Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm Seeing Red Whenever I See Green

I'm Seeing Red Whenever I See Green

By John Kubicek

It all started Monday morning when I saw Barbara Simpson's column, "Global Gorecaster's 'green' lies infect popular mag". Barbara hit the ball out of the park on this one. When I submitted this story to Digg.com, I described it as follows:

Barbara Simpson writes about the Apr 28 Time magazine cover, which desecrates the Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph by Joe Rosenthal of Marines raising the stars and stripes on Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima during World War II by replacing the Flag with a tree. The theme of the edition is "How to Win The War On Global Warming." And it gets worse...


Not long after reading the awesome column by Barbara Simpson, I was treated with even more ammunition to get my blood boiling. While watching America's Newsroom on Fox News, they had a news segment on this travesty. It brought to even brighter light what Time magazine did that alienated the few thousand, or maybe a few hundred, subscribers they had that had fought at Iwo Jima and survived. Their cover on the issue to celebrate Global Warming just made my day. Not Earth Day, but MY day!

So why does this video "make my day"? That is easy to explain.

I've always believed that the Green Movement has always been a major scam on the people of this world. There have been people that have tried to debunk the scam, to shed light on the creepiness of the sinister effort to reduce our freedoms. Yet, there has been so much attention in the mainstream media on the problem of "global warming", even the New Media has had it's challenges with getting any attention, in our attempts to show that movement is a sham. The Global Warming DENIERS just haven't been able to get any credibility, no press coverage. Not until NOW!

With EARTH DAY having been on Tuesday, there could not have been better timing for the Time "Blunder of the Year". In the cause of the "Green Movement", the environmentalists went too far. They exposed one factor that many people tend to forget while gulping down the global warming kool-aid.

The Green Movement has not just been happenstance. There has always been an insidious purpose for it, right from the beginning. It has always been about how the global elite needed a way to control the U. S. economy. There has always been a desire to redistribute the wealth of the United States to the world. The global elite have always wanted to acquire control over the American people. Algore's inconvenient lies were a big part of how to scare the public into submission. It took time, but eventually the shrill pronouncements that the world was in danger of dire disasters because of global warming caused by man - and really, the American man - took hold.

Their plan had been succeeding, until now. We're seeing the results. Just when the Liberals really needed to be hiding the causes of many of our problems, the MSM slips and puts a spotlight on the real agenda they've had all along. When Time replaced the Flag of the United States of America - Old Glory - with a redwood tree, they messed up. When they brought to light their real agenda on the lame Time magazine cover, they finally slipped. Their arrogance has been exposed. And just who did they upset? U. S. Veterans, to begin with.

Thanks to Barbara Simpson for bringing this travesty to our attention. And Fox News quickly followed suit with an assist with the news segment you saw above. What they have done has been to get the truth to many more people, to the point where it goes "viral". Many people, such as myself, will be writing about this in our blogs. Shortly after coming across this story, I began this post.

We started hearing talk of a recession several months ago. Most of the news of a coming recession began when the real estate bubble began to burst. With many Americans being a paycheck or two from foreclosure, the world financial markets began to lower their desire for the American dollar. Because of that, the price of oil started going up. At the same time, the American farmer was finding that the price of corn was going up in order to sustain the production of ethanol. And now, that is leaving less land to grow other foods. Now, food prices have begun to go up, and there have been riots around the world, caused by a global food shortage. Add to that, with the cost of fuel going up, it will now take food prices even higher because of the increased cost of production and transportation.

I'm seeing red, because all of this could have been avoided. We had the opportunity to drill for oil in ANWR, but it wasn't allowed. The same people that have propagated the global warming swindle are also responsible for preventing us from becoming energy independent. I'm seeing red.

We're now growing more corn, but it isn't for food. More of it is being used to make more ethanol, to save our environment. It's supposed to be the "green" thing to do. And now, people are starving. Food prices are rapidly increasing because much of that corn that would have been used for feeding livestock is now in demand for the purpose of keeping us from the inconvenient lies of the global climate change, The demand for corn has given farmers more incentive to grow corn, rather than other needed products in our food chain. I'm seeing red.

When I say that I'm "seeing red", the first thing to come to mind is "anger", right? While that does fit with the theme of this post, that isn't the only meaning. In fact, there probably are many people that aren't old enough to remember the good old days when the Communists of the Soviet Union and China were called "Reds". That's the RED that I see when I see GREEN. When the global elitists say "going green", what they are really referring to is "going red".

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