Sunday, August 30, 2009

Don’t Give Up, Even Though He’s Heavy (He’s My Big Brother)

By John Kubicek

I keep asking myself, "Is resistance futile?"

On one hand, I could say that I'm not worried, there are a few people out there like me that are going all out in order to save this country. With the Grace of God, we'll succeed, and we'll wake up many of the sheeple in America that were formerly oblivious to what is going on. God knows, I've tried my hardest.

But, on the other hand, what I see on a daily basis is people in America that are totally oblivious to what is going on. There are many sheeple out in the pasture for the wolves to prey on.

I'm tired, and would love to have a good day of sleep, but I feel I must keep on going. I've gotten to the point where I believe that America is hanging on the brink of tyranny. I'm not just believing that, but I'm feeling it right where it counts: In my wallet. That's the dose of reality that could eventually wake some of the sheeple up