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Last Week on TheREALjohnny2k - 11/30 through 12/06/09

By John Kubicek

I was wondering why I felt so tired last week. I knew it had something to do with a lack of sleep, but until now, I wasn't aware of all that I had accomplished last week. It took forever to get all of the videos up on this page this week. Did I count that right? Ten? No wonder I feel like taking a day off! Or, at least a nap. I'm tired!

But here I am, keeping up with the news, making sure I would be able to share the very best of the biggest stories of last week. Yes, I really did say, "the biggest stories," but I guess that depends on the source of your news. Or, for that matter, your views.

So do you ever wonder what drives me? What has me motivated to work all of the time?

I have a simple answer to those questions above.

I happen to value my freedom; what's left of it. When I kept having recurring nightmares where I felt like I was sliding down a slippery slope, I found that there was a meaning to them. It goes right along with the loss of self-reliance, where other people get the power to decide what is best for us.

You have the choice of where you end up at the bottom of that slippery slope. You can slam into a big brick wall, fly off the cliff into an abyss, or preferably get a big head start on your way back up the next mountain. I prefer the latter. With government intervention, I fear the only choices will be the brick wall or the cliff.

So, if you think I was getting deep here in the intro, wait until you see the following videos. While Bill O'Reilly may have the lock on being Bold and Fresh, the video snips below give a new meaning to Courage and Encouragement. Enjoy the next hour!

November 30, 2009 - Obamastan: Karl Rove on Fox & Friends

Karl Rove talks about Afghanistan on Fox & Friends.

November 30, 2009 - Lee Greenwood - "He Would Be King"

What a wonderful song, sung with a wonderful voice!

December 01, 2009 - Afghanistan or Obamastan? - Glenn Beck: Get 'er done or get 'em out!

Glenn Beck is on the couch this morning with Steve, Gretchen, and Brian of Fox & Friends. The discussion quickly gets around to Afghanistan, and what Obama is doing with this war.

It is getting to sound more like Obama wants the war in Afghanistan to go on forever, without an eventual victory, just so that they can collect more taxes from "the rich!"

December 02, 2009 - "You Guys Make a Pretty Good Photo Op": The Hannity Videobama (The Obamastan Story)

The President spoke at the West Point academy last night about what he would do about Afghanistan. And we will now be able to take full responsibility for what ever happens in Afghanistan, because his strategy is now public.

December 03, 2009 - Fox & Friends mention Climategate finally!

It took them awhile, but finally the subject of the CRU emails that were published to the world made to a short Fox & Friends segment.

December 03, 2009 - For the Troops: Miss Americas' mission to Afghanistan

A great segment honoring our troops on Fox & Friends. A trip to Afghanistan by former Miss America winners and a former Miss Utah - Sgt Jill Shepherd - to boost the morale of the troops; and in the mean time, made a big difference in the lives of the women who made the trip to Afghanistan.

December 04, 2009 - Climategate reaches NASA: Caught manipulating data?

So why would anyone at NASA have any motivation to manipulate data? Funding. (Follow the money.)

December 05, 2009 - A Social Secretary with Executive Privilege? Where's the transparency?

Why would the White House not want the Social Secretary testify in Congress? Pulling out the executive privilege card would seem to make this some type of state secret. What are they hiding with the dinnergate situation?

December 05, 2009 - Poor Al Gore! Oh, the irony: Debunked by the Internet he invented!

Yes, climategate is hurting the global cooling/warming a.k.a. climate change "caused by man" agenda. All of a sudden, the tide is going out on what could be considered the biggest scam ever, even more than the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme... but maybe not quite yet as bad as the Social Security ponzi scheme...

December 06, 2009 - Protesting the War and Saving the SEALs

No, you haven't gone back to the 1960's, and nor have I. The protests that I refer to today don't have anything to do with Jane Fonda or hugging trees. This is about how the war we are in, for our freedom and for our lives, must be won. The problem is, I don't see the current administration's policies as being the way to win the war.

A trial for Khalid Sheihk Mohammed (KSM) in New York City? Trying to punish Navy SEALs for capturing a wanted terrorist because they gave him a fat lip? Oh, please, give us a break! Had I wanted to lose a war, I couldn't have even thought of such a diabolical plan to succeed at defeat.

I pray this video goes viral. It should. (But it hasn't....yet)


From BaldBunny37: December 02, 2009 - Climate Gate

My thoughts on climate gate, global warming, stuff like that, and some of my other opinions in there too. Have a nice day.

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