Wednesday, December 30, 2009

There was a time when TV was free, and now look what happened!

By John Kubicek

What I wanted to write about today has been a great challenge. This all started with a dilemma that mostly involves people here in Iowa, but ultimately, every one of you. I must admit, there was a huge motivation I had in dealing with this problem that you wouldn't really care about if you live on one of the coasts. But, this dilemma may actually reach you at some time in the future, no matter where you live. All I ask is that you bear with me, as I give you the background to this story and then develop it into what we all may have to look forward to.

I get so sick and tired of people that manage to blame everything on greedy businesses. You know, like the greedy insurance companies that have driven up our health insurance costs, despite the fact that their average bottom-line profit margins are only around 4%, and way less than many other industries that people seem to never complain about. Of course, we all heard how horrible those greedy Wall Street companies are that gave their top management huge bonuses, and yet ignore or dismiss the huge sums of money paid to top professional athletes or the loony actors out in Hollyweird. It's just an absurd double-standard, right?

As you can probably tell, I'm a Conservative, and I believe that capitalism and the free market should allow businesses to make all the money that people are willing to pay for goods and services when based on performance or quality. The only time I do not approve of an exorbitant income is when the company or person is a scammer... say, like Bernie Madoff.

No, wait, there is another time when I am somewhat disgruntled about excess profit. That is when it comes down to any business (or government entity) that takes advantage of the consumer because of an important "need" that people depend on, especially when the company has a monopoly.

For people in Iowa, the problem is that right now, a major cable company may lose the retransmission feeds from an owner of CBS and FOX affiliated stations, meaning that many of us may not be able to watch the Orange Bowl where the Iowa Hawkeyes go up against Georgia Tech on January 5, 2010. If that is not bad enough, some of us wouldn't be able to watch the Superbowl, "24", CSI or NCIS... I can picture demonstrations for those reasons, here in the heartland, that will make the current protests in Iran look like the Times Square New Years celebrations tomorrow night.

So, here's the background. To my knowledge at this time, my cable provider will no longer be able to rebroadcast two local TV stations, once being a CBS affiliate, the other on the FOX network, as of January 1, 2010. The cable company is Mediacom. The operator of the two stations in Cedar Rapids, and many more in Iowa, is Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. The current situation that I am aware of as I write, is that Sinclair wants to charge a higher fee to Mediacom for retransmission rights than Mediacom feels it should have to pay. The current contract runs out on December 31, 2009.

So what's the big deal? Being that the very successful Iowa Hawkeyes football team is playing in the Orange Bowl this year, the very last BCS bowl game before the National Championship game between the Tide (Alabama) and the Horns (Texas), well, you can only imagine how important this is to many people in Iowa. Even Sally Mason, President of the University of Iowa, weighed in with a letter to both Sinclair Broadcast Group and Mediacom which you can see here.

Being that I've been a big Hawkeyes fan for decades, I had plenty to gripe about, hearing a few weeks ago that Mediacom would no longer be able to carry the CBS and FOX channels here in Cedar Rapids. I spent a good deal of time trying to figure out what I would do. My ultimate desire was to be able to watch the game from the comfort of my home. If that wasn't possible, I then had to consider other options, such as changing cable providers or even getting a satellite dish. And the other choices that were available would be to go somewhere else that had a different provider, such as a sports bar with a satellite dish. Or maybe, I could go watch the game with a neighbor, a friend, or a relative with a service other than Mediacom! I could even go buy a digital TV and an antenna, and watch the game over the air. (Not really an option, considering I couldn't afford it!)

That's right, I had a choice. A tough choice to make, but at least I was free to do so.

I probably wouldn't have thought of that part of the story had it not been for a great radio host that I listen to often, Andy Petersen of WMT radio (600 AM) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A week ago, I was really thinking about that old thing about the greedy corporation trying to hurt us Iowa Hawkeye fans. I was angry, to be sure, and honest. Despite the anger, I felt there was very little I could do to change what really big corporations could do at there whim.

And then, I heard Andy Petersen doing an interview on his show last Thursday, Dec. 17. That interview was with Sinclair Broadcast Group's Barry Fabor, Legal Counsel and Vice President. He was explaining the Sinclair side of the story. Since I was driving home from work when I heard the interview, I couldn't take notes. But what I remember happening during that interview, Barry seemed to have ducked a few of Andy's questions. Barry Fabor, Sinclair's Legal Counsel/Vice President/spokesman dodged the financial details of the negotiations between them and Mediacom because of confidentiality. That's understandable, but it left me not knowing who was right or wrong.

The day I decided to take a stand was on Monday, the 28th. That was when Andy Petersen interviewed Ms. Phyllis Peters of Mediacom, their spokesperson. While Ms. Peters was also obligated not to disclose financial details, she pointed out one major point that I don't remember Mr. Fabor mentioning: Who was going to pay the price for this stalemate! That's right, it's us, the consumer, those of us paying high enough cable bills.

