Sunday, September 20, 2009

This week on TheREALjohnny2k - 9/11 to 9/19/09

By John Kubicek

Being this is the first week I've done this, I am sure that some of the followers of this blog may not be aware that I have a youtube channel that goes by TheREALjohnny2k. Well, now you know. But, I know also that not everyone will have time to get to my channel as often as I upload my videos. For this reason, I've decided to start this weekly feature where every Sunday, when you get home from your worship services, you can stop by here and check out what I have added to the channel in the last week.

This week, I want to go back an extra couple days, starting with Friday, Sept. 11. I think when you see the video that starts this series off, you'll understand why I wanted to include it. Normally, though, it will be everything that has been added from the previous Sunday until Saturday.

Being this is the first week that I've done this, I am sure that there will be improvements and refinements to this weekly feature in the future. This is obviously still in the experimental stage, so let's just see how this goes. I am pretty sure that you will enjoy this opportunity to watch these videos. Most of the videos will be from news segments, though you may be surprised by something special from time to time, such as the first one you'll see today. I should also mention here that the length of the videos will usually be relatively short, from three to six minutes, so it won't take your whole day to get through them all. It will be rare for me to upload more than four or five videos in a week, though this first edition will have a few more since I'm going back an extra day or two.

So, are you ready? Great! Let's get started!

(To make comments on any of the videos, just click on the video and that will take you to the you to the youtube page of the video.)

UPDATE: I just made a decision. Beginning TODAY and going forward, this weekly feature, "This week on TheREALjohnny2k" will be posted to my other blog, johnny2k's Blogging In Our Time 2 Escape.

September 11, 2009 - America, I will always love you, and I will never forget

Suddenly, on a beautiful September day, our lives would change forever. In this video, I combine the memories of that day with a song about America's resolve, called "I will always love you." I put this together on 9/11/09 because I never will forget, and I never want to forget. I remember the day that I woke up to see these images on TV, over and over, for the whole day.

I guess the song that I have used for the background for this video says it all.

Please read the associated blog post "I will never forget" at

September 13, 2009 - Did you hear about the 9/12 Rally and March on Washington?

Millions of people not only knew about it, millions participated. Sure, not all of the participants were in Washington D.C., but I guarantee that many that couldn't go were down in the basements (or man-cave as I personally call it), and we were going to town. There was no excuse for the Mean Stream Media to have missed this story. And worse yet, the White House claimed that they didn't even know about it.

Do I smell a conspiracy here?

September 17, 2009 - Jonathan Krohn schools Karl Rove; We need character in America

September 14, 2009 ... The young prodigy, Jonathan Krohn, explains to Karl Rove and America, what needs to be done. We need leadership guided by Conservative character.

Jonathan Krohn had been one of the featured speakers on 9/12/09. I will be working on finding video of his speech that day.

September 18, 2009 - The "No Czars" Lie exposed by Michelle Malkin - The Liar-In-Chief is caught again

Of course, the White House needs to back away from the label for various non-vetted "directors" as being "Czars". Now that the rampant Marxism in the White House is being exposed, it would be best not to mention anything so Soviet-sounding as "Czars". That just sounds so sinister. But, the liar was too late. The damage has already been done. The Sheople are being woken up. The Liar-In-Chief wasn't able to silence us in time.

Thank you, Michelle Malkin, for your patriotic and valiant - and successful! - effort to keep this story going.

September 19, 2009 - Nancy Pelosi Has No Business Getting Into Wayne's World

Wayne Simmons, former CIA operative, comments on frozen-face Nancy's intrusion into the intelligence world, and how it could lead to a terrorist attack that would dwarf 9/11.

Be sure to read, "Pelosi Intrudes Into Waynes World", by Wayne Simmons, which can be read here:

September 19, 2009 - Mike Huckabee on Health Care For Illegal Immigrants

Is it a lie that the Liar-in-Chief is telling us that illegal aliens will not get govt. health care, or is he going to grant them all amnesty so that he isn't lying?

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Monday, September 14, 2009

WE Are the MOB: Do You Hear Us Now?

By John Kubicek

They thought that they knew who we are.

