Thursday, May 29, 2008


By John Kubicek

Heartbroken? Watch this video and then you decide:

We need to look at this very objectively. To do that, we need to ask a few questions: Why did Scott McClellan's book, "What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception," come out now? From the video above, we can say that maybe Ari is "heartbroken", yet he is still in contact with McClellan, and that should raise further questions.

First, I can't get over the fact that Scott McClellan would come out with this Bush-basher book. Why now? Well, I think that question gets answered just in the fact of how quickly it made it up the "charts". Somebody stands to make a good income. And what a marketing ploy they came up with. Rather than Scott making the rounds to talk about the book, we have Ari Fleischer doing the "dirty work", explaining how this book is so "heartbreaking". They KNEW that the Liberals eat up books and love to read stuff how bad George W. Bush is...

So, I guess the greed scenario actually does sound better than my other alternative for a theory. It seems to be so lame, that I almost decided to not mention it.... Yet, it turned out to be something that wouldn't quit bothering me. Like Ari Fleischer mentions, in my words, it seems surreal that somebody like Scott McClellan would put out this book. Just considering all of the time that this story is getting in the news, on the radio talk shows, here in the blogs, what a great way to divert our attention from something that is actually important.

So, wouldn't that be the greatest irony? While McClellan accuses the Bush administration of using him to spread propaganda through disinformation, could his book be actually contributing to the same objective?

Could this just be a heartbreaking diversion from what we should be worried about?

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Friday, May 23, 2008

The Meaning of Memorial Day

By John Kubicek (and others)

What does Memorial Day mean? In short, it is to honor our fallen military heroes, those that gave their lives to defend the Constitution of the United States and our freedom.

That may be the actual original meaning of Memorial Day, but what does it actually mean to people? That is the question I asked of people a few days ago, and I received several replies, which I want to share with you.
Memorial Day is not about commercialism, and Memorial Day sales, and it's not about the 3 day weekend getaway. It's a time to honor our deceased, veteran or non-veteran. Families drive out to the cemetery to remember loved ones. They place flowers upon the graves. Each veterans grave is graced with an American Flag, and we honor the service and sacrifices they gave. Following these services, it is traditional for families to gather and have a B-B-Q. This is not a time for joyous celebration.

Monday I will be attending memorial services at 4 local cemeteries. I will fight the Memorial Day traffic, and on going road construction to attend a re-dedication ceremony at the our local Veterans' Memorial.

Jackie Gordon - Oregon (ladyjusa)

At first, what Jackie said about honoring our deceased, veteran or non-veteran, I hesitated. But then I realized, that while the original intent was to honor the veterans, I have no problem with extending the honor to others that may not have been military veterans. This country has seen many heroes that haven't been involved in the military. There are the emergency service workers - our police, fire fighters, paramedics, border patrol... You get the idea. For many have died in the line of service, to protect our freedoms, to protect our neighbors. And then, there were folks like our parents, that just went out and worked hard, and made this the highest producing nation on the planet! They sacrificed much to work hard and keep things running. They produced the various commodities that kept us fed, warm and able to travel for work and pleasure.

Darn right, Jackie, non-vets ARE included in honoring the fallen today! Thank you for reminding me!

And now, T. L. Farlow expounds on a further dimension of honoring those of us that SERVE us!

Memorial Day Approaches! (Editor's note: No, actually, now it is here!)

As generous as our very own ancestors were to stuggle daily in providing for their families' existence and to ensure a future for generations of them to come, the very reason that WE are here today, we should venerate them for the great familial love that they have shared with us. Even though we did not personally know them and of course, they not personally knowing of us, we cannot but help to express our love for their great toil, their many sacrifices, their long suffering and their love during their existence in this life.