It was following that conversation Andy Petersen had with Ms. Peters while I was driving home, I felt I had to do something. I got home shortly after what I had heard, and wrote to Andy. I needed to know the names of the people representing the conflicting parties. I received a quick response. I had more questions, and wrote a much longer email to Andy, and again, received much more information than I expected in a short amount of time. (And here the guy is preparing to travel down to Miami, and he probably isn't driving it), to see and report on the Hawkeyes playing in the Orange Bowl. He went over and above the call of duty to help me out in writing this piece.

In our email exchanges, we discussed many things that pertain to the Mediacom/Sinclair dispute. I so wish that I could quote to you everything Andy put his heart into, and maybe someday I will with his permission. But the most outstanding part of what he wrote to me this morning that sticks in my mind is about our freedom of choice. There are those times that we must make decisions that may not be to our ultimate liking, but they can be made. That is what we call a free market. That is why this country became great. Not all the choices that we have to make really suits us, but we had that opportunity at one time.

Do you remember the time when you got about three or four channels on your TV set? And that was if you were lucky enough to own a home and put a huge antennae on your roof. Live in a college dorm room or an apartment with the rabbit ear antennae, and you may have been able to see Bonanza on NBC with a whole lot of snow. It isn't that way anymore, as we all know.

But now, we have the new complications. The media is run by large corporations. They have investors to think about. Media corporations, such as WGN, that should have been "too big to fail," have gone bankrupt. As I learned in doing some research, Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. was (and maybe still is) facing bankruptcy. That's right; if a company can't make a profit, they will be gone. Oh, yeah, I guess that is not always true now, is it...

Well, of course, being that consumers of the public airways were involved, along comes Mediacom with an online letter to Sinclair, with the cc: to all the top dogs in the political world here in Iowa along with the FCC. While Mediacom has so many things right with that letter, there are also the slippery slopes when involving our federal government, governing which companies survive, and which don't. And don't forget that we're talking about the media industry, the last realm we would want the government to have control of. Because then, we are talking about a state-controlled media.

Rather than that nightmare ever happening, I have a better idea. How about having the companies that advertise on the local stations that may no longer be found on Mediacom, follow the free market model and tell the networks/stations that without Mediacom's 400,000 or so viewers, they either want a big discount or a refund on their current contracts, or they will go elsewhere to advertise? I'm thinking that would wake Sinclair up out of their slumber should they find the loss of revenue from advertising will amount to be much more than a lower income from a blue-sky revenue stream with selling retransmission rights to Mediacom. (In the latest email I received from Andy Petersen, he explained how there is probably a very low cost to Sinclair for retransmission to the cable companies.)

For many of us here in the heartland, for those of us that really want to have the Sinclair-owned stations be allowed to stay on Mediacom - for many reasons, especially for that Orange Bowl - there has to be a line we must draw. And, there are many questions that we must ask ourselves. And many of the questions must be asked by even those of you on the East or the Left Coast: Do you want the government - specifically, the FCC - to be involved in this dispute? Are some companies getting so greedy that they hold the consumers hostage? Or how about this: Wasn't it a lot easier when our local TV media was locally owned and operated? Though the picture is much clearer, especially with HD, do you now long for the time when television was free even if a little snowy?

So, back to what I originally said when opening this essay. I don't blame either of the companies involved for wanting to make a profit. But I do hold them both accountable for putting BIGGER profits (or lower losses) ahead of the very people they provide their services to. I'm really hoping that those involved in negotiations keep us, specifically Hawkeye fans (and '24' fans) in mind. We're the ones that ultimately make them or break them (with the advertising sponsors in mind). And not to mention that many of us are broke because of job loss, etc., you would think that would make a difference. There needs to be a win-win-win solution, and I'll guarantee that the so-called benevolent Big Brother will end up having little to do with it.

Mediacom and Sinclair, you need to work this out.

* * * * * *
There are so many people that I want to thank for helping me write this article. It did not take much for me to inspire many people to freely give me their opinions about who was right and who was wrong in the Mediacom-Sinclair dispute. Of course, many had their biases. I had my biases, too. But God bless Andy Petersen (APonWMT at twitter) of WMT Radio. I requested his assistance, and received it in a wonderful way, which is when one gives more than is asked.

I truly believe that it was Andy that helped me to understand the many sides to this story. Because of that perspective, it made me realize how much this dispute fits in with the way our society, and ultimately our government, is trying to handle many of the great issues of the day, from health care to making sure we aren't eventually fried by man-caused global warming. Couldn't the cause of climate change be other than man, like maybe sun spot activity? I think it is time to quit saying there is a consensus, and the debate is over. Just sayin'.

We need NOT to fear considering the possibility of other options and possibilities!

* * * * * *
EDITOR'S NOTE: For the followers of my "weekly" feature, Last Week on TheREALjohnny2k, I hope to get that posted tomorrow. It has been a busy week, as you can see!

