Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh, Dog Gone!

Oh, Dog Gone!

(This story has appeared on the front page of http://www.johnny2k.com/ for several months, and will soon be removed, as it has run it's course. In order to save this story for posterity, I have decided to post it here.)

On Sunday, February 17, 2008, my dog Moochie decided to escape from the fenced in back yard. The problem was, it was very cold and snowy, with a wind chill of 15 degrees below zero. Not the best time for an adventure in getting lost!

I spent four long, horrible days not knowing if she was even still alive. I spent a lot of time praying for Moochie, hoping that she would survive the elements, the traffic, and lack of food. (Okay, I figured, food probably wouldn't be a problem. There are plenty of rabbits around here, and they would be no match for this dog.)

So, anyway, I was doing all I could to keep the faith that she would somehow find her way home. I still had hope, but it was more and more difficult to believe I would see Moochie again as each day went by. I asked the Lord to help me stay strong and faithful through this ordeal.

The Good Samaritan comes to the rescue

However, somebody saw her on that cold, snowy Sunday evening, and took her in until they could find out who the owner was. Thank God that Moochie had her tag on, and the Good Samaritan was finally able to track me down. On Thursday, February 21, 2008, there was a knock on the door. I had no idea who it would be. I opened the door to see this wonderful person (Moochie's guardian angel!) standing there with a leash attached to none other than the love of my life, Moochie! I believe it had to be the happiest day of my life! Oh, how relieved I was!

During our ordeal, there were many of my friends and relatives that were praying for us. And now, I feel it is my great honor and loving duty to make sure the world knows what a wonderful blessing we have in knowing the Lord with all of our heart. Believe me, my faith helped me get through those difficult days.

I wish to thank all of my friends and family (earthly and heavenly family, that is!) for their prayers, and encouragement to stay hopeful despite the odds.

The story about Moochie disappearing had been posted on Digg.com, called, Another Love of My Life Leaves Me. The comments written on this digg were overwhelming. It was for this reason that I wanted to include this story on this blog. I want to thank all those that came to write their very heart-felt comments (there were some "exceptions" to that, of course!). Thank you to all for watching my back! Thank you all for your prayers!
And most of all, Praise and Thanks to the Lord for hearing our prayers, and answering! It was an amazing miracle!

And here is one more little treat for you to see:

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Discombobulation Syndrome Strikes Again!

The Discombobulation Syndrome Strikes Again!

The problem with those occassional dreams is that they are always so discombobulated. The frustration comes from trying to determine the "message" we are supposedly able to get. Those vivid but discombobulated dreams just seam to stick in your head. It lead me to write what I did yesterday, in "A Discombobulated Dream."

Well, here is the REAL straight talk about that rant I had yesterday. I now admit that I not only discussed, but also only thought about, just one side of the coin. In that commentary, it was the Hill-Billy Team (labeled as Team Billary in that article) that would do whatever it took to team up with Johnny McCain, just for their benefit of getting power later on down the road. While concentrating on that theme, I overlooked another way it could be analyzed.

Let's not forget about the Real McCain. That's the Senator that has his name on McCain-Feingold. John McCain - Mr. Shamnesty - is the guy that wanted liberal immigration laws to the degree of giving millions of illegals amnesty. I'm just saying, I think that actually, and honestly, wouldn't he be the one that would bend to the other side of the aisle?

I guess that I wasn't that far off in my analysis yesterday, other than I didn't consider the 2nd dimension, that there are at least two sides to the coin. I must have somehow forgotten that the coin is supposed to be "bi-partisan".

One of the things that lead me to write about the new revelation this morning was when I discovered the blog, "
Chris Matthews Other Leg". It was when I came across the story, "McCain - A Dyed In The Wool...Liberal! ," that I suddenly had another flashback of my discombobulated dream.

It scares me, because there really could be the Discombobulated Dream Team (DDT) of McCain/Clinton, only they wouldn't be "meeting in the middle". No, I think John McCain would move as far left as necessary to make Hillary feel welcome as part of the "GOP" ticket.

This has to be a nightmare!

(Also, be sure to read, "
Far We Have Strayed From The Truth" - John McCain promises the "chicken in every pot," and more!)