They thought that they could just keep pulling the wool over our eyes.

No wonder. That seems to reflect the general and complacent wool-over-the-eyes attitude of the "sheople," doesn't it? "Why worry, we can't do nothin' 'bout it anyhow."

So, doesn't it make it pretty hard to figure that "10's of thousands" of us folks would be gathering in Washington, D.C. back on September 12th? No, of course, that can't make any difference, right? Is that why it wasn't covered by the "Meanstream Media?"

You see, we could literally show up on the streets of the Capitol, by the millions, and the majority of the people that see 10 minutes of "news" every week actually see.... uh, nothing.

I talked to way too many people that had no idea that the rally/march was even going on this last weekend. Some actually saw a blurb and maybe a picture, but they didn't really even know what it was about. And even the White House made an official statement saying that they weren't aware of the little gathering, as if it was going to be 50 people.

Of course, for those of us that actually follow what's going on, it is so difficult when we have our friends and relatives that are not aware of the uprising. I have people that are close to me that say they can not watch the news because "it is too negative all of the time. It is so depressing. I'll be happy to bury my head in the sand just so that I don't have to deal with it."

I can understand their frustration, after being bombarded with non-stop news about O.J., Britney, or Michael Jackson. As long as they are watching the MSM news, that's all they're going to get. It's the kind of news that sells.

Well, at least that is what they (the MSM) are still thinking. And that will be the one strategic blunder that brings down the progressives. They forgot about us. They forgot that many of us have the ability to write, or do what ever we can with our God-given abilities, and that know we can make a difference. Let me just give you a great example of what people on our side can do:

Anyone that doesn't know just how powerful that segment was is just not following along. There are many of us that get it. There are many of us that just want to be the Paul Revere type of people. We want you to figure it out now, rather than later.

There will be many of us that are going to be loud and clear.

You will hear plenty about what is going on, if you'll just take a minute or two to listen.

Silent no more. We are the MOB! Can you hear us now?

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Friday, September 11, 2009

I will never forget

By John Kubicek

This story has been brewing in my mind all this week. Just a day or two ago, I really did not know where this story would take me, and you, in what I could and would write.

That was before I had the resolve to see the day through. But today, I saw the whole replay of the events of 9/11 from beginning to end. I could not help but to relive all the emotions I went through that dark morning. I just put together a video montage that says it all.

America, I will always love you, and I will never forget.

America, what happened to us? How could we forget? Were we not all together as one back in those dark days? Have we forgotten what we were like? How did we stray away from the attack on America that just for a moment, united us? How quickly did we forget what George W. Bush did to try to console us? He was the greatest President for those days after the attacks. I will never forget.

Yes, there WILL be justice when it all comes down to it. But in the mean time, for all of us that grieve, we must still stand together. We must never forget, we must unite, still to this day. We must never forget that day, and continue to defend freedom and justice. Good night, and God Bless America. Let's be 9/12ers, and be the way we were at that time. We just need to be America.

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Monday, September 07, 2009

Maybe the Mean Stream Media should resign along with Van Jones!

By John Kubicek

"The Truth Is Out There" was the theme of a FOX TV show that was on in the 90's, known as "The X-Files." But it seems that the Mainstream Media (now to be called the Mean Stream Media) wasn't aware that there are people that would find the truth, despite the MSM effort to bury a story that would make their boss, Barack Hussein Obama, look bad.

Of course, it's already old news that at least one of the 30+ "czars" hired by the Barry (bury?) administration has resigned. That would be one Van Jones, the former so-called Green Jobs Czar. While that is an important story in itself, the rest of the story is just how the major networks had not touched the story prior to Friday, September 4, 2009. The coverage? Zero. Nada. Mum's the word.

So first, let's take a look at what Byron York was telling Clayton Morris on Sunday morning. I had captured tons of video on the news of the Van Jones early retirement story, but this segment was the one that focuses on how the MSM ignored the story of the Marxist in the White House. Here, follow along with me, let's check this out:

This video is courtesy of TheREALjohnny2k at

So, you see, the story regarding the Van Jones resignation wasn't just about allegations that Van the Man was tainted with left-wing, radical Marxist thinking. The really big story was that the state-run media avoided how such a person as Van Jones could even be hired to work for the Constitution-challenged Obama administration.