* * * * * *
Updated 12/31/09 at 4:10 a.m. ... I was unable to read this post today with out my brain hurting. I made a few minor grammatical changes. I think my brain feels better now...

* * *
* * *
Updated 01/05/10 3:55 p.m. ... So that you know, it was announced last Thursday, New Years Eve, that Sinclair extended the contract until January 8, 2010, so that the Mediacom customers could watch the Orange Bowl on Fox TV (KFXA) tonight! That was great news, of course!

Well, today, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central), on WMT Radio 600, the blow torch out of Cedar Rapids, they had what is called the Liberty Link Hawkeye Huddle. While this show is normally following the Iowa football games, they had the show pre-game this week. Hosting the show were Andy Petersen, Bob Bruce, and Erik Thigpen. This is a radio show that listeners can call into, which I did. That was fun! I said how Andy had so much to do with the arrangement for the game to be on TV, and wanted to thank him. Of course, the other two guys jumped on that, and laughed about how Andy had so much power over the media on the radio 600 blowtorch. Hehehe, that tickled me. So, I had my 60 seconds of fame, but the real big deal was having the chance to thank Andy for what he did (for me, in helping me with info for this blog, though I didn't mention that part of it). Great stuff! Thanks again, Andy!

And P.S., Bob and Erik are still kidding Andy about getting the Mediacom-Sinclair deal getting resolved, 20 minutes after I called!

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Friday, December 25, 2009

What Is Christmas?

By John Kubicek

I know, Christmas is about Miracles. I know that because today is Christmas, and I have seen my miracle...

So let me give you some background to this story. I got to get home fairly early from work today, and I got to see a good portion of Fox & Friends. As always, I recorded it, hoping to get some great viceo to put up on youtube. Oh, yeah, it was great today. There was a lot of emphasis on our troops this morning, and I thought that was so great! And even though there was a lot of other great stuff I could have put on youtube this morning, I saw the writing on the wall. Just think, "I'll be home for Christmas". Here's the video that I came up with, which I'm sure a few of you will appreciate:

As we used to say back when I was in the USAF (Air Force), "not too shabby." It's Christmas, and I totally understand the sacrifice that many of our troops have made. I know, it's not easy. And I do understand. I became a widower almost 6 years ago. I really do understand what it is like at Christmas time without a loved one.

Just so that you know, I'm aware that it is not easy to go through Holidays without a loved one, whether deployed overseas, or no longer living among us. It was hitting me hard today, something I didn't expect. I thought that I was pretty much over that pain, but here it came, six years later.

That's why I call today a Miracle. What happened to me today was understanding the pain that others are going through, those that are without their loved ones - either because they're "not in country" (deployed overseas in combat missions), or those no longer with us. I totally understand the pain to not be with a loved one at this time of the year. It is a very empty feeling.

Believe me, I know.

However, I DO have a way to deal with the situation.

I think that the way to handle it is by letting others know that I understand their feelings at this time of the year. Also, in putting together the video I did, seen above, and in writing this, there may be somebody out there that will feel just a little better. Once there is the feeling that the sacrifice we may have to endure is absolutely nothing in comparison to what Our Lord has done for us, well, it really says it all.

Isn't it the Reason for the Season? Knowing the SACRIFICE made for our eternal well-being, knowing that He was born for that very reason, it may be easier to understand when our loved ones that make a huge impact on our lives make their ultimate sacrifice in the hope that our lives may be a little better.

So, it's been a difficult day, as JOYOUS as the Christmas Season is, for many of us. But when I saw this video that I'll show you below, I knew that I had to share it, and hope that you comprehend the impact it will have on many of us. Finding this was a miracle in my life. I'm hoping it works for you, too.

From the video description, with lyrics included:
"What Is Christmas?"
Written by Matthew Hodge (song is copyrighted)
Performed by Campbellsville University's Chamber Choir
Directed by Dr. Frieda Gebert
Soloists: Megan Massey and Chris Williams
Location: Campbellsville, KY

This song was written by composer Matthew Hodge as the result of an idea from Dr. Frieda Gebert, director of CU's Chamber Choir. The idea was to have a song that soldiers and their families could sing during the holidays. The song is dedicated to those who are overseas during this Christmas season. To read the full article about this story, please visit:


Some people think that Christmas time
Is hanging mistletoe
Some people think that Christmas time
Is sleighing in the snow
But I dont need a man in red
To feel just like a child
Christmas is waiting here
When you arrive

Until the day you return to me
Let the snowflakes melt, tear down the tree
Let the lights burn out, let the season change
Let time move past Decembers range
The world tells me when Christmas ends
But its not true
What is Christmas?
Its you

Some people think that Christmas time
Is a crackling fireplace
Some people think that Christmas time
Is Jack Frost at your face
But I dont need some silver bells
To sing a song to you
Christmas is waiting here
When you arrive

Until the day you return to me
Let the snow flakes melt, tear down the tree
Let the lights burn out, let the season change
Let time move past Decembers range
The world tells me when Christmas ends
But its not true
What is Christmas?
Its you