Likewise, should we venerate those who have served in the military, having sacrificed their time, their blood, their tears, their fears and their very lives if necessary. We may not have known them personally, but because of their love for freedom, for country and yes for US, they have given selflessly. Yes, we should acknowlege, we should admire, we should give great esteem to all those who have chosen to serve their fellow man in times of war and peace. Countless soldiers have fallen in the line of duty, providing the ultimate sacrifice for their country, families and fellow citizens.

Many more have also served that suffered injuries large and small that caused great burdens for them throughout the remainder of their lives. These, too, should be honored for their forfeitures of time, livelihoods and health, in the service of US, those who are enjoying the benefits of freedom, the results of their labors.

This Memorial Day, let us all celebrate the lives of so many, even those who shall remain nameless, for without them, we may not have been. Let us treat them, our brothers and sisters in uniform, just as we would family, to honor their works so that others may live in peace and prosperity.

T. L. Farlow - Pennsylvania (citizentlf)

This just keeps on getting more moving as we go. Is the point of today, Memorial Day, starting to sink in yet?

Well, let's try another quote from my volunteer army of writers:

I recall several years ago sitting down with my great uncle to interview him about his experiences in World War II. They were amazing -- he saw firsthand the brutality of the enemy as he made his way from Sicily to Germany and ended up liberating the death camp at Dachau. He was young, barely out of his teens at the time, from a small town in the middle of nowhere, and saw things that no man, young or old, should ever have to see.

And there were thousands others like him, many of whom did not come home from those foreign shores. I have another uncle who fought in WWII, and another in Korea. They would never say much about what they went through, but I've always thought that their experiences left scars that linger to this day. Going back even farther, I recall standing on the very spot on the battlefield at Vicksburg where my great-great-great-grandfather stood against the invading federal army -- not for any political cause, for he knew nothing of such things; not to defend slavery, certainly, for he owned none; but merely because his home was invaded and his family and property and liberty were threatened, did he take up arms in their defense.

It is to these men, and others like them, that we owe the freedom to read and write these words. Because a few were willing to fight and to die to defend that liberty, we are free to say what we want, worship how we like, and disagree with the government all we like, without fear of reprisal. That is a precious gift, and was not given cheaply. We bear a great heritage of freedom given to us by the blood and sweat of great men.

We must honor that by using it responsibly, by using that free choice we have been given to choose the right, and not to abuse it. That is what Memorial Day is to me -- a reminder of the solemn duty laid upon us by those who came before and sacrificed so much to give us that heritage of liberty.

drachemorder - Madison, MS (drachemorder)

That is some very powerful stuff right there, my fellow patriots. What are you and I willing to give up? My friend DL tells us here that we must NOT EVER GIVE UP OUR FREEDOM!

It is impossible to ascertain the price of freedom. Words or tokens cannot express the depth of my soul’s gratitude for those who paid that price; but Memorial Day provides an opportunity for personal contemplation and a chance to give tribute to those who lived and died so that I can have the privilege to say, “I am an American."

I am an American. I cannot say those words without caressing them. Somehow, American freedom is embedded deep inside me — perhaps this freedom can be traced through my bloodline, perhaps it stems from the many years I have spent away from my homeland — viewing America’s precious liberties from “outside the box.”

My genealogy is filled with patriots. On one branch of my family tree, I can prove myself a daughter of the American Revolution — with connection through marriage to George Washington himself. My Virginian ancestors fought for America in every war she has faced — including the War for Independence. But another genealogical branch teems with suffering immigrant ancestors straggling to America the “Savior”, to escape the Holocaust in Europe. Some of my relatives died to build America, and others gratefully lived because of their sacrifice. The words explain who preceded
me — I am an American.

For various reasons, I have spent many years living overseas — far from my America. This global lifestyle has deepened my love for our Founders’ wisdom and America’s core values and has sharpened my awareness of her generosity and unique culture. The Star Spangled Banner is a symbol that brings tears to my eyes. I have seen freedom-lovers in many countries wistfully sigh at my introduction — the words explain the ideals I represent, “I am an American.”

