Monday, May 19, 2008

The Big Tent Is Becoming Green

By John Kubicek

It is supposedly Spring here in Iowa. Normally, I'd be in shorts by this time of the year, out mowing the lawn, and getting the sunburn that I should be trying to avoid. But this year? While we've had a few nice days, I'm still wearing a sweatshirt and had to turn on the HEAT this morning! So, just believe me, there are far fewer people living in Northern areas of America that will go along with the "Global Warming" malarky, especially after the brutal Winter many of us recently experienced.

And yet, there are those that want to keep playing along with the "Global Warming" song and dance. The most appalling aspect of this is that many of the "believers" in climate-change-caused-by-man are coming from the what was once called the Christian Right. Sadly, they are now part of the Green Religion Movement.

This situation of a large part of the right wing base of the GOP moving to the "center" has been no accident. Just watch the following video, and you'll understand what I am saying:

Now, if you think back about a year ago, who was the presumed Republican Party nominee for President? All the pundits were picking Rudy Guiliani at that time. However, he proved to be way too far to the left for a large part of the Conservative base of the GOP. The powers-that-be couldn't convince Conservative Republicans that they could wrap their arms around a pro-gay marriage, anti-gun, pro-abortion candidate. They found an alternate candidate that was still in the "center", John McCain. And they found that they attract more people into the Big Green Tent by utilizing the global warming scam.

So, is it just me that thinks the tainting of the Republican Party was purposeful? With the coronation of John McLame as the new "savior" of the party, the global elitists (the "shadow government") were able to find their guy. They have all of their bets covered now. The Green Movement was all that they needed to pervert what I had previously believed was the party of the Conservatives, the GOP. When so-called evangelical churches were coerced into showing algore's "Convenient Lies" movie, I knew it was all over.

With the video that I embedded in this edition, I was able to provide you with the information that you need to witness the outright re-invention of what the Republicans are supposed to stand for. The GOP is being re-branded before our eyes. And I am not falling for it.

Just where to take Project HAVOC is now the biggest question. My friend Joseph Farah explained "why McCain must lose" in his column the other day. And then Vox Day chimed in, with "Poison is no antidote," and seemed to have pounded the final nail into the coffin of the GOP, saying:
If the Republican Party is not going to go the way of the Whig, it must reject the call to continue on its current path to becoming the nation's second socialist party and instead dedicate itself to becoming the party of individual liberty, small and limited constitutional government, sound money and peaceful national sovereignty that many once believed it to be.

The Republican nominee, John McCain. should lose in November; Farah desires it, and Vox Day explains it. The problem is, they are both picking the Democrat nominee, most likely Barack Obama, to win the November election. Their pessimism is aggravating!

Are we going to take it laying down? Shouldn't we, the Conservatives, have an alternative? Is there an alternative out there that would ever have a chance as a 3rd Party or Independent candidate? Or, do we have to pick between the choices that are being shoved down our throats by the GOP and dhimmicrats? Is there a way to escape from the Big Green Tent?

(And by the way, if you are wondering about the JFK 2008 picture above, it is the symbolic representation of the "Unknown Mystery Candidate" and in no way represents anyone in particular, though I did use my own initials...)

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