Friday, April 25, 2008

A Discombobulated Dream

A Discombobulated Dream

By John Kubicek

Dis-com-bob'-u-late-ed - The result of the process of being confused, flummoxed, and suffering from A.D.D., all at the same time.

I knew it wouldn't be long, I'd have some type of syndrome as a result of listening to talk radio and reading a lot in the new media. Why just last night, I saw the new media piling on to Sen. Obama. It had to have been a rough night for him. Just on WorldNetDaily.com alone, Joseph Farah, Pat Buchanan, David Limbaugh and Melanie Morgan all contributed information that could be difficult for "Obama Sin Laden" to overcome... But he will. And that is the weird part of it. I took a power nap with that thought in my mind, and upon taking a nap, I had this very discombobulated dream:

When Obama wins the nomination for the Democrat Party in Denver, Hilllary becomes very disillusioned with the Democrat Party. She suddenly announces that she has switched to the Republican Party. A week later, John McCain announces who will be the VP part of his ticket: None other than Hillary Clinton.

Yes, that had to be a real discombobulated dream if I ever had one... or, was it?

Could it be a product of "Operation Chaos"? Has Rush hypnotized - or I mean, recruited - me into being an operative?

We all know that Hillary would stop at nothing to become President. Knowing how young her foe is for the nomination, and how old a potential advocate is, who would she choose to side with if she is left to run as the VP part of a ticket? And, wouldn't that be a coup, to strike a deal with Johnny McCain in showing her willingness to "cross the aisle"?

And though she dreams of a socialist utopia someday, wouldn't she be willing to delay it four or even eight more years just so she could be the one that brings about the REAL CHANGE? Do you think that the Clintons would be happy to have somebody ELSE be the one that gets the "credit"? Probably not. My dream may have been discombobulated, but Team Billary has a very clear plan to do what ever it takes.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm Seeing Red Whenever I See Green

I'm Seeing Red Whenever I See Green

By John Kubicek

It all started Monday morning when I saw Barbara Simpson's column, "Global Gorecaster's 'green' lies infect popular mag". Barbara hit the ball out of the park on this one. When I submitted this story to Digg.com, I described it as follows:

Barbara Simpson writes about the Apr 28 Time magazine cover, which desecrates the Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph by Joe Rosenthal of Marines raising the stars and stripes on Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima during World War II by replacing the Flag with a tree. The theme of the edition is "How to Win The War On Global Warming." And it gets worse...


Not long after reading the awesome column by Barbara Simpson, I was treated with even more ammunition to get my blood boiling. While watching America's Newsroom on Fox News, they had a news segment on this travesty. It brought to even brighter light what Time magazine did that alienated the few thousand, or maybe a few hundred, subscribers they had that had fought at Iwo Jima and survived. Their cover on the issue to celebrate Global Warming just made my day. Not Earth Day, but MY day!

So why does this video "make my day"? That is easy to explain.

I've always believed that the Green Movement has always been a major scam on the people of this world. There have been people that have tried to debunk the scam, to shed light on the creepiness of the sinister effort to reduce our freedoms. Yet, there has been so much attention in the mainstream media on the problem of "global warming", even the New Media has had it's challenges with getting any attention, in our attempts to show that movement is a sham. The Global Warming DENIERS just haven't been able to get any credibility, no press coverage. Not until NOW!

With EARTH DAY having been on Tuesday, there could not have been better timing for the Time "Blunder of the Year". In the cause of the "Green Movement", the environmentalists went too far. They exposed one factor that many people tend to forget while gulping down the global warming kool-aid.

The Green Movement has not just been happenstance. There has always been an insidious purpose for it, right from the beginning. It has always been about how the global elite needed a way to control the U. S. economy. There has always been a desire to redistribute the wealth of the United States to the world. The global elite have always wanted to acquire control over the American people. Algore's inconvenient lies were a big part of how to scare the public into submission. It took time, but eventually the shrill pronouncements that the world was in danger of dire disasters because of global warming caused by man - and really, the American man - took hold.

