Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Revolution is just beginning

By John Kubicek

Having a severe case of "writer's block" in tbe last few weeks may have been the best thing to happen to me. And then I read a great column, "What Do You Do With Writer's Block and Idea Gridlock?" I found out from that column that my problem was actually "Idea Gridlock." The now famous words of wisdom that I read were, "When writer's block and creative gridlock strike, as they have for me this week, sit down and write or draw or brainstorm or do whatever you do. Just by doing, words and ideas form."

"Just by doing": Those were the words I needed to hear... or read, in this case. Those words stuck in my head. I don't know why, and I'm not sure if that is good, or to my detriment, or just something like "food for thought" I could expound on today. So, today, I'm just hoping that what I feel like writing is just "food for thought."

Let me just start with telling you about my new banner. That's the part at the top of my blog page here that gives you the name of the blog, and what you may expect to read in the blog. What I did was to get away from the good ol' text banner, and saying this is "johnny2k Is Home." Oh, how interesting.... NOT. How about what I've done instead? How about stepping out of the box a little bit? I'll explain this to you, but please keep your fire extinguishers handy. I may go up in flames on this one.

First, the new graphic text you'll see where I designed a title; cool. Next, there was that sweet little description: "A blog by a patriotic Freedom Fighter". And will that bring in some people from the google searches? For sure. And it isn't fair, but that's how blogging works if you happen to care about the number of visitors to your blog. It is just about as lame as somebody can get when wanting to attract visitors. I don't deny it.

But, it gets better! How about the picture with the graphic text next to it: "We Surround Them." My graphic creation abilities came out in the open. But, do you have any idea what that is about? Probably not, unless you're a dedicated listener and watcher of Glenn Beck's radio and TV shows.

In that new banner, of course, is the obvious killer line: "The Revolution is just beginning." It is a case of an unbridled johnny2k making a statement. So, what is that supposed to mean? Isn't having a word appear ANYWHERE on a blog, like "Revolution," something that flags me, that will put me on some kind of list, one that is probably not one we want to be put on?

So, there you go, I think that I found the way to get out of a situation like "writer's block" or "creative gridlock." The true reason for having a problem with writing, for having a case of having "writer's gridlock," is just like overcoming any other phobia. Sometimes, we just need to find a way to put the fears aside. Sometimes, we just need to "JUST DO IT" as the good old Nike ad would say.

But of course, there can be consequences for speaking out. Just saying what you actually believe (whether right or wrong) can have detrimental consequences, especially concerning your employment. How careful we must be - we MUST be - when it comes to our speech at work, and even then, also when we are not at work. That's just the way it is now. But, then, maybe these words are more important than you may have thought: "The Revolution is just beginning."

At least at this time, nobody here is suggesting that you take to the streets, complete with torches and pitchforks. However, what I have said here is important in that we just have to be willing to dissent. It should be very apparent to you by now that dissent is frowned on. And it is understandable if you don't want to go outside of "acceptable boundries" of speaking freely. You have the right to do just that, but there is also plenty of reason to fear the expression of your 1st Amendment rights.

Really, it's about being "Silent No More" - while we can. But if that is something that you are uncomfortable with, for the safety of yourself, or your family, please keep in mind that actually, WE SURROUND THEM!

Be afraid? Forget about it. You are not alone. Don't settle for "eating cake." The Revolution is just beginning.


Alexander said...

Viewer of Glen Beck or not, I think you need a more basic, clear explanation of "We Surround Them."

I don't get it. Although pointing out the atrocities and evil that exists in the world today is a good thing...who is "them?"

To constantly give the drumbeat of Obama and company is evil is kind of like the 8-year drumbeat from Bush and company haters: "Bush is dumb." I didn't appreciate that for 8 years and I'm sure "them" doesn't appreciate being called evil for however many years.

My approach would be to kill "them" with kindness, wisdom, and compassion...not name call or offer simply "left hate" as "them" does to the right.

Again, a wise opponent uses discernment between hateful diatribe and intelligent conversation.

Just my 2 bits!

John Kubicek said...

As Alexander said, "My approach would be to kill *"them"* with kindness, wisdom, and compassion... not name call or offer simply left *"hate"* as *"them"* does to the right."

That is so true, Alexander. I know that you are right, and that has been how I've been dealing with the people I really can't agree with. And many of them have returned the same respect, kindness, wisdom and compassion to me.

Perhaps you may have been confused about "The Revolution Is Just Beginning." I hope and pray that I didn't make it sound as though I was filled with anything like animosity. Maybe you don't really listen to Glenn enough to understand exactly who "them" is. And maybe this comment will help you understand more about "We Surround Them" and the also the title of this column.

First of all, there are "them" that really think they know better than we do, and they want government that is set up to be able to deal with ANY problem you may encounter in life. There are "them" that don't really care how we feel about our situations and how we would deal with those situations. And there is "them" that believes that a World Government would do that job best and solve most of our problems.

This is the thing. The revolution is just beginning, meaning that there are a few of us that want to neutralize the mass indoctrination that "them" (they) have with the MSM, Hollywood, and the public schools (indoctrination centers). What I am saying is that there are real people out here that are willing to lay it on the line to try to expose "them" and to make sure that a lot of people understand what we are facing.

It has NOTHING to do with hate or the drumbeats of our rhetoric. This isn't really about Obama as a person, but the ideologies of those that wanted him as President. What is being said by Glenn Beck, which I am echoing in my writings is that people like us are NOT alone. Nobody is advocating violence. What we ARE advocating is making sure that people know the truth about what is going on. From that point, THEY can make their own decisions and hopefully understand who "them" is.

And I sure hope to avoid a Revolution as many of our Founding Fathers went through. I would not be happy with a "Valley Forge" experience, as I am not a cold-weather person. I would go through that if it was took to keep this country free, if that was what it came down to, though.

Yes, saying that "Obama is evil" is just as lame as "Bush is dumb." I'm not going to take up that drumbeat, Alexander, so don't worry. Yes, I am greatly dismayed by Obama's policies, but I am very, very far from being any kind of hate-monger. Actually, quite the opposite.

"The revolution is just beginning" is only about people that at one time may have felt powerless, because we felt alone. "We surround them" is only about letting those people that felt alone understand that many people feel the same way. We only want to be here writing to make a difference, my friend!

Alexander said...

Thanks mucho for your reply, Johnny. I like Glen Beck, just haven't had time to be a regular viewer. We need the Glen Becks, Bill O'Reillys, and the Johnny2ks in the world desperately!

I like Beck's softer and more humorous approach. I like O'Reilly's passion, but would love him to tone down the arrogance...although "them" would call it all arrogant anyways.

And as for you, I love your heart and perserverance. I just wanted to make sure we didn't fall into the name-calling, end-of-conversation, eyes-closed behavior of THEM! :)