Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Dear President Obama letter from We the People

Well, it isn't quite a guest column, but in this case, a guest video that was shared with us via Facebook today.

A Dear President Obama letter, from We the People

Video provided by nospopulus on Feb 10, 2010

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Choice the Media Won't Tell You About


The Choice the Media Won't Tell You About

By Susan Poper Gordon

The Right Man is the guy on the Right
Dear America, you have 50 days to wake up. You are not just choosing between the two guys in this picture You must decide whether there will be a free country with opportunity for all and the freedom to achieve; or a country with cradle to grave control of you, your children, your grandchildren, or any one else you know.

The media will only tell you about the guy on the left. What they WON'T tell you is that HE is the one who wants total government control, even though he looks cool. Government control is what he has been taught all his life. He believes America is too full of itself and wants us to be as equally poor and powerless as the rest of the world.


The media also won't tell you anything good about the guy on the right. So I will. Yes, he looks like a businessman. That's what he is. There is no CRIME in success! He worked HARD to achieve it and has donated millions to charity. He never took a salary as governor of Massachusetts or as chair of the Olympics - but worked like he was.

The guy on the right loves this country with every fiber of his being. He wants your children, grandchildren, and the kids down the street to have every opportunity to succeed, to not be crippled with a national debt that has skyrocketed under Barack Obama, to be protected by a strong military, to be able to shop in neighborhood businesses and work big, medium and small businesses that can pay them well because they are not taxed and regulated to death.

The guy on the right wants you to enjoy all the freedoms that are guaranteed to you as American citizens - the freedom to speak (and protest), the freedom to worship, the freedom to assemble, the freedom to write and create - and the choice of a great education that's not controlled by the public (government) school in your zip code.

For the future of America, you must vote Mitt Romney on November sixth.