Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Battle Hymm of the Baby Boomers

It's shocking! A very good friend sent this to me! What was he thinking, anyway? I mean, to send this to me a day or two before my birthday? Oh, the cruelty! (Not that I'm hinting or anything.... hint... hint....)

(I apologize to anyone offended by the crude language in this video. However, while crude, the words are allowed by the FCC for radio and TV broadcast.)

Warning: If you are 30 or older, you may be depressed after watching this video...

Thank God, I'm STILL only 29! (Right..... and man-caused global warming is real, too!)

If I could wrap my brain around the new Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken, then I know I can deal with my old age... Oops...

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Second Chance?

By John Kubicek

PearseJust a little more than a month ago (May 19), a strange thing happened at work. We see a few feral felines out at my work site which is in a rural area. But until May 19, I had never seen a domesticated cat out there. That is when I met Pearse.

Unfortunately, pet owners in this part of Iowa, since the flood last year, and because of the economy, have been having problems with either finding places to live that allow pets, or they found they couldn't afford the expense of providing for their pets, or both. So, thinking that the cat was most likely "dumped" by an owner, I took him home with me that morning.

There are times when we have have good intentions, but end up having unintended consequences. On the Saturday before Memorial Day, I was able to take Pearse into the Veterinarian for a check up. The Vet removed a tick from the outside of his ear, gave Pearse the needed initial shots, and put a little flea and tic repellent between Pearse's shoulders. Up until that Vet appointment, Pearse was my little shadow.

Strangely, though, after that appointment, Pearse started doing all he could to not be seen. He started hiding. At first, I was able to find his hiding places. But I also noticed that he had scratched his ear really bad where the tick had been removed. But then, he started scratching his back where the flea and tick stuff (Revolution)was applied, and it became infected. And then, it got to where I couldn't even find him, as his "hiding places" got to be where he knew I wouldn't be able to find him. I wanted to get him back the Vet, but towards the first part of June, I was not able to find him at all. He had found such a good spot to hide, I wasn't able to find him for almost two days.

And then, on June 3, as I was getting ready to go to bed, he came out of hiding. I didn't know it, but apparently Pearse came out of hiding that day to say goodbye. When I got up to get ready for work that night, Moochie (my dog) and I found him; little Pearse had passed away.

Needless to say, I was feeling very bad about that for the last several weeks. Not only did I greatly miss him, I also felt that I was somehow responsible to Pearse's ultimate demise. And, quite honestly and understandably, I also had no desire to get a "replacement cat."

I had that attitude right up until Father's Day, this past Sunday. That was when my attitude was drastically altered, for the good! That night, just as I was getting ready to depart for work, my neighbor knocked on my door. I have to think this scenario had been perfectly choreographed. The first thing my neighbor said was, "I think I've found a replacement cat for you," and seconds later, around the corner of his house, comes this cat. The cat looked exactly like Pearse. My neighbor and I talked for a few minutes, I had a few questions, and I finally told Greg (my neighbor) that I would have to think about it, being that I was just getting ready to leave for work.

RC - The Replacement CatI got to work at about 10:00 PM, and I bet it wasn't 20 minutes before I decided that I wanted to adopt the cat. But I still sought advice from my co-workers. Most felt that I SHOULD take in the new cat. And it's ironic, because some of the information I had been told about the cat by my neighbor wasn't exactly accurate. I mean, the information that I had available at the time I was speaking with the co-workers about adopting the cat, was much like George W. Bush's information about WMD in Iraq when he made the decision to go to war.

I made the decision, then, while I was at work, that I would adopt the cat. My plan was, when I got home from work Monday morning, I would look up Greg, the neighbor, and find out where the cat was. My decision was to adopt the "replacement cat" was so solid, that when I was at work, I thought of a name for the cat. It was a no brainger, too. I named him RC. That makes sense, right? Think, "Replacement Cat"!

But instead of having to try to contact Greg, the neighbor, something happened that was the deal maker. Just after getting my dog outside to the fenced in yard, as I was heading back to the house, I heard the "meow," and there he was! And there you go! He (RC) was a new member of the family.

So, despite the few minor skirmeshes between RC and my dog Moochie, everyone is very happy! RC, like Pearse was when I first brought him home, is my shadow. I'm getting a second chance! It was meant to be.

I was wondering what kind of point I was going to make with this column, as I was writing the above. After all, this blog is usually about politics. I'm not going to disappoint you, as I just saw something breaking in the news today. It is very, very sad. What I'm talking about is the story about S.C. Governor Mark Sanford. He "disappeared" for a week. Today, a shocking press conference, where he admits to an extramarital affair. To top it all, Gov. Sanford was actually a potential candidate for the Republican nomination for President for 2012. This is shocking, to say the least. His political career is probably down the drain, not to mention that his marriage will be difficult to keep together. It would be difficult to believe that Gov. Sanford's political career will have a second chance.

All this happens just when I was going to write about the fact that how Obama deals with North Korea and Iran could be deal makers or breakers. I was going to mention the fact that if Obama is wrong about the potential threats, America is in great jeopardy. If the President is EVER wrong about how his foreign policy is run, I'm afraid that he will also not get a second chance. A nuclear attack on America could result in a solid blow against our lives and our liberty as we know it in America.

I was lucky. I got a second chance, an opportunity to make things right with the adoption of my new little buddy, RC. And this wasn't the first time I've been allowed a "second chance." I'm afraid that Gov. Mark Sandford, though, won't be able to get by this in his political career. He's not going to be as lucky as former President Clinton. I will pray that Sanford does have a chance to resolve the marital issues, and that won't be easy, but that will be his only opportunity for a "second chance."

But will Obama get a "second chance" should he be wrong with how he deals with Iran and North Korea? Will America get a "second chance" if we are attacked by terrorists, Iran, or North Korea with a WMD?

