Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welcome to johnny2k Is Home

Welcome to johnny2k Is Home!

Today, I am launching an exciting new endeavor. I am joining the blogging world.

I had been exploring this avenue for quite some time. Starting with the johnny2k.com Forums in November of 2003, I had begun writing on an occasional basis. Over time, various new Forums began. There have been various subjects covered, from cyber-terrorism to Christian ministry to working from home to sports to politics. I plan to continue on these subjects, and probably many more here on the johnny2k blog, johnny2k Is Home.

There is just something about writing that seems to expand the mind. It seems to go right along with doing a lot of reading. It has become an extremely important part of my life. While I can't and won't attempt to write about every thought I have throughout my hours being awake, there are many thoughts that I enjoy expressing through the written form. It is a way of sharing our thoughts.

Communication is a major part of our life as human beings. Without it, we'd be no more than just fish in the sea, or for that matter, slimy little slugs way down in the food chain. It is one thing to be able to think, but then to communicate our thoughts and experiences and wisdom, it is a miracle of life that the Darwinists can not ever explain.

Most people are endowed with the ability to communicate in one form or another. There is verbal speech, written word, sign and body language, and some even believe in the psychic abilities in the paranormal realm of "reading minds". We are even able to "communicate" with our pets, or even plants, through various actions. Generally speaking, communication is the action of transferring information to another entity.

Some people actually excel in various forms of communication, and sometimes more than one. There are people that are great speakers, there are people that are great writers, and in some cases, there are people that are both great speakers and writers. And now, through the internet, there are many ways to utilize communication skills to reach great numbers of people throughout the world. That is very exciting! The world wide web is a place where we have an enormous opportunity to communicate - transfer information - in a wide range of options through multi-media.

Through this outlet, the johnny2k Is Home blog, I plan to utilize every form of media that I have available. From text to audio to video, it's an open field. Depending on the subject and the content, there is very little that can't be communicated to the people that desire information.

At this time, I am sure that I am not doing that much that is innovative. I haven't earned the title as the inventor of the internet as Al Gore was able to do (rolling eyes). But, I am going to do my best to use this venue to assist you in gaining the information, wisdom, and even encouragement to get through life with.

I am prayerfully hoping that this blog will be a place for you to visit from time to time. That in my efforts, if there could be something here I post that could help you, it will be worth every minute!

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