenn Beck goes beyond what any of us would expect to see on a cable news show. And that is a good thing. Here's why:

This is why I am writing today. It is time to turn, "It's for THE children" into "It's for OUR children." When you hear, "it's for THE children," it is most likely propaganda from the government to give them an excuse for another social program. But when you see the above video, there is something new for you to hear, and it better be, "It's for OUR children." That should be the emphasis of what you have to pay attention to. We're talking about just us lowly people that want to have the freedom to be able to speak freely. That is for OUR children.

Just yesterday, I updated my banner at the top of this page. Did you notice that? I hope so. In the top right corner, just to the right of that famous icon you have seen, you may have noticed a little bit of text saying, "We Surround Them." That's my tribute to what Glenn Beck has been saying. That is for OUR children.

Our freedom is at stake. Our children's freedom is even more at stake. Our biggest fight in the next few years is to keep our freedom of speech. Without it, it could be the complete end of our freedom. And as Glenn Beck mentioned, it may be the ultimate sacrifice that a few of us are going to have to make. And I have resolved to be part of it. I'm ready to do whatever is necessary, at least with the power of my speech as tapped out on my keyboard. It's my blog, and it's for OUR children.

Friday, February 06, 2009

So.... Maybe we should all be crying

By John Kubicek

When was the last time you saw or heard a newscaster show emotion and literally lose it on a live newscast?

What I saw a few days ago was something that took a little time to soak in. And now that it has, I find it difficult to write about. I don't know... is it because my eyes have misted over? No, it is much more than that. I am not sure if I can really explain it because there is so much going on these days. But, what I am seeing is certainly not comforting. I think I know of somebody a lot like me, to where it is overwhelming just to see what is going on.

The Archduke Ferdinand Moment - Part One

The Archduke Ferdinand Moment - Part 2 - Glenn says the Cavalry has arrived

Glenn Beck: I Mean what I say. The cavalry is here.

If you have been having some very scary feelings about what is facing us, as a nation, and as people that really care about where this country is now going, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

You can call it "The Archduke Ferdinand Moment," or "the tipping point."

All I know, though, is that what I've been seeing lately, and I'm afraid of where this country is headed. It isn't just that which is scaring me. What is really bugging me is how many people there are that are so oblivious to what is going on.

I just wish I had the space here to write all about the things that are really bothering me. It was my desire to try to write about that feeling that "something is wrong here." and I am afraid that the time is running out. What makes me so sad is that I may not have reached all those that I could have. I tried. And I know many you have tried, too.

Just when maybe you feel the way I have all day, when "Maybe we should all be crying," could we also make it our rally call? Even if these days are so much like what happened at the Alamo?

Update February 7, 2009
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