Monday, May 12, 2008

The McLame Dream Gets More Discombobulated

By John Kubicek

Please, somebody wake me up, tell me this is just a nightmare!

I'm sitting here watching the news, and I see that McLame went to Portland, Oregon to talk about the environment. Say hello, Kyoto Treaty. Say good bye, oil drilling in the U. S. of A.

Following that news, I again had another flashback to the Discombobulated Dream. With Hillary's nomination chances going down the tube, and the pundits saying there is no way that Obama will pick her as his Veep, what other choice does she have...

But I digress. The whole thing is, it doesn't even matter if that stupid discombobulated dream came true. McLame can take that nuclear option and have Hillary for his VP, or not - I wouldn't vote for him anyway. To be honest, John McCain is just as, if not more, dangerous than Clinton or Obama, or both of them combined (don't worry, that won't happen). If you think "W" was bad, McLame will not only be an extension of the Bush Dynasty, he would put the agenda into over-drive, on steroids! McLame, or McAmnesty, or what ever you want to call that beast, he's far from being a Conservative Republican. "RINO" would be too nice of a word.

While Rush Limbaugh is doing his thing as Commander-in-chief of "Operation Chaos" on the Democrat side - I'm going to have to do the same to the Republican Party. As a LIFE-LONG Republican, I'm sad that this is the way I have to go. But McLame has left me no choice. He's too Green, and I keep seeing more Red.

The question is going to be, "now, what do we do?" Those of us who are orphans of the Republican Party are left with absolutely no option but to either stay home on election day, or vote 3rd party and hand the election to Obama. Or, does that have to be the way it is? Are there enough of us out here that could make the GOP become one of the fringe 3rd parties?

I am praying about this, folks. There is that one obstacle I see when I have those NON-discombobulated dreams: We have a problem of being in unison on who to choose as our nominee. And it has unfortunately been agreed upon that a "3rd Party" has no chance. Well, maybe it is about time we change that pessimistic outlook.

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