Oh, but wait, those on the left in the White House and the MSM wanted to do some major damage control, and make sure their minions knew that it was all about the right-wing smears and distortions. Ummm... Oh, really? Smears? Distortions by Van Jones' own words taken out of context? Sure, that's the ticket for the vast left-wing spin machine. Just so you know, that is not the truth. Let's just take a look at the REAL TRUTH from the now unemployed green jobs czar in his own words:

This video is courtesy of FoxNewsElectionHQ at

There is something that the mainstream media is not ever going to admit. Do you know what that is? I think that the left is finding out that their Saul Alinsky tactics may not be quite so affective any more. There are too many of us that are on to them. The Truth is out there, and there are patriots that are no longer afraid to put it all on the line to speak up. Like Byron York mentioned in the first video above, this isn’t the 50’s anymore. The Disney and GE and George Soros controlled left-wing media are finding out that many people are becoming well informed, and that we have skills, too, that make it possible for the Truth to be told. There was Aaron Klein and, and then Glenn Beck, and then the Conservative bloggers, and then the hoards on the social networks such as Twitter and Facebook… Well, you get the idea, right? The word – the Truth – got out. We the People are to be feared.

First, there were the Tea Parties. Next, there were the Town Hall Meetings. Then the Van Jones story that went viral in a heart beat. The meanstream media did all they could to demonize and marginalize those of us that decided that we weren’t going to take it anymore. They are finding out that, seriously, WE SURROUND THEM. And we haven’t even gotten to the 9/12 events yet!

Yes, the Truth Is Out There, but you won’t hear it from the state-run networks and leftist blogs, or even in Van Jones’ own words. Our side was persistent. Our side was pervasive in seeking the truth AND getting the word out. It took all of us. Not just Glenn Beck, Aaron Klein and It was an all-out effort, and it was a sensational victory for the good guys.

Now you know why Obama needs the Cyber-Security Act of 2009 and another round of the Fairness Doctrine. He will need to shut us up. We'll defeat those efforts, too! Just keep fighting the good (and peaceful) fight. We need to keep waking up the sheople of America. We proved that it CAN be done!

Here are some additional stories to support this column:
The Strategy: Silence us if we get too loud
Glenn Beck's Plan, Step 1: Fear Not!
WND brings down the 'red czar' ~ By Joseph Farah
And many, many more which you can find on johnny2k's Blogging In Our Time 2 Escape: Just type in Van Jones in the Search Box at the top left of the blog.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

To My Dear Loved Ones

A Message From John Kubicek

There is a price to pay when we stick out our necks. Okay, maybe not quite as harsh as the price paid during the French Revolution when heads rolled, but just the same... Sometimes, making difficult choices really hurt. I am finding that some of the sacrifices that I make really DO have ramifications. There are consequences in doing things that take time away from spending with my dear loved ones.

One of the things that I've mentioned to people lately is that, "If my current occupation doesn't keep me afloat financially, I guess I'll have to just settle for saving the country." And yet, it's really the truth about the life that I've been leading in the last few years. For now, I have a 40-hr week job, and I take pride in doing my best to serve my employer. But, then, I get home, and do my REAL work. I dedicate my "off hours" in trying to serve you, my readers. There is a lot of time and effort - again, giving 110% in doing what I do - and a little lack of sleep, but I do it for you.

Unfortunately, it has become difficult to fit in ample time with my loved ones. There's my (adult) children, parents, siblings, best friends, and my wonderful companion of the opposite gender. There doesn't seem to be enough time to distribute to everyone that mean everything to me. So, thus, this message. That's where this is coming from today. I have a great remorse for not being there for all those that would like more of my limited moments in life. I am so sorry that my attention couldn't be much more focused on you.

But now, let's just ask if the price that I'm paying is justified. Well, that could be a difficult question for a few people. So many of my dear loved ones really don't have time to follow the news. Or, the news is just so depressing (I couldn't agree more)! Or, how about this one: "There's not a thing I can do about it, so why even think about it?" Sound familiar? Well, that's actually the whole point of this column! There actually IS something you can do!