I pray today that Americans will continue to value their freedoms; that patriots will rise up to guard our unique liberties as they are threatened; that mothers and fathers will kindle patriotism in their own children by telling them the stories of noble men and women who sacrificed everything to build their country — the “Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave.” As we kneel today to place a wreathe on a soldier’s grave, and offer our gratitude by flying the flag for which they died, may we
also find strength to make America better by taking pride in the work ahead, by silencing those who show contempt for freedom, and by humbly reveling in those
sacred words, “I am an American.”

DL - (camelseye)

Amen, DL, and let me add, I thank God I am an American!

Before the video presentation to wrap all of this up, let me allow what Barbara Simpson wrote this morning to tie this whole piece together:

"We have enjoyed so much freedom for so long that we are perhaps in danger of forgetting how much blood it cost to establish the Bill of Rights." – Felix Frankfurter

So even though you may think it's corny, take a bit of time today to reflect on the blessings of freedom that we so take for granted. Give thanks to the military who served honorably and bravely with special prayers for troops in harm's way today.
Ultimately, they're keeping all of us and our loved ones safe and free. Don't risk losing freedom because you don't recognize or value the price that others paid for you.

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave." – Elmer Davis.

Barbara Simpson, May 26, 2008, in "Remember our patriots"

And now, may I present Ray "Bubba" Sorenson, another patriot from Iowa. I was going to try to put a video together today to commemorate Memorial Day, but it would have been reinventing the wheel. I put the following video up last year, about Freedom Rock. This says it all about the good old patriotic Americans that value what we have. Let's just say it like this: Freedom Rocks!

I thank all of the contributors to this post for their selfless efforts to make this a day to honor not just our fallen heroes, but America. Thank you! God bless America, and God bless you!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Big Tent Is Becoming Green

By John Kubicek

It is supposedly Spring here in Iowa. Normally, I'd be in shorts by this time of the year, out mowing the lawn, and getting the sunburn that I should be trying to avoid. But this year? While we've had a few nice days, I'm still wearing a sweatshirt and had to turn on the HEAT this morning! So, just believe me, there are far fewer people living in Northern areas of America that will go along with the "Global Warming" malarky, especially after the brutal Winter many of us recently experienced.

And yet, there are those that want to keep playing along with the "Global Warming" song and dance. The most appalling aspect of this is that many of the "believers" in climate-change-caused-by-man are coming from the what was once called the Christian Right. Sadly, they are now part of the Green Religion Movement.

This situation of a large part of the right wing base of the GOP moving to the "center" has been no accident. Just watch the following video, and you'll understand what I am saying:

Now, if you think back about a year ago, who was the presumed Republican Party nominee for President? All the pundits were picking Rudy Guiliani at that time. However, he proved to be way too far to the left for a large part of the Conservative base of the GOP. The powers-that-be couldn't convince Conservative Republicans that they could wrap their arms around a pro-gay marriage, anti-gun, pro-abortion candidate. They found an alternate candidate that was still in the "center", John McCain. And they found that they attract more people into the Big Green Tent by utilizing the global warming scam.

So, is it just me that thinks the tainting of the Republican Party was purposeful? With the coronation of John McLame as the new "savior" of the party, the global elitists (the "shadow government") were able to find their guy. They have all of their bets covered now. The Green Movement was all that they needed to pervert what I had previously believed was the party of the Conservatives, the GOP. When so-called evangelical churches were coerced into showing algore's "Convenient Lies" movie, I knew it was all over.

With the video that I embedded in this edition, I was able to provide you with the information that you need to witness the outright re-invention of what the Republicans are supposed to stand for. The GOP is being re-branded before our eyes. And I am not falling for it.

Just where to take Project HAVOC is now the biggest question. My friend Joseph Farah explained "why McCain must lose" in his column the other day. And then Vox Day chimed in, with "Poison is no antidote," and seemed to have pounded the final nail into the coffin of the GOP, saying:
If the Republican Party is not going to go the way of the Whig, it must reject the call to continue on its current path to becoming the nation's second socialist party and instead dedicate itself to becoming the party of individual liberty, small and limited constitutional government, sound money and peaceful national sovereignty that many once believed it to be.