And can we always expect a "second chance?" No. However, don't pile on me when I tell you that sometimes a "second chance" can come along, and it is up to us to know when we can reconcile our past mistakes. Hopefully, there will be a mistake America made by electing Barack Obama that we will still have a chance to resolve in November of 2012.

Living Side By Side In Peace

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Liberals are making me work too hard

By John Kubicek

Seriously, I'm in need of a day off. The liberals are making me work too hard. WAY too hard!

Not a day will go by when there isn't anything in the news that would bother me. Being a news junkie, I will never have withdrawal symptoms, unless this country gets hit by an EMP, or sun spots, and we lose all access to the internet.

So, let me just tell you, I've moved on to the harder stuff. Sure, the stories about criminal activities (car chases) and the uncovered scandals with celebrities will sometimes interest me and get my attention. But my true mission is to tell you about the stories that are not only interesting, but vital to helping you retain your liberties. Getting people to pay attention to the assault on our freedoms by our government is what I am really concerned with.

In this last week, I paid attention to the stories that you will NOT know about in most of the mainstream news outlets. I was very focused on stories this last week that will hopefully give some clues to those out there that are uninformed or misinformed, or both. I was spending a lot of my time on gathering evidence.

What kind of evidence am I talking about? Would a few good videos help? Of course they would! I did my best to capture what were the stories of the week. But, except for one minor problem, what I can tell you about is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. In the many hours that I spent on capturing news video, I had to be very selective on what I would upload and share on my youtube channel.

There is a major challenge with being a "news editor," and that is the need to increase the "value" of our blogs or news sites. That is not necessarily just going to be a financial value that I have in mind. No, sometimes it is that we want to make sure people - as many as possible - get an idea of what is really going on in this world. We try to provide more information than what they would be getting from the mainstream media alone.

With that being said, let me give you a few ideas of what I saw in the news this week. These are things that will affect a large number of you, my readers. I'm pretty sure that a large majority of people that read my columns are involved in endeavors that depend on free enterprise.

The attack on Free Enterprise

And here, Gretchen Carlson (of Fox News) talks about profitable auto dealerships being shut down.

And if those last two videos weren't outrageous enough for you, how about this?

Gretchen Carlson vs GM

And in the mean time, we hear that Carrie Prejean has been fired as Miss California. (And here we thought North Korea was a situation to be really worried about!) Seriously, don't worry about Carrie. She'll come out just fine, I'll guarantee it. But, I'm not so sure about North Korea and Iran being involved in the devolopment of nuclear weaponry and methods of delivering the weapons of mass destruction.

So instead of us having to deal with such serious subjects, I will divert your attention for a few moments of fun. I just happened to catch this fun segment I saw this week on Fox and Friends. You have to see it! Have your heard of the Young Cons? You'll love this!

The Young Cons on Fox & Friends - June 10, 2009

I was totally impressed that a couple basketball players would take on the liberal establishment, despite being at Dartmouth. We can only imagine the pressure they may have to deal with. But then, that can't possibly compare with the attack on a Conservative that we saw this last week, as in Dave Letterman's trashing of Sarah Palin and her family. Michelle Malkin brings some perspective to the fact that those on the Right will take a lot of heat, in very nasty ways. And really, it's only those on the right that would have their families attacked in derogatory ways.

Michelle Malkin says Letterman's attack on Palin and her family is pathetic

There was really just one point to this entire column. Those last two videos expressed the fact that if you are willing to stick by your values, you are going to need very thick skin. And that is exactly why I will stick my neck out for what Gretchen Carlson did this last week. Gretchen did a great job in letting us all know, free enterprise is truly under attack.

Not a business owner? Not a problem, right? Of course not, unless you are wondering if unemployment would be a setback... The attack on Free Enterprise by the Obama minions will hurt all of us.

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

What we are facing: A true "grave danger"

By John Kubicek

How much scarier can it get?

My colleague Joseph Farah was attacked by a blogger in a post entitled, "Joseph Farah is a serious US domestic danger!" And without some real critical thinking about what was written by the author, Sam Mehrani, it could have been easily overlooked. And I am not even talking about Sam's lousy spelling and grammatical skills. Actually, the real problem I have is that Sam and people like him (or her?) is the real danger in this country.

Wait, didn't I hear almost eight years ago that people were actually complaining because some were saying that those that didn't support the War on Terror were unpatriotic? Apparently, when the tables are turned, it is now unpatriotic to not support "The One." And I quote Sam, when it was written, "The outcome of it so far has become a grave danger [emphasis mine] for the US. It is nothing more than unpatriotic behaviour that should be swiftly delt with." A grave danger... "Unpatriotic behaviour that should be swiftly delt with?"

Sam Mehrani gave us an unintended gift. What was written in that piece displayed the complete picture of what a truly brain-washed devout cult-like follower of a empty-suited figurehead would look like. We can't thank him (her?) enough.

The moronic Mehrani diatribe was spawned by Joseph Farah's quest to get Barack Obama to disclose his actual long-form birth certificate. Seriously, anyone with a neuron or two floating around in their brains would have to really wonder why Barry Hussein Obama would refuse to do so. I don't remember Barack talking about privacy in his campaign speeches. Wasn't his theme about transperency? I mean, the way he was talking, he should be displaying his Social Security Number on the side of Air Force None... I mean, Air Force The One...

What is he hiding? Isn't his refusal to allow public viewing of his long form birth certificate some type of admission of guilt? Why?

But hey, if the Mehranic ones can find a way to demean those that ask the critical questions, they will do so as long as they are enabled by the lame-stream press, and by us. That's right. Even though some of us may feel like we are just a grain of sand on beach, we must speak up. The grave danger would be if when our comrads are attacked, we stay silent.

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