To my dear loved ones, here's the deal: Forgive me for the time I'm dedicating to what I feel is the right thing to do (to save this great country). It isn't easy. I need your support and encouragement and your prayers. I'm going to face some difficult times - I'm going to have to face the storm - because of the fact that I'm sticking out my neck for what I pray will be a better life for my loved ones. Just be there for me.

And here is something else you can do. See my blog, "Don't Give Up," and think about what it's all about. It's all you need to know about what you mean to me!

It's you that I'll be thinking about, always!

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Dismiss the Threat at Your Own Peril

By John Kubicek

September 1, 2009

Is there a threat to our God-given liberty in the country once known as the United States of America? Nah, didn't think so! Or, really... do we have anything to worry about?

Well, honestly, if you answered the question(s) above with a "NO" - I guess I can relate somewhat to that. On September 10, 2001, many of us weren't thinking about what "could happen," right?

What? Planes flying into the towers or the Pentagon? Oh, that would be CRAZY to think that could or would ever happen!

So, with what I've wanted to tell you for a long time, I was just a little apprehensive about the recourse of divulging what I believe to be the greatest threat to our freedom since WWII started, and we were fighting Adolph Hitler and his minions. What I believe CAN happen, I knew, is very frightening. People just don't like the idea of "CHANGE" (and oh, do I really wish people would have thought about that a little more before the last election!). Because, here it is, a few "little changes" that might just mean a life very different than what you have known.

Let's just start with this one. A good buddy of mine on, exposeliberals, had mentioned a story, "Keep your kids home September 8th," by Dana Loesch, which I of course checked out. When you read that story, you'll see something very insidious. Just listen to what Dana writes:
I wouldn’t have such a problem with the Department of Education were this presented in a non-Orwellian fashion. Oh yes, it is, as the lesson plan directs, to listen to what the president, the mayor, et al. says, to respect their “authoritah” ... but there is no emphasis in here on why the president and other elected officials should listen to US. The focus is solely on authority. There is no consideration given to the authority of the American people. That’s what concerns me.

There is this mindset that those in Washington are the “elite,” that we should mind our Ps and Qs and blindly follow their directives. That’s not the manner of governance upon which this country was founded – it is quite the opposite; even the hobbyist Constitutional aficionado appreciates this.
That's right. They want our kids to be disciplined little robots. I mean, how long is it before Barack the One starts preaching to our young little ankle biters on "Sesame Street"? Ummmmm...... I just report, you decide and answer that question. But to give you some further clues to what is going on, let me show you THIS video that I found today:

Yes, that's right, I just showed you similarities between Adolph and The One. Scary, isn't it? Oh, that's right... Surely, it's just some crazy stuff, there's plenty of ammo for those of the Alinsky-trained organizers to use to demonize and marginalize what I just exposed the WHOLE WORLD to (that is, until the Cyber Security Act of 2009 goes into affect... just sayin').

Hey, can't the act of criticizing the President, The One, get me in some big trouble? Could I now have a problem getting a gun permit or a passport, or even be banned from traveling to Great Britain? You know it!

Strangely enough, I had another fun thing to think about a bit ago (while waiting for my latest youtube video to upload, which strangely crashed with seconds to go before success in uploading). I need to take a preemptive approach in order to combat those that will try to villify, demonize and marginalize what I have written so far today. For those that may feel that I'm capitalizing on everything going on these days that threaten our freedom, forget about it.

No, I'm not part of some "astroturf machine". Nobody has yet paid me to write what I do (though I wish). There is no corporate conglomerate behind my efforts. Matt Drudge or Joseph Farah have yet to contact me to offer me a contract to write for them. Fox News is yet to hire me as a Fox News contributor, let alone, for an anchor position. Nope. I'm just your fly-over coutnry hayseed hick in the Hawkeye state. I'm just saying what I believe to be true. I'm just one of the grassroots patriots that is doing my part - with my God-given abilities - to save America. I just want to be able to continue to speak freely, and cling to my Bible and my gun. What has been going on with this country is scaring me out of my skin. And I hope I am writing loudly enough. I hope you are hearing me today.

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