The Republican nominee, John McCain. should lose in November; Farah desires it, and Vox Day explains it. The problem is, they are both picking the Democrat nominee, most likely Barack Obama, to win the November election. Their pessimism is aggravating!

Are we going to take it laying down? Shouldn't we, the Conservatives, have an alternative? Is there an alternative out there that would ever have a chance as a 3rd Party or Independent candidate? Or, do we have to pick between the choices that are being shoved down our throats by the GOP and dhimmicrats? Is there a way to escape from the Big Green Tent?

(And by the way, if you are wondering about the JFK 2008 picture above, it is the symbolic representation of the "Unknown Mystery Candidate" and in no way represents anyone in particular, though I did use my own initials...)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Project HAVOC: Unintended Consequences

By John Kubicek

And What If McCain Loses?

It's time for me to get real. Or, should I say, is it time for us to get real?

For the last few weeks, I've been very down on John McCain. It all started back on April 25, 2008, with "A Discombobulated Dream". It was actually the ultimate nightmare scenario where John McCain picks Hillary to be his VP running-mate. It wasn't written about to be a literal precognition, but to say that I think that Juan McLame is just as liberal, ultimately, as Hillary. They are practically political twins, seperated at birth. While I still stand by that belief, this "Project HAVOC" is getting me in trouble.

Oh, by the way, allow me to digress for a moment. "Project HAVOC" was renamed from my "original" idea of "Operation Havoc", which sounded too much like "Operation Chaos," where Rush Limbaugh, as commander-in-chief, is working on keeping Hillary in the race for the Democrat nomination.

Now, as I've said, I'm getting myself in trouble by being so deragatory about John McCain. The whole purpose of Project HAVOC is to get Republicans to desert the GOP to find a 3rd Party candidate, and win the election. Now, though, I'm not so sure that is a good idea, should the plan fail. What if we end up even worse off than McCain/Clinton? What if .... well, if Obama wins, what would we get?

The following is the video that got into my head this morning, and made me want to do some recalculating:

(This video courtesy of the user that posted it, jdjesusdisciple )

My head is still spinning. I have to ask you, the reader, to help me evaluate the situation. Can you help me with this quandry? Are you up to evaluating this situation and coming up with an alternative strategy, or do you believe we need to stick to Project HAVOC? Should we (Conservatives) consider abandoning the Republican Party and risk what could be the very unfortunate result? What are the possible consequences of Project HAVOC?

However, there is something else that we must consider in assessing the risk of proceding with Project HAVOC: It is possible that McCain really is just as dangerous as Obama, if not more. And if that doesn't rattle your cage a little, I don't know what would.

What now?

Conservatives now seem to be in a situation of "heads - they win, tails - we lose." But if WE, the DISENFRANCHISED Conservatives, mostly former Republicans, find a way to unite... Maybe those unintended consequences can be avoided.

(Acknowledgement: I would like to thank my friend on, savvyconsumer7, for pointing me to the abovc video on, which was the inspiration for this edition. Also, I would like to thank Jesus Disciple for the great video he has provided on his channel, jdjesusdisciple.)

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Patriot In Israel

Or, why can't America have a leader like this?

After watching the following video on, the good vibes I've always had about Benjamin Netanyahu were further confirmed.

There is only one serious problem with this great leader. He is an Israeli, and not an American! While I don't see how it's possible that he isn't the Israeli Prime Minister, I also feel jealous that America doesn't have a leader like this that would step forward and lead this forlorn old country.

