Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Dismiss the Threat at Your Own Peril

By John Kubicek

September 1, 2009

Is there a threat to our God-given liberty in the country once known as the United States of America? Nah, didn't think so! Or, really... do we have anything to worry about?

Well, honestly, if you answered the question(s) above with a "NO" - I guess I can relate somewhat to that. On September 10, 2001, many of us weren't thinking about what "could happen," right?

What? Planes flying into the towers or the Pentagon? Oh, that would be CRAZY to think that could or would ever happen!

So, with what I've wanted to tell you for a long time, I was just a little apprehensive about the recourse of divulging what I believe to be the greatest threat to our freedom since WWII started, and we were fighting Adolph Hitler and his minions. What I believe CAN happen, I knew, is very frightening. People just don't like the idea of "CHANGE" (and oh, do I really wish people would have thought about that a little more before the last election!). Because, here it is, a few "little changes" that might just mean a life very different than what you have known.

Let's just start with this one. A good buddy of mine on twitter.com, exposeliberals, had mentioned a story, "Keep your kids home September 8th," by Dana Loesch, which I of course checked out. When you read that story, you'll see something very insidious. Just listen to what Dana writes:
I wouldn’t have such a problem with the Department of Education were this presented in a non-Orwellian fashion. Oh yes, it is, as the lesson plan directs, to listen to what the president, the mayor, et al. says, to respect their “authoritah” ... but there is no emphasis in here on why the president and other elected officials should listen to US. The focus is solely on authority. There is no consideration given to the authority of the American people. That’s what concerns me.

There is this mindset that those in Washington are the “elite,” that we should mind our Ps and Qs and blindly follow their directives. That’s not the manner of governance upon which this country was founded – it is quite the opposite; even the hobbyist Constitutional aficionado appreciates this.
That's right. They want our kids to be disciplined little robots. I mean, how long is it before Barack the One starts preaching to our young little ankle biters on "Sesame Street"? Ummmmm...... I just report, you decide and answer that question. But to give you some further clues to what is going on, let me show you THIS video that I found today:

Yes, that's right, I just showed you similarities between Adolph and The One. Scary, isn't it? Oh, that's right... Surely, it's just some crazy stuff, there's plenty of ammo for those of the Alinsky-trained organizers to use to demonize and marginalize what I just exposed the WHOLE WORLD to (that is, until the Cyber Security Act of 2009 goes into affect... just sayin').

Hey, can't the act of criticizing the President, The One, get me in some big trouble? Could I now have a problem getting a gun permit or a passport, or even be banned from traveling to Great Britain? You know it!

Strangely enough, I had another fun thing to think about a bit ago (while waiting for my latest youtube video to upload, which strangely crashed with seconds to go before success in uploading). I need to take a preemptive approach in order to combat those that will try to villify, demonize and marginalize what I have written so far today. For those that may feel that I'm capitalizing on everything going on these days that threaten our freedom, forget about it.

No, I'm not part of some "astroturf machine". Nobody has yet paid me to write what I do (though I wish). There is no corporate conglomerate behind my efforts. Matt Drudge or Joseph Farah have yet to contact me to offer me a contract to write for them. Fox News is yet to hire me as a Fox News contributor, let alone, for an anchor position. Nope. I'm just your fly-over coutnry hayseed hick in the Hawkeye state. I'm just saying what I believe to be true. I'm just one of the grassroots patriots that is doing my part - with my God-given abilities - to save America. I just want to be able to continue to speak freely, and cling to my Bible and my gun. What has been going on with this country is scaring me out of my skin. And I hope I am writing loudly enough. I hope you are hearing me today.

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