What is Christmas?
What is Christmas?
It's you



If you would like to send a donation to Campbellsville University Chamber Choir for their project "Carol For The Troops" please send a check to the following address

Campbellsville University
1 University Drive U.P.O 847
Campbellsville, KY 42718

*check memo: "Chamber Choir" or "Carol For The Troops"

God Bless. Have A Merry Christmas.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Week on TheREALjohnny2k - 12/14 through 12/20/09

By John Kubicek

Updated December 23, 2009. I realized today, when I read the original version, it was incomplete, and barely comprehensible. I must have been tired and in a hurry to get it posted. I apologize to my readers, and I hope this edition will be much better!!

Earlier today, I read a great piece by Barbara Simpson, "2010, here I come." She writes:
I've been thinking about my resolutions for 2010, and I've decided this year I will make some and live up to them! It's been a long time. I've decided to be more courageous.

Part of the reason is that I've seen what's happened to my country, and I don't like it. I've seen what the silent censorship of political correctness has created, and I don't like it. I've seen that young people simply don't know about our greatness and how we attained that – not because they're dumb but because they deliberately have not been taught.
Barbara has it so right! I've made a resolution, too, for the same reason. There are changes that I've been working on that I want to share with you today.

It was just ten years ago that I came up with the brilliant idea to start my own website, The website went online on January 3, 2000, I believe. My original theme was helping people work from home, using the internet. I fully expected to become a dotcom entrepreneur millionaire within months. I put it all on the line. And then, three months later, we saw the beginning of the dotcom fallout. Al Gore's "invention" wasn't quite working out so well for many dotcom investors, and the bubble burst. It was at that time that I saw the writing on the wall, and my dream of a large financial gain was also vaporized.

Well, fortunately, I've found a greater purpose along the way. Like Barbara Simpson, I haven't liked what I'm seeing, especially in the last 11 months since The One has taken office. So, using the skills that I've developed over the last ten years, it will be my purpose to make sure that the "sheople" are better informed. And on the other side of the coin, I realized that there are many of my fellow patriots that are much better equipped than I when it comes to the ability to adequately inform the masses. So what do I do? I have decided to specialize in finding ways to get more of you exposed to the vast resources now available on the web that just may help us preserve our freedom.

So, what could be a better time to make a transformation, while we see the new decade arrive? The new will be focused on that one goal, to make sure that you are aware of what is facing America. I will use all of my abilities to show that we are becoming dangerously close to totally losing any freedom that we've enjoyed for the last two centuries. While I am still allowed, I will do all I can to make sure that you are informed of how our freedoms are being diluted.

How much can I do? Over two and a quarter million views of my youtube videos that I've posted in the last three years told me that I may be able to HELP make a difference. Close to 50,000 views of my various forum posts and blogs may mean that there are others out there that also have a desire to understand what is going on. I've been dedicating myself to providing you with information that will help to connect all of the dots. I plan to continue that mission in the next decade, for as long as I'm allowed.

On that note, please allow me to present the following videos to you, even if I'm just preaching to the choir.

December 14, 2009 - Mark Ingram of 'Bama: Heisman Trophy Winner - He knows who to give the credit to!

Ain't it great! Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram knows who to give the credit to: God, family, and team! I am very happy for him!

December 14, 2009 - "I'm in command. Just follow my lead." Do we have a choice?

In a preview of the 2010 edition of "24", Jack Bauer says, "I'm in command. Just follow my lead." Well, that sounds familiar, doesn't it? What a way for them to tell us that some fringe-group tree-huggers are going to be running the coming One World Government, for our own good, of course.

December 17, 2009 - Michelle Malkin on Fox and Friends - Dec. 17, 2009

Steve, Gretchen and Brian talk to Michelle Malkin about a variety of topics.

They start out discussing the health care reform legislation, where Senator Tom Coburn's use of procedures to force the Bernie Sanders Amendment to be read, which results in the amendment being withdrawn.

The next subject to come up is how Ben Bernanke could end up being the Time Magazine Person of the Year. That was pretty weird, as Michelle will explain.

It will keep getting even more outrageous, though. The Govenator takes on Sarah Palin on the climate (apparently he hadn't heard about Climategate)... The climax is what somebody wants to do, like legalizing all illegal immigrants.

December 18, 2009 - Too much information online? A mom tweets right after her son drowns in pool.

A mom has a strange way of reacting after her son his found at the bottom of their swimming pool. She not only twitters about that a half hour after he is found, but then again right after he is pronounced dead.

Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, Chairman of Columnbia Univ. Psychiatry Dept. discusses the way society is headed because of the social media, and what it may mean that people share so much proprietary information about their lives online.