As you will see in this video, the light of a beacon for Western Civilization has just been turned on; somebody in this country, in the once great United States of America, needs to also step forward, and bring about the leadership that this country so desperately calls for:

It would have to be obvious that Mr. Ahmadinejad and Iran have just been specifically warned. At this time, however, Benjamin Netanyahu is not the leader of Israel - but he should be. Both Israel and America need to send Ahmadinejad a strong message, and not back down.

So, how does America show it has the backbone to back up a warning to Iran? We didn't, and we won't be able to now that we've nominated the linguini-spined Juan McLame to the Republican ticket. And forget whoever the dhimmicrats end up coming up with.

It's going to take somebody rising up from within a 3rd Party in order to find the US version of Benjamin Netanyahu. And then it's going to take courage for those of us Republicans that have Conservative values to vote for somebody else besides Juan McLame. It's understandable, as Conservatives are bombarded daily by the usual two arguments:

  1. a third party can never win, and
  2. a Conservative-based 3rd party that does well will assure the Dhimmicrats of the win next November.
But the weirdest argument that I ever heard was the Conservatives would guarantee the loss of the Whitehouse for the Republicans if they were controlling the party! Stranger yet, they blamed that on Bush and the Republican controlled Senate and House before 2006 - who ended up not even being "Conservatives"!

(My thanks to "Thoughts by Steve" for bringing this video to my attenion. His blog can be found at: )

Monday, May 12, 2008

The McLame Dream Gets More Discombobulated

By John Kubicek

Please, somebody wake me up, tell me this is just a nightmare!

I'm sitting here watching the news, and I see that McLame went to Portland, Oregon to talk about the environment. Say hello, Kyoto Treaty. Say good bye, oil drilling in the U. S. of A.

Following that news, I again had another flashback to the Discombobulated Dream. With Hillary's nomination chances going down the tube, and the pundits saying there is no way that Obama will pick her as his Veep, what other choice does she have...

But I digress. The whole thing is, it doesn't even matter if that stupid discombobulated dream came true. McLame can take that nuclear option and have Hillary for his VP, or not - I wouldn't vote for him anyway. To be honest, John McCain is just as, if not more, dangerous than Clinton or Obama, or both of them combined (don't worry, that won't happen). If you think "W" was bad, McLame will not only be an extension of the Bush Dynasty, he would put the agenda into over-drive, on steroids! McLame, or McAmnesty, or what ever you want to call that beast, he's far from being a Conservative Republican. "RINO" would be too nice of a word.

While Rush Limbaugh is doing his thing as Commander-in-chief of "Operation Chaos" on the Democrat side - I'm going to have to do the same to the Republican Party. As a LIFE-LONG Republican, I'm sad that this is the way I have to go. But McLame has left me no choice. He's too Green, and I keep seeing more Red.

The question is going to be, "now, what do we do?" Those of us who are orphans of the Republican Party are left with absolutely no option but to either stay home on election day, or vote 3rd party and hand the election to Obama. Or, does that have to be the way it is? Are there enough of us out here that could make the GOP become one of the fringe 3rd parties?

I am praying about this, folks. There is that one obstacle I see when I have those NON-discombobulated dreams: We have a problem of being in unison on who to choose as our nominee. And it has unfortunately been agreed upon that a "3rd Party" has no chance. Well, maybe it is about time we change that pessimistic outlook.

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

I'm taking a major chance today. I wouldn't normally do this, but I am majorly sleep-deprived. So, I'll go ahead and put this out there. This is really just a reply to the Joseph Farah column today, "McCain, Obama, Hamas and WND". And also, a reply to Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos". I think that maybe I'm doing my best to create chaos, too.

It will be interesting to see what Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily says about what I wrote. Or, maybe he WON'T say anything. We'll find out:

Dear Joseph,

Your latest article, "
McCain, Obama, Hamas and WND" - it says it all! Giving credit where credit is due! While the MSM (other than Fox) messed up and didn't give WND and Aaron the credit, are we willing to set the example for them, and make sure that those that come up with the stories are credited to the right people?

