Thursday, May 29, 2008


By John Kubicek

Heartbroken? Watch this video and then you decide:

We need to look at this very objectively. To do that, we need to ask a few questions: Why did Scott McClellan's book, "What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception," come out now? From the video above, we can say that maybe Ari is "heartbroken", yet he is still in contact with McClellan, and that should raise further questions.

First, I can't get over the fact that Scott McClellan would come out with this Bush-basher book. Why now? Well, I think that question gets answered just in the fact of how quickly it made it up the "charts". Somebody stands to make a good income. And what a marketing ploy they came up with. Rather than Scott making the rounds to talk about the book, we have Ari Fleischer doing the "dirty work", explaining how this book is so "heartbreaking". They KNEW that the Liberals eat up books and love to read stuff how bad George W. Bush is...

So, I guess the greed scenario actually does sound better than my other alternative for a theory. It seems to be so lame, that I almost decided to not mention it.... Yet, it turned out to be something that wouldn't quit bothering me. Like Ari Fleischer mentions, in my words, it seems surreal that somebody like Scott McClellan would put out this book. Just considering all of the time that this story is getting in the news, on the radio talk shows, here in the blogs, what a great way to divert our attention from something that is actually important.

So, wouldn't that be the greatest irony? While McClellan accuses the Bush administration of using him to spread propaganda through disinformation, could his book be actually contributing to the same objective?

Could this just be a heartbreaking diversion from what we should be worried about?

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