December 19, 2009 - Just enjoy Andrea Bocelli singing White Christmas (while our country goes down the tubes)

I had so many mixed feelings today. While I wanted to start enjoying the Christmas holiday season, I was finding out that Sen. Ben Nelson (Democrat) of Nebraska decided to go with the Senate version of Health Care Reform, whatever that is (because we haven't seen it yet!). It was very depressing. I have that feeling that WE the People LOST.

December 19, 2009 - The 12 Days before Christmas by the Kenosha WI Police Dept.

Hey, is it just me, or is it Christmas? I don't want JUST a white Christmas, but also one that is very Merry for all of you Santa Claus fans like me! Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2009 - GOOOH Tim Cox! Tim is the founder of GOOOH - Get Out Of Our House

This is about defeating all incumbents in the House of Representatives. Is that really a good idea? You decide.

December 20, 2009 - December 20, 2009 - John McCain on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace - Part 1

This is a time when to use a football analogy, the Republicans - and We the People - are backed up on their own goal line.

December 20, 2009 - December 20, 2009 - John McCain on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace - Part 2

(Again, I repeat...) This is a time when to use a football analogy, the Republicans - and We the People - are backed up on their own goal line.


From PatrioticToDaBone: December 22, 2007 - Ronald Reagan Christmas address (12/23/81)
In a world of political correctness and Christmas culture wars, Reagan's national address is almost unbelievable! It is a breath of fresh Christmas air! What happened to the politicians like him who are not afraid to hold fast to the Christian faith despite what others think or say about their Christmas beleifs? God help us by sending more like him back into our country! The challenge: will you speak like this the next time you are given opportunity to speak about your faith? (This video is available for download through

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last Week on TheREALjohnny2k - 12/07 through 12/13/09


By John Kubicek

The first three videos that you will see below set the theme of this week's edition of Last Week on TheREALjohnny2k. As you will see, there is a good reason why I mention that you need to watch the other hand.

As you watch the assortment of videos below, there are things you need to think about. First, ask yourself if you had heard about the story in the mainstream media that is being shown in the videos. If you haven't, don't you wonder why that would be? Could it be that the mainstream media is being used by the Obama Administration and the liberal left-wing cabal now running the whole show in Washington, D.C., to divert your attention from the REAL stories?

Well, you now know something about not just TheREALjohnny2k, my youtube video channel, but the whole purpose of all I do there and on my blogs: It is to allow you to see what the other hand is doing by showing you what ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and the major newspapers and news magaizines don't want you to find out about. And when they do manage to tell you about some of the stories, they twist and distort them in order to marginalize the messengers. If people like Nancy Pelosi tell you that the tea party participants are right-wing extremists and probably Nazis, the major mainstream news networks will tell you about that. Things like Climategate, where thousands of emails and documents were released from the Climate Research Unit by a hacker or a whistleblower, are marginalized as being criminal and all taken out of context. Kind of like what ACORN and the mainstream press is saying about the videos taken "surreptitiously" by James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles. And, oh boy, you know what the other side (the leftists) say about Glenn Beck! Why, he's just crazy! And you don't want to listen to that Rush Limbaugh guy, he's that drug addict that incites the Rush-bots into being on the Homeland Security watch list.

So, let me ask you: Do you want to be informed? I'm sure most of you probably answered that in the affirmative. However, the second question may be a little more difficult to answer. Who are you being informed by? Could your source of information have an agenda? Probably, because I do. My agenda is to make sure that you have the opportunity to find out about things that you may only learn from a Conservative-based source. Wait, correction: I'll happily provide you with any information sources that aren't being controlled by the White House that I find. What I share with you is all about not being in the tank for the Obama regime.

On a side note, one of the things I've been working on is a Year In Review for 2009. It will involve videos from my youtube channel and blogs that I've posted. That project will be done sometime in early January next year. Another thing that you will be seeing will be a new That's right, January 1, 2010 is the Tenth Anniversary of the website that hasn't quite become a household name, but it's getting there, I've been thinking about this for the last year or two. I've contemplated a great deal on whether or not I would "change direction," and I've decided NOT to change direction, but to concentrate on a specific path to the ultimate destination: Maintaining freedom in America.

What I've just written has eliminated any possible speculation on my agenda, right? I've now told you exactly what drives me to do what I do.

Any questions?

December 08, 2009 - Glenn Beck on December 7, 2009 - Watch the Other Hand - Part 1

There are no coincidences. The White House knows exactly what they are doing, and they know exactly who they have working with the President. It was no accident. Today, upon receiving a lead from Andrew Breitbart of, Glenn exposes even more of the White House personnel with some very shady backgrounds.

December 08, 2009 - Glenn Beck on December 7, 2009 - Watch the Other Hand: Part 2

There are no coincidences. The White House knows exactly what they are doing, and they know exactly who they have working with the President. It was no accident. Today, upon receiving a lead from Andrew Breitbart of, Glenn exposes even more of the White House personnel with some very shady backgrounds.