On April 25, I wrote a piece on my blog that got some attention when I submitted it to It was called "
A Discombobulated Dream". Today, however, I find out that a caller, "Tim from Atlanta", had called Mike Gallagher and said the same thing as I had. And I am sure he got an assist from the great comments on that post on! You can get the Mike Gallagher story at: The Ultimate Conservative Nightmare?

Now, think about it, what kind of story would this be over the next few months? Hillary being picked by McCain to be his VP when her candidacy fails in the Democrat Party? I can only say, Joseph, it did give people nightmares thinking about that possibility!

And, had it not been for your article about "McCain, Obama, Hamas and WND", I may have just let this go. However, credit needs to be given where it is due, right? I guess you just need to get Ann Coulter's point of view to see how this may be something viable that Conservatives should be very worried about. (I know, someday we have to find a way to get around that "Conservative" label!!!!)

As you already know, Joseph, I'm not just a follower of WND, I digg a large number of the stories there. I keep in touch with the world I live in. Whether it is on, my forum,, and on WorldNetDaily, I want to be a part of being "IN THE THICK OF IT" this year. Please keep me in mind when you write in the next few days.

And when I told a good friend, "Hey, I'm just a security guard that likes to write in my spare time", she wanted me to change my Blog description to: "God's Security Officer - On watch for the people of America and around the world." No, Joseph, that is YOU! But if you need an extra Watch on duty, I'd be here for you, my friend!


Sure, it's narcissism at it's best, for me to write about this, or even compare myself to the great ones. And just so that you know, I am aware that I'm not in their league. There is NO comparison. But, you have to admit, maybe there was a moment of opportuntiy that I needed to take advantage of. And if I made a mistake to go there, I'll accept that. The most important part of this story, though, is helping you all to know what this story is all about. That could be the two most important facts that you'll ever be aware of:
  • The Mainstream Media will ignore us
  • We have to do our best to be the Watch on duty, no matter what our social standing is

Keep those things in mind. Take every opportunity, every advantage, that we are allowed. The Good Lord is very good at giving us opportunities, and we must not ignore them, and we must do out best to encourage each other - as there are many that DO have the ability to think and write.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Following Those "Little Crumb-Crunchers"

Following Those "Little Crumb-Crunchers"

By John Kubicek

After a quick survey of friends and family, I found out that most of the people in this part of the country were unaware of "Operation Chaos". Since Iowa was the first of the caucuses and first to get the Election 2008 started, maybe people have shut out politics from their lives since January 3, 2008. In fact, over the Winter months, most people were too busy shoveling their way out of their driveways to be worried about what was going on in the world of politics.

In all actuality, Rush Limbaugh really did pick the best time to come up with this "Operation Chaos" strategy. Just when things were starting to get boring, with the Republican nominee already picked, Rush found the perfect way to keep the nomination process interesting!

But, if you are just one of those people that doesn't follow the news, that somehow manages to drag yourself out to vote on a cold November day, you may be in for some big surprises when you go to fill out your ballot.

Well, stay tuned. There is much more chaos to come. Rush has not called off Operation Chaos, nor did I. I've already found that I wrote something a while back that has started to create havoc in this election, and somebody just poured gas on the fire. Stay tuned!

Warning: It will not be suitable for "crumb-crunchers"! (You know who you are).

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

She Didn't Commit Suicide

By John Kubicek

Last week (May 3, 2008), "Geraldo At Large" on Fox News had a segment that dealt with the "suicide" of Deborah Jeane Palfrey, a.k.a. The DC Madam. Among his guests were Alex Jones and Kimberly Guilfoyle:

We have had a week to mull it over. I think that many would say that she didn't commit suicide:

This case MAY be still ongoing. There COULD be an investigation going on that of course would not be public knowledge. And then again, maybe there is NO investigation beyond the almost immediate conclusion that Ms. Palfrey's death was by suicide. She allegedly hung herself, not the normal way women take their lives. I haven't heard of an investigation being that conclusive in such a short time since they announced who the 19 perps were in the 9/11 attacks.

