Friday, May 02, 2008

The "Murder" of the DC Madam?

The "Murder" of the DC Madam?

When I first heard about the death of Deborah Jeane Palfrey yesterday (May 1, 2008), a big red flag went up in my mind, immediately. Within hours of the announcement that she was deceased, it was playing in the press as a suicide. Or, maybe that was said as "an apparent suicide". She allegedly hung herself with a nylon rope out in the shed behind the house, while leaving "two suicide notes".

While there may be readers here that have no idea who Deborah Jeanne Palfrey is, let alone not even knowing about the "DC Madam" case, let me just cut to the chase. Palfrey was prosecuted and convicted on racketeering charges. She was awaiting her sentence to come in July 2008. Palfrey had been accused as being the "DC Madam", and she refused to provide the names of "clients" in D.C. It seems that there were going to be people that wouldn't want their names associated with her "business".

I felt vindicated today. I had my suspicions about this case right off the bat. It sure gave me vindication to then hear Kimberly Guilfoyle on Fox & Friends this morning:

I'm feeling BOTH vindication AND validation this morning. There just has to be something beyond the "obvious" evidence. I suspect that much more will come out of this case as time goes on. After watching the video above, and now knowing what Ms. Palfrey had told Alex Jones, it would be outrageous for anyone to believe she did herself in.

I really believe that the easy part of the case will be in determining the cause of death was not by suicide, but a probable homicide. The hard part of the case will be in determining "who did the job". And even to get to that point, would that ever be able to lead the investigators to "who gave the orders"?

There was Marilyn, JFK, and even MLK. When it comes to solving these cases, the powers-that-be seem to be able to have amassed the power to influence the law enforcement officials - even at a moments notice - people and evidence have a horrible habit of disappearing. And now, if some new evidence were to be found, it would be doubtful that the original perps would even be alive now to face the music. However, there would be a NEW group of conspirators that may still be culpable enough to prosecute, and that would be those that have known the truth but hid it from us.

Oh, in regard to the above paragraph, I almost forgot one more thing for us to keep in mind, in just two words: Vince Foster.

And for right now, I'm going to leave it to your own speculation on who may have wanted the "DC Madam" out of the way. Remember the key words in a criminal trial: Motive and Opportunity. My one hope today would be that somebody else would see that there were those elements in this case that stood out like a sore thumb. My thoughts alone would not have had the credibility that the above broadcast on Fox & Friends gave in getting legs to this theory. (Thank you, Ms Guilfoyle!)

I plan on continuing to write about this case. However, I also realize that to do so may make things somewhat dicey. As of now, though, I should be safe; I haven't named any names (I don't have any!), and I didn't even say that it IS a massive cover up, but only that it could be.

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