Thursday, September 03, 2009

To My Dear Loved Ones

A Message From John Kubicek

There is a price to pay when we stick out our necks. Okay, maybe not quite as harsh as the price paid during the French Revolution when heads rolled, but just the same... Sometimes, making difficult choices really hurt. I am finding that some of the sacrifices that I make really DO have ramifications. There are consequences in doing things that take time away from spending with my dear loved ones.

One of the things that I've mentioned to people lately is that, "If my current occupation doesn't keep me afloat financially, I guess I'll have to just settle for saving the country." And yet, it's really the truth about the life that I've been leading in the last few years. For now, I have a 40-hr week job, and I take pride in doing my best to serve my employer. But, then, I get home, and do my REAL work. I dedicate my "off hours" in trying to serve you, my readers. There is a lot of time and effort - again, giving 110% in doing what I do - and a little lack of sleep, but I do it for you.

Unfortunately, it has become difficult to fit in ample time with my loved ones. There's my (adult) children, parents, siblings, best friends, and my wonderful companion of the opposite gender. There doesn't seem to be enough time to distribute to everyone that mean everything to me. So, thus, this message. That's where this is coming from today. I have a great remorse for not being there for all those that would like more of my limited moments in life. I am so sorry that my attention couldn't be much more focused on you.

But now, let's just ask if the price that I'm paying is justified. Well, that could be a difficult question for a few people. So many of my dear loved ones really don't have time to follow the news. Or, the news is just so depressing (I couldn't agree more)! Or, how about this one: "There's not a thing I can do about it, so why even think about it?" Sound familiar? Well, that's actually the whole point of this column! There actually IS something you can do!

To my dear loved ones, here's the deal: Forgive me for the time I'm dedicating to what I feel is the right thing to do (to save this great country). It isn't easy. I need your support and encouragement and your prayers. I'm going to face some difficult times - I'm going to have to face the storm - because of the fact that I'm sticking out my neck for what I pray will be a better life for my loved ones. Just be there for me.

And here is something else you can do. See my blog, "Don't Give Up," and think about what it's all about. It's all you need to know about what you mean to me!

It's you that I'll be thinking about, always!

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