In this case, the perp was announced within hours; it was Deborah Jeane Palfrey herself. And now, unless they are keeping it classified, there is no further investigation going on that could not only determine her death as a homicide, but to at least give us a clue who could be involved. It's Vince Foster all over again. The only investigation that will ever be done will be by private individuals.

At this point, accusing any one individual or group in particular would be foolish. Even if some private investigator or journalist should come across a major lead, it may not ever appear in the press. Not to mention the investigator(s)'s life could be at stake.

But if you had ever read "The Brotherhood of Darkness", you'll know what I mean by mentioning the "Orient Express" method of homicide. There are so many plausible suspects that it may never be solved, much like the John F. Kennedy assassination. So, is it even worth it for us to think about? Well, while the case may never be solved, at least some of us will be able to shed light on the enormous political power that can erase everything from Chappaquiddick to Chaundra Levy to Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

And that is what it really comes down to. We currently enjoy the freedom to write web logs about these things, or get on to nationally syndicated talk radio shows. However, if one of us were able to get too close to the truth, would we survive without moving to somewhere near the Amazon? Would even Woodward and Bernstein be able to get by with it?

Friday, May 02, 2008

The "Murder" of the DC Madam?

The "Murder" of the DC Madam?

When I first heard about the death of Deborah Jeane Palfrey yesterday (May 1, 2008), a big red flag went up in my mind, immediately. Within hours of the announcement that she was deceased, it was playing in the press as a suicide. Or, maybe that was said as "an apparent suicide". She allegedly hung herself with a nylon rope out in the shed behind the house, while leaving "two suicide notes".

While there may be readers here that have no idea who Deborah Jeanne Palfrey is, let alone not even knowing about the "DC Madam" case, let me just cut to the chase. Palfrey was prosecuted and convicted on racketeering charges. She was awaiting her sentence to come in July 2008. Palfrey had been accused as being the "DC Madam", and she refused to provide the names of "clients" in D.C. It seems that there were going to be people that wouldn't want their names associated with her "business".

I felt vindicated today. I had my suspicions about this case right off the bat. It sure gave me vindication to then hear Kimberly Guilfoyle on Fox & Friends this morning:

I'm feeling BOTH vindication AND validation this morning. There just has to be something beyond the "obvious" evidence. I suspect that much more will come out of this case as time goes on. After watching the video above, and now knowing what Ms. Palfrey had told Alex Jones, it would be outrageous for anyone to believe she did herself in.

I really believe that the easy part of the case will be in determining the cause of death was not by suicide, but a probable homicide. The hard part of the case will be in determining "who did the job". And even to get to that point, would that ever be able to lead the investigators to "who gave the orders"?

There was Marilyn, JFK, and even MLK. When it comes to solving these cases, the powers-that-be seem to be able to have amassed the power to influence the law enforcement officials - even at a moments notice - people and evidence have a horrible habit of disappearing. And now, if some new evidence were to be found, it would be doubtful that the original perps would even be alive now to face the music. However, there would be a NEW group of conspirators that may still be culpable enough to prosecute, and that would be those that have known the truth but hid it from us.

Oh, in regard to the above paragraph, I almost forgot one more thing for us to keep in mind, in just two words: Vince Foster.

And for right now, I'm going to leave it to your own speculation on who may have wanted the "DC Madam" out of the way. Remember the key words in a criminal trial: Motive and Opportunity. My one hope today would be that somebody else would see that there were those elements in this case that stood out like a sore thumb. My thoughts alone would not have had the credibility that the above broadcast on Fox & Friends gave in getting legs to this theory. (Thank you, Ms Guilfoyle!)

I plan on continuing to write about this case. However, I also realize that to do so may make things somewhat dicey. As of now, though, I should be safe; I haven't named any names (I don't have any!), and I didn't even say that it IS a massive cover up, but only that it could be.