Monday, September 07, 2009

Maybe the Mean Stream Media should resign along with Van Jones!

By John Kubicek

"The Truth Is Out There" was the theme of a FOX TV show that was on in the 90's, known as "The X-Files." But it seems that the Mainstream Media (now to be called the Mean Stream Media) wasn't aware that there are people that would find the truth, despite the MSM effort to bury a story that would make their boss, Barack Hussein Obama, look bad.

Of course, it's already old news that at least one of the 30+ "czars" hired by the Barry (bury?) administration has resigned. That would be one Van Jones, the former so-called Green Jobs Czar. While that is an important story in itself, the rest of the story is just how the major networks had not touched the story prior to Friday, September 4, 2009. The coverage? Zero. Nada. Mum's the word.

So first, let's take a look at what Byron York was telling Clayton Morris on Sunday morning. I had captured tons of video on the news of the Van Jones early retirement story, but this segment was the one that focuses on how the MSM ignored the story of the Marxist in the White House. Here, follow along with me, let's check this out:

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So, you see, the story regarding the Van Jones resignation wasn't just about allegations that Van the Man was tainted with left-wing, radical Marxist thinking. The really big story was that the state-run media avoided how such a person as Van Jones could even be hired to work for the Constitution-challenged Obama administration.

Oh, but wait, those on the left in the White House and the MSM wanted to do some major damage control, and make sure their minions knew that it was all about the right-wing smears and distortions. Ummm... Oh, really? Smears? Distortions by Van Jones' own words taken out of context? Sure, that's the ticket for the vast left-wing spin machine. Just so you know, that is not the truth. Let's just take a look at the REAL TRUTH from the now unemployed green jobs czar in his own words:

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There is something that the mainstream media is not ever going to admit. Do you know what that is? I think that the left is finding out that their Saul Alinsky tactics may not be quite so affective any more. There are too many of us that are on to them. The Truth is out there, and there are patriots that are no longer afraid to put it all on the line to speak up. Like Byron York mentioned in the first video above, this isn’t the 50’s anymore. The Disney and GE and George Soros controlled left-wing media are finding out that many people are becoming well informed, and that we have skills, too, that make it possible for the Truth to be told. There was Aaron Klein and, and then Glenn Beck, and then the Conservative bloggers, and then the hoards on the social networks such as Twitter and Facebook… Well, you get the idea, right? The word – the Truth – got out. We the People are to be feared.

First, there were the Tea Parties. Next, there were the Town Hall Meetings. Then the Van Jones story that went viral in a heart beat. The meanstream media did all they could to demonize and marginalize those of us that decided that we weren’t going to take it anymore. They are finding out that, seriously, WE SURROUND THEM. And we haven’t even gotten to the 9/12 events yet!

Yes, the Truth Is Out There, but you won’t hear it from the state-run networks and leftist blogs, or even in Van Jones’ own words. Our side was persistent. Our side was pervasive in seeking the truth AND getting the word out. It took all of us. Not just Glenn Beck, Aaron Klein and It was an all-out effort, and it was a sensational victory for the good guys.

Now you know why Obama needs the Cyber-Security Act of 2009 and another round of the Fairness Doctrine. He will need to shut us up. We'll defeat those efforts, too! Just keep fighting the good (and peaceful) fight. We need to keep waking up the sheople of America. We proved that it CAN be done!

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