December 08, 2009 - Glenn Beck on December 7, 2009 - Watch the Other Hand - Part 3

There are no coincidences. The White House knows exactly what they are doing, and they know exactly who they have working with the President. It was no accident. Today, upon receiving a lead from Andrew Breitbart of, Glenn exposes even more of the White House personnel with some very shady backgrounds.

It worries me to be thinking out loud, but so many pieces of the puzzle seem to be coming together these days. Like Glenn is saying, it can't be just a coincidence. And if that is the case, it all has to be intentional. That is what is bothering me. And I hope that if you've been following TheREALjohnny2k, you'll also see a lot of dots being connected.

For me, it is guys like Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart, along with patriots and heroes like James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, our Navy SEALs, and so many more - many who happen to work for Roger Ailes at Fox News Channel. I thank God for individuals that are helping us to stay tuned to what is going on in this world.

December 09, 2009 - Glenn Beck on Dec. 8, 2009: That other guy the mainstream press won't tell you about

And once again, the mainstream press drops the ball. Kind of like when the press didn't talk about Van Jones. Robert Creamer, a felon who did time, was also at the White House for the State Dinner. But while the press talks about the Salahis because they got in without an invitation, they completely ignore the story about the man that wrote the strategy to pass health care legislation - while he was in prison.

December 10, 2009 - Stuff you won't hear on most MSM networks - Patriotism, Cheney, Palin, and Climategate

From Fox & Friends on December 9, 2009. You would never see this on any other network. It is why I watch Fox News.

December 12, 2009 - ACORN will stay funded according to judge

Two clips from Fox & Friends on Saturday, Dec. 12, 2009, about a judge saying Congress was not allowed to defund any current ACORN contracts. This is a first! Are the courts just following the marching orders from the White House (administrative branch)?

December 12, 2009 - The 'Stuck on Stupid' Gun-Free Zones: Do they make us vulnerable to terrorism?

It's all about SAFETY & SECURITY vs FREEDOM. That's the bottom line. Safety and security are going to be used as a reason to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights. The left makes sure that they will be the only ones with the guns.... to our heads. But if we submit to fear of losing our safety and security, who knows how far down the road we'll go until we have no rights to own a gun.

December 12, 2009 - What a kid! I wonder how many adults are wiser than this 5th grader?

This is just too good! It will make your Christmas, especially if you have kids and they follow this example. I am pretty excited about Christmas after seeing this segment!

December 13, 2009 - Beware of New Age 'Christianity'

Fox & Friends, December 13, 2009 - Father Jonathan Morris, a Fox News contributor, discusses the mixture of Eastern religions and "New Age" secular humanism with Christianity.

December 13, 2009 - Fox & Friends with Newt Gingrich - Sunday, Dec 13, 2009

Newt discusses American terrorists and the War on Terror, the budget deficit, and Sarah Palin.


From therisingfailure:
December 11, 2009 - Five Days of Christmas (Obama-lovers parody)

On the first day of Christmas,
Obama-lovers sent to me,
Obama in a bat suit.

On the second day of Christmas,
Obama-lovers sent to me,
Two men in tights,
and Obama in a bat suit.

On the third day of Christmas,
Obama-lovers sent to me,
Supermans look-alike,
Two men in tights,
and Obama in a bat suit.

On the fourth day of Christmas,
Obama-lovers sent to me,
Their only true friends,
Supermans look-alike,
Two men in tights,
and Obama in a bat suit.

On the fifth day of Christmas,
Obama-lovers sent to me,
Their favorite Playboy cover girl,
Their only true friends,
Supermans look-alike,
Two men in tights,
and Obama in a bat suit.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Exopolitics: It Can Explain Everything

By John Kubicek

Please forgive me today for thinking out loud. But I can't hold this epiphany back because it's all about Barack's dream of global nuclear disarmament. This all started when I read an article by Michael Salla, Ph.D., called, "Norway light spiral – missile failure caused by UFO/ET intervention?" That's right, I was trying to see what that strange light in Northern Norway was all about. I've been hearing about it since the morning of December 10th (2009).

Now forgive me for my admission that I've been following UFO lore for most of my adult life. Other than my one sighting of an aerial object that would have to qualify as being unidentified/unexplained, the major observation I made was that there was a lot money to be made in the ET media market. But, that was just for starters. What I saw next was much more disturbing. The "ET Phenomena" crowd also has a huge stake in global politics. That's right, there are many tie-ins between the New Age movement and the Globalists, which includes the "climate change hysteria" and the "eliminate all nuclear weapons on the planet" folks.

In Dr. Salla's piece about the Norway light spiral, my beliefs about a global conspiracy were confirmed. He managed to tie in the Nobel Peace Prize award for Obama with UFOs messing with the testing of ICBM rockets for nuclear weapons. So, great timing for the strange lights in the sky in Norway. It's the obvious connection to support a global government and a nuke-free world. The fact that supposedly Russia was testing a submarine-launched rocket capable of a nuclear weapons payload which failed was the light the press could use to shed on our "savior"-in-chief and justify his Nobel Peace Prize award.