Their plan had been succeeding, until now. We're seeing the results. Just when the Liberals really needed to be hiding the causes of many of our problems, the MSM slips and puts a spotlight on the real agenda they've had all along. When Time replaced the Flag of the United States of America - Old Glory - with a redwood tree, they messed up. When they brought to light their real agenda on the lame Time magazine cover, they finally slipped. Their arrogance has been exposed. And just who did they upset? U. S. Veterans, to begin with.

Thanks to Barbara Simpson for bringing this travesty to our attention. And Fox News quickly followed suit with an assist with the news segment you saw above. What they have done has been to get the truth to many more people, to the point where it goes "viral". Many people, such as myself, will be writing about this in our blogs. Shortly after coming across this story, I began this post.

We started hearing talk of a recession several months ago. Most of the news of a coming recession began when the real estate bubble began to burst. With many Americans being a paycheck or two from foreclosure, the world financial markets began to lower their desire for the American dollar. Because of that, the price of oil started going up. At the same time, the American farmer was finding that the price of corn was going up in order to sustain the production of ethanol. And now, that is leaving less land to grow other foods. Now, food prices have begun to go up, and there have been riots around the world, caused by a global food shortage. Add to that, with the cost of fuel going up, it will now take food prices even higher because of the increased cost of production and transportation.

I'm seeing red, because all of this could have been avoided. We had the opportunity to drill for oil in ANWR, but it wasn't allowed. The same people that have propagated the global warming swindle are also responsible for preventing us from becoming energy independent. I'm seeing red.

We're now growing more corn, but it isn't for food. More of it is being used to make more ethanol, to save our environment. It's supposed to be the "green" thing to do. And now, people are starving. Food prices are rapidly increasing because much of that corn that would have been used for feeding livestock is now in demand for the purpose of keeping us from the inconvenient lies of the global climate change, The demand for corn has given farmers more incentive to grow corn, rather than other needed products in our food chain. I'm seeing red.

When I say that I'm "seeing red", the first thing to come to mind is "anger", right? While that does fit with the theme of this post, that isn't the only meaning. In fact, there probably are many people that aren't old enough to remember the good old days when the Communists of the Soviet Union and China were called "Reds". That's the RED that I see when I see GREEN. When the global elitists say "going green", what they are really referring to is "going red".

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Friday, April 18, 2008

An Earth Shaking Day

Days and weeks come and go. Most of them will not be memorable, which is probably a good thing. Even though we are bombarded by local news, national news, and world news day after day, we usually feel no immediate affects of it, unless we are personally involved in and affected by that news. In most cases, the daily diet of news usually just ends up to be something to talk about on breaks or at the water cooler at work. Occasionally, a story will hit home. Those are the stories that can drastically change our lives in one instant or over a short period of time. It does seem that at times that it is those “local stories” that can hit the closest to home. I guess that is an obvious observation, but it is significant in the context of what I want to write about today.

While natural catastrophes will probably affect you at some time in your life, no matter where you live, fortunately, those days are rare. Today was a perfect example, though, of how we are sometimes allowed a wake up call. We can quickly realize that we are not always going to be totally safe. This thought came to me after I had heard that there was a 5.4 earthquake in Eastern Illinois at around 4:30 a.m. Central today. I did not feel it, but I know people that did. And from watching the news this morning when I got home from work, I saw that not only did we feel it in Iowa, but skyscrapers in Chicago swayed, a building in or near Louisville, TN. had some damage, and they felt it in Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, and even South Dakota.

Thankfully, I haven’t heard of any casualties or injuries because of the earthquake. What if it had been a bigger one, a 6.0 or 7.0? We may have seen some massage damage, and thank the Lord, that didn’t happen. But one thing we can be sure of, and that is many people would have depended on assistance to get their lives back. And whom do people depend on assistance from? Who would be the first responders? Depending on the damage, and the threat of civil unrest, there could be the Red Cross, or maybe it could be the National Guard, and now, FEMA. When these disasters first strike, there will be an immediate need for food and shelter. I personally have no problem with the government being able to offer assistance to us to protect our lives. And sometimes, they even fail in that, as seen in the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans in 2005.

