Saturday, June 13, 2009

Liberals are making me work too hard

By John Kubicek

Seriously, I'm in need of a day off. The liberals are making me work too hard. WAY too hard!

Not a day will go by when there isn't anything in the news that would bother me. Being a news junkie, I will never have withdrawal symptoms, unless this country gets hit by an EMP, or sun spots, and we lose all access to the internet.

So, let me just tell you, I've moved on to the harder stuff. Sure, the stories about criminal activities (car chases) and the uncovered scandals with celebrities will sometimes interest me and get my attention. But my true mission is to tell you about the stories that are not only interesting, but vital to helping you retain your liberties. Getting people to pay attention to the assault on our freedoms by our government is what I am really concerned with.

In this last week, I paid attention to the stories that you will NOT know about in most of the mainstream news outlets. I was very focused on stories this last week that will hopefully give some clues to those out there that are uninformed or misinformed, or both. I was spending a lot of my time on gathering evidence.

What kind of evidence am I talking about? Would a few good videos help? Of course they would! I did my best to capture what were the stories of the week. But, except for one minor problem, what I can tell you about is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. In the many hours that I spent on capturing news video, I had to be very selective on what I would upload and share on my youtube channel.

There is a major challenge with being a "news editor," and that is the need to increase the "value" of our blogs or news sites. That is not necessarily just going to be a financial value that I have in mind. No, sometimes it is that we want to make sure people - as many as possible - get an idea of what is really going on in this world. We try to provide more information than what they would be getting from the mainstream media alone.

With that being said, let me give you a few ideas of what I saw in the news this week. These are things that will affect a large number of you, my readers. I'm pretty sure that a large majority of people that read my columns are involved in endeavors that depend on free enterprise.

The attack on Free Enterprise

And here, Gretchen Carlson (of Fox News) talks about profitable auto dealerships being shut down.

And if those last two videos weren't outrageous enough for you, how about this?

Gretchen Carlson vs GM

And in the mean time, we hear that Carrie Prejean has been fired as Miss California. (And here we thought North Korea was a situation to be really worried about!) Seriously, don't worry about Carrie. She'll come out just fine, I'll guarantee it. But, I'm not so sure about North Korea and Iran being involved in the devolopment of nuclear weaponry and methods of delivering the weapons of mass destruction.

So instead of us having to deal with such serious subjects, I will divert your attention for a few moments of fun. I just happened to catch this fun segment I saw this week on Fox and Friends. You have to see it! Have your heard of the Young Cons? You'll love this!

The Young Cons on Fox & Friends - June 10, 2009

I was totally impressed that a couple basketball players would take on the liberal establishment, despite being at Dartmouth. We can only imagine the pressure they may have to deal with. But then, that can't possibly compare with the attack on a Conservative that we saw this last week, as in Dave Letterman's trashing of Sarah Palin and her family. Michelle Malkin brings some perspective to the fact that those on the Right will take a lot of heat, in very nasty ways. And really, it's only those on the right that would have their families attacked in derogatory ways.

Michelle Malkin says Letterman's attack on Palin and her family is pathetic

There was really just one point to this entire column. Those last two videos expressed the fact that if you are willing to stick by your values, you are going to need very thick skin. And that is exactly why I will stick my neck out for what Gretchen Carlson did this last week. Gretchen did a great job in letting us all know, free enterprise is truly under attack.

Not a business owner? Not a problem, right? Of course not, unless you are wondering if unemployment would be a setback... The attack on Free Enterprise by the Obama minions will hurt all of us.

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Anonymous said...

Exceptional my friend. Truly exceptional coverage and a fine summation of the Obamvents going down against the right in these once United States of America.

How appropriate that it is we who are called the "right" and they are the left. Remember how at the White Throne Judgment Jesus separates His sheep to the right and the goats to the left.

bowler said...

looks like Donald Trump caved... so much for his tough businessmen exterior