Friday, April 25, 2008

A Discombobulated Dream

A Discombobulated Dream

By John Kubicek

Dis-com-bob'-u-late-ed - The result of the process of being confused, flummoxed, and suffering from A.D.D., all at the same time.

I knew it wouldn't be long, I'd have some type of syndrome as a result of listening to talk radio and reading a lot in the new media. Why just last night, I saw the new media piling on to Sen. Obama. It had to have been a rough night for him. Just on alone, Joseph Farah, Pat Buchanan, David Limbaugh and Melanie Morgan all contributed information that could be difficult for "Obama Sin Laden" to overcome... But he will. And that is the weird part of it. I took a power nap with that thought in my mind, and upon taking a nap, I had this very discombobulated dream:

When Obama wins the nomination for the Democrat Party in Denver, Hilllary becomes very disillusioned with the Democrat Party. She suddenly announces that she has switched to the Republican Party. A week later, John McCain announces who will be the VP part of his ticket: None other than Hillary Clinton.

Yes, that had to be a real discombobulated dream if I ever had one... or, was it?

Could it be a product of "Operation Chaos"? Has Rush hypnotized - or I mean, recruited - me into being an operative?

We all know that Hillary would stop at nothing to become President. Knowing how young her foe is for the nomination, and how old a potential advocate is, who would she choose to side with if she is left to run as the VP part of a ticket? And, wouldn't that be a coup, to strike a deal with Johnny McCain in showing her willingness to "cross the aisle"?

And though she dreams of a socialist utopia someday, wouldn't she be willing to delay it four or even eight more years just so she could be the one that brings about the REAL CHANGE? Do you think that the Clintons would be happy to have somebody ELSE be the one that gets the "credit"? Probably not. My dream may have been discombobulated, but Team Billary has a very clear plan to do what ever it takes.

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