In the long run, however, it could, and most likely will, end up being where we must depend on each other, and ourselves, to find a way to survive whatever comes our way. And another thing we must keep in mind is that while we may have no ability to prevent a disaster from happening, we do have the ability to figure out a way to get through most catastrophes. It is called self-reliance.

While it may be good for the government to be around to maintain or even restore order after a major catastrophe, do we really need them to be finding ways to keep us all safe from every possible mishap in our lives? If the government were to totally outlaw autos and every other possible mode of transportation – including your skateboard or bicycle – MAYBE they could protect us from all possible injury and/or death. But here in Iowa, the Governor (Chet Culver) had just signed a draconian law in order to prevent and protect all the good citizens of the State of Iowa from the evil effects of all tobacco smoke, including “second-hand” smoke. Regardless of any unintended consequences where some businesses may close, it was for our good. That has become the prime responsibility of our governments – local, state, and federal – we MUST be protected from ourselves.

I had to spend most of today writing just to get to the point where I wanted to steer you to. The government, meaning those that have the power and the arrogance to believe they know much more than any of us, want to protect us. Yet, they can NOT protect us from the possible natural disasters that could occur where you live. At the same time, it’s not all that unbelievable to know that elected and non-elected officials can CAUSE problems for many of us because of their policies based on their agenda. But while it is easy to blame those public officials for their messes, whom should we REALLY blame? We, the people. Too many of us seemed to have wanted the government to not only solve all of our problems, but to have the ability to prevent them, too. That just isn’t going to happen.

Whether there is a natural disaster or horrible blunders caused by the elite few that make our lives miserable, there is only one thing that we can do. We CAN and we will vote out those that are suspect of not respecting our Constitutional rights. We are personally responsible and we must pursue personal reliance on doing what it takes to prevent our personal freedoms from evaporating. We must take a stand against those that feel that they know more than we do, we cannot allow our Freedom to be continuously carved up until there is nothing left for us to do.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welcome to johnny2k Is Home

Welcome to johnny2k Is Home!

Today, I am launching an exciting new endeavor. I am joining the blogging world.

I had been exploring this avenue for quite some time. Starting with the johnny2k.com Forums in November of 2003, I had begun writing on an occasional basis. Over time, various new Forums began. There have been various subjects covered, from cyber-terrorism to Christian ministry to working from home to sports to politics. I plan to continue on these subjects, and probably many more here on the johnny2k blog, johnny2k Is Home.

There is just something about writing that seems to expand the mind. It seems to go right along with doing a lot of reading. It has become an extremely important part of my life. While I can't and won't attempt to write about every thought I have throughout my hours being awake, there are many thoughts that I enjoy expressing through the written form. It is a way of sharing our thoughts.

Communication is a major part of our life as human beings. Without it, we'd be no more than just fish in the sea, or for that matter, slimy little slugs way down in the food chain. It is one thing to be able to think, but then to communicate our thoughts and experiences and wisdom, it is a miracle of life that the Darwinists can not ever explain.

Most people are endowed with the ability to communicate in one form or another. There is verbal speech, written word, sign and body language, and some even believe in the psychic abilities in the paranormal realm of "reading minds". We are even able to "communicate" with our pets, or even plants, through various actions. Generally speaking, communication is the action of transferring information to another entity.

Some people actually excel in various forms of communication, and sometimes more than one. There are people that are great speakers, there are people that are great writers, and in some cases, there are people that are both great speakers and writers. And now, through the internet, there are many ways to utilize communication skills to reach great numbers of people throughout the world. That is very exciting! The world wide web is a place where we have an enormous opportunity to communicate - transfer information - in a wide range of options through multi-media.

Through this outlet, the johnny2k Is Home blog, I plan to utilize every form of media that I have available. From text to audio to video, it's an open field. Depending on the subject and the content, there is very little that can't be communicated to the people that desire information.

At this time, I am sure that I am not doing that much that is innovative. I haven't earned the title as the inventor of the internet as Al Gore was able to do (rolling eyes). But, I am going to do my best to use this venue to assist you in gaining the information, wisdom, and even encouragement to get through life with.

I am prayerfully hoping that this blog will be a place for you to visit from time to time. That in my efforts, if there could be something here I post that could help you, it will be worth every minute!