It also allows us to be able to explain why Obama won't show us his birth certificate. Maybe he doesn't have one because he was the product of an alien experiment to hybrid humans with an extraterrestrial species. And, they used genetic engineering to give him the ability to read a teleprompter while they were at it....

Okay, I digress. And I'm not even wearing a tin-foil hat... Just thought I should throw in some satire to see if you were still awake.

Everything I wrote about today is confirmed, just by doing a search on "Norway lights exopolitics" on Google. And who gets mentioned there FIRST? If you guessed Michael Salla, Ph.D., you'd be correct. Dr. Salla also comes up on a simple search of "exopolitics" on Wikipedia.

There is no question that exopolitics is all about a global government, a New World Order, the One World Government. Supposedly, as we are being told in their propaganda, the only way we'll "discover" a new energy source is if this planet unites under global governance, or better yet, galactic governance. (Just checking, once again, to see if you are still awake...)

Not everyone that has been following the UFO phenomenon has drank that kool-aide of the globalists. For many of us, it is just about the sheer pursuit of the truth about what goes on in this universe: Are we alone, or not? Or, what?

Unfortunately, though, there are those that are exploiting the UFO phenomenon to promote their own agenda(s). And, by the way, they are pretty much the same ones that promote the anthropogenic global warming myth.

Just thinking out loud... (while I connect the dots.)

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Monday, December 07, 2009

Last Week on TheREALjohnny2k - 11/30 through 12/06/09

By John Kubicek

I was wondering why I felt so tired last week. I knew it had something to do with a lack of sleep, but until now, I wasn't aware of all that I had accomplished last week. It took forever to get all of the videos up on this page this week. Did I count that right? Ten? No wonder I feel like taking a day off! Or, at least a nap. I'm tired!

But here I am, keeping up with the news, making sure I would be able to share the very best of the biggest stories of last week. Yes, I really did say, "the biggest stories," but I guess that depends on the source of your news. Or, for that matter, your views.

So do you ever wonder what drives me? What has me motivated to work all of the time?

I have a simple answer to those questions above.

I happen to value my freedom; what's left of it. When I kept having recurring nightmares where I felt like I was sliding down a slippery slope, I found that there was a meaning to them. It goes right along with the loss of self-reliance, where other people get the power to decide what is best for us.

You have the choice of where you end up at the bottom of that slippery slope. You can slam into a big brick wall, fly off the cliff into an abyss, or preferably get a big head start on your way back up the next mountain. I prefer the latter. With government intervention, I fear the only choices will be the brick wall or the cliff.

So, if you think I was getting deep here in the intro, wait until you see the following videos. While Bill O'Reilly may have the lock on being Bold and Fresh, the video snips below give a new meaning to Courage and Encouragement. Enjoy the next hour!

November 30, 2009 - Obamastan: Karl Rove on Fox & Friends

Karl Rove talks about Afghanistan on Fox & Friends.

November 30, 2009 - Lee Greenwood - "He Would Be King"

What a wonderful song, sung with a wonderful voice!

December 01, 2009 - Afghanistan or Obamastan? - Glenn Beck: Get 'er done or get 'em out!

Glenn Beck is on the couch this morning with Steve, Gretchen, and Brian of Fox & Friends. The discussion quickly gets around to Afghanistan, and what Obama is doing with this war.

It is getting to sound more like Obama wants the war in Afghanistan to go on forever, without an eventual victory, just so that they can collect more taxes from "the rich!"

December 02, 2009 - "You Guys Make a Pretty Good Photo Op": The Hannity Videobama (The Obamastan Story)

The President spoke at the West Point academy last night about what he would do about Afghanistan. And we will now be able to take full responsibility for what ever happens in Afghanistan, because his strategy is now public.

December 03, 2009 - Fox & Friends mention Climategate finally!

It took them awhile, but finally the subject of the CRU emails that were published to the world made to a short Fox & Friends segment.

December 03, 2009 - For the Troops: Miss Americas' mission to Afghanistan

A great segment honoring our troops on Fox & Friends. A trip to Afghanistan by former Miss America winners and a former Miss Utah - Sgt Jill Shepherd - to boost the morale of the troops; and in the mean time, made a big difference in the lives of the women who made the trip to Afghanistan.

December 04, 2009 - Climategate reaches NASA: Caught manipulating data?

So why would anyone at NASA have any motivation to manipulate data? Funding. (Follow the money.)

December 05, 2009 - A Social Secretary with Executive Privilege? Where's the transparency?

Why would the White House not want the Social Secretary testify in Congress? Pulling out the executive privilege card would seem to make this some type of state secret. What are they hiding with the dinnergate situation?

December 05, 2009 - Poor Al Gore! Oh, the irony: Debunked by the Internet he invented!

Yes, climategate is hurting the global cooling/warming a.k.a. climate change "caused by man" agenda. All of a sudden, the tide is going out on what could be considered the biggest scam ever, even more than the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme... but maybe not quite yet as bad as the Social Security ponzi scheme...

