Friday, May 09, 2008

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

I'm taking a major chance today. I wouldn't normally do this, but I am majorly sleep-deprived. So, I'll go ahead and put this out there. This is really just a reply to the Joseph Farah column today, "McCain, Obama, Hamas and WND". And also, a reply to Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos". I think that maybe I'm doing my best to create chaos, too.

It will be interesting to see what Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily says about what I wrote. Or, maybe he WON'T say anything. We'll find out:

Dear Joseph,

Your latest article, "
McCain, Obama, Hamas and WND" - it says it all! Giving credit where credit is due! While the MSM (other than Fox) messed up and didn't give WND and Aaron the credit, are we willing to set the example for them, and make sure that those that come up with the stories are credited to the right people?

On April 25, I wrote a piece on my blog that got some attention when I submitted it to It was called "
A Discombobulated Dream". Today, however, I find out that a caller, "Tim from Atlanta", had called Mike Gallagher and said the same thing as I had. And I am sure he got an assist from the great comments on that post on! You can get the Mike Gallagher story at: The Ultimate Conservative Nightmare?

Now, think about it, what kind of story would this be over the next few months? Hillary being picked by McCain to be his VP when her candidacy fails in the Democrat Party? I can only say, Joseph, it did give people nightmares thinking about that possibility!

And, had it not been for your article about "McCain, Obama, Hamas and WND", I may have just let this go. However, credit needs to be given where it is due, right? I guess you just need to get Ann Coulter's point of view to see how this may be something viable that Conservatives should be very worried about. (I know, someday we have to find a way to get around that "Conservative" label!!!!)

As you already know, Joseph, I'm not just a follower of WND, I digg a large number of the stories there. I keep in touch with the world I live in. Whether it is on, my forum,, and on WorldNetDaily, I want to be a part of being "IN THE THICK OF IT" this year. Please keep me in mind when you write in the next few days.

And when I told a good friend, "Hey, I'm just a security guard that likes to write in my spare time", she wanted me to change my Blog description to: "God's Security Officer - On watch for the people of America and around the world." No, Joseph, that is YOU! But if you need an extra Watch on duty, I'd be here for you, my friend!


Sure, it's narcissism at it's best, for me to write about this, or even compare myself to the great ones. And just so that you know, I am aware that I'm not in their league. There is NO comparison. But, you have to admit, maybe there was a moment of opportuntiy that I needed to take advantage of. And if I made a mistake to go there, I'll accept that. The most important part of this story, though, is helping you all to know what this story is all about. That could be the two most important facts that you'll ever be aware of:
  • The Mainstream Media will ignore us
  • We have to do our best to be the Watch on duty, no matter what our social standing is

Keep those things in mind. Take every opportunity, every advantage, that we are allowed. The Good Lord is very good at giving us opportunities, and we must not ignore them, and we must do out best to encourage each other - as there are many that DO have the ability to think and write.

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