Friday, December 11, 2009

Exopolitics: It Can Explain Everything

By John Kubicek

Please forgive me today for thinking out loud. But I can't hold this epiphany back because it's all about Barack's dream of global nuclear disarmament. This all started when I read an article by Michael Salla, Ph.D., called, "Norway light spiral – missile failure caused by UFO/ET intervention?" That's right, I was trying to see what that strange light in Northern Norway was all about. I've been hearing about it since the morning of December 10th (2009).

Now forgive me for my admission that I've been following UFO lore for most of my adult life. Other than my one sighting of an aerial object that would have to qualify as being unidentified/unexplained, the major observation I made was that there was a lot money to be made in the ET media market. But, that was just for starters. What I saw next was much more disturbing. The "ET Phenomena" crowd also has a huge stake in global politics. That's right, there are many tie-ins between the New Age movement and the Globalists, which includes the "climate change hysteria" and the "eliminate all nuclear weapons on the planet" folks.

In Dr. Salla's piece about the Norway light spiral, my beliefs about a global conspiracy were confirmed. He managed to tie in the Nobel Peace Prize award for Obama with UFOs messing with the testing of ICBM rockets for nuclear weapons. So, great timing for the strange lights in the sky in Norway. It's the obvious connection to support a global government and a nuke-free world. The fact that supposedly Russia was testing a submarine-launched rocket capable of a nuclear weapons payload which failed was the light the press could use to shed on our "savior"-in-chief and justify his Nobel Peace Prize award.

It also allows us to be able to explain why Obama won't show us his birth certificate. Maybe he doesn't have one because he was the product of an alien experiment to hybrid humans with an extraterrestrial species. And, they used genetic engineering to give him the ability to read a teleprompter while they were at it....

Okay, I digress. And I'm not even wearing a tin-foil hat... Just thought I should throw in some satire to see if you were still awake.

Everything I wrote about today is confirmed, just by doing a search on "Norway lights exopolitics" on Google. And who gets mentioned there FIRST? If you guessed Michael Salla, Ph.D., you'd be correct. Dr. Salla also comes up on a simple search of "exopolitics" on Wikipedia.

There is no question that exopolitics is all about a global government, a New World Order, the One World Government. Supposedly, as we are being told in their propaganda, the only way we'll "discover" a new energy source is if this planet unites under global governance, or better yet, galactic governance. (Just checking, once again, to see if you are still awake...)

Not everyone that has been following the UFO phenomenon has drank that kool-aide of the globalists. For many of us, it is just about the sheer pursuit of the truth about what goes on in this universe: Are we alone, or not? Or, what?

Unfortunately, though, there are those that are exploiting the UFO phenomenon to promote their own agenda(s). And, by the way, they are pretty much the same ones that promote the anthropogenic global warming myth.

Just thinking out loud... (while I connect the dots.)

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Lorenzo said...

The Obama campaign released the then-senator's birth certificate in Summer 2008. There are copies all over the web. How can anyone take you seriously when your 'slip' is showing? I believe most of your essay, despite your demogoguery. Please try to focus on evidence rather than snark. It can only help.