December 06, 2009 - Protesting the War and Saving the SEALs

No, you haven't gone back to the 1960's, and nor have I. The protests that I refer to today don't have anything to do with Jane Fonda or hugging trees. This is about how the war we are in, for our freedom and for our lives, must be won. The problem is, I don't see the current administration's policies as being the way to win the war.

A trial for Khalid Sheihk Mohammed (KSM) in New York City? Trying to punish Navy SEALs for capturing a wanted terrorist because they gave him a fat lip? Oh, please, give us a break! Had I wanted to lose a war, I couldn't have even thought of such a diabolical plan to succeed at defeat.

I pray this video goes viral. It should. (But it hasn't....yet)


From BaldBunny37: December 02, 2009 - Climate Gate

My thoughts on climate gate, global warming, stuff like that, and some of my other opinions in there too. Have a nice day.

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

"My thoughts on Climate Gate"

By John Kubicek

It was from a perspective that we'd never predict. A kid with a video that I found on just awhile ago. You see the long hair, and immediately assume an indoctrinated kid believing in all the state-run indoctrination centers try to fill his head with. But, instead, we see a kid with character, one that doesn't cuss, and makes very profound points that most adults haven't thought of yet:

Video by BaldBunny37

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Last Week on TheREALjohnny2k - 11/22 through 11/29/09

By John Kubicek

I was told today that I shouldn't talk so much about myself in my blogs. Of course, the person that told me that has to be right. I've learned not to question great wisdom. But to literally apply the great advice I received would negate the entire purpose of this blog today.

Hey, have you ever noticed that difficulties come our way no matter how hard we try (to live our lives in a way that pleases God)? Yeah, stuff happens. A week ago, I was dealing with an allergic reaction to an anti-biotic. And while I was dealing with a situation that may have had life and death consequences, I wasn't about to stop doing what I do. I faced my storm.

New storms remain on the horizon. There are times that it would seem to be so easy to just let the storms go by, and duplicate the ostrich's strategy of sticking our head in the sand. We could just hunker in the bunker. However, the storms coming our way won't be able to be ignored.

In my neck of the woods, they have a saying: "Cry me a river, then build a bridge and get over it!" Maybe that was why I was told not to be telling you my life story. While I agree wholeheartedly with that sage advice, it was my intention all along to let you know that we can face the absolute adversity, and get over that, too!

Last week, as ill as I was, I still managed to maintain the fortitude to get some great videos posted to my youtube channel. Get ready to see some good stuff!

And most of all, take note of what former Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Dan Gillerman says: "Yes we can, yes we must, and yes we will."

November 22, 2009 - This is today (22-NOV-09), and this is for real

Former Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Dan Gillerman talks about what needs to be done about Iran.

November 23, 2009 - Freedom, Family and Faith ~ By Ricky Lee Jackson

Ricky Lee Jackson, a family practice physician, also sings country music. He wrote this song because he wants to take this country back.

November 25, 2009 - Sarah Palin's problems with the media

John Ziglar discusses his documentary, "How Obama Got Elected", and how it relates to Sarah Palin on Fox and Friends, on Nov 22.

November 25, 2009 - Mike Ditka on Fox & Friends

Mike Ditka discusses leadership, Obama, Sarah Palin and Afghanistan.

November 25, 2009 - Navy SEALs accused of giving a terrorist a fat lip

Three Navy SEALs are being charged for assault on a detainee, the terrorist that killed the four Black Water employees in Fallujah and hung them from a bridge.

November 26, 2009 - Gretchen Carlson Interview with Sarah Palin at The Villages

Nov. 25, 2009 - The Gretchen Carlson interview with Sarah Palin at The Villages, on Fox & Friends.

This interview focuses on women "breaking through the glass ceiling," the barriers that keep women from making it to the top.

And, yeah, Palin/Beck 2012 sounds good to me! And no, I'm not kidding. I'm just sayin' ...

November 29, 2009 - Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman: "Yes we can, yes we must, and yes we will"

Former Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Dan Gillerman lets us know that Israel is ready, willing and able to take out nuke plants in Iran should diplomacy not work.

Israel obviously has a clock clicking down to the point of no return. With Iran's announcement that they will build 10 more nuclear processing plants, has that moved Israel's time clock up a few minutes? How long Israel go before they have to make a pre-emptive strike?


There are two favorites this week. You will enjoy them both!

From konshito: November 02, 2006: SSgt Barry Sadler, Ballad of the green beret

An all-time classic. The original version.

From M4GW (Minnesotans For Global Warming): November 24, 2009 - Hide The Decline - Climategate

A parody of "Draggin the Line" by Tommy James and the Shondells. Which I think is where the term "Treehugger" comes from "Huggin a tree when you get near it" was the original lyric which I replaced with "you should have chopped more trees instead of hugging them"

Hide The Decline Shirt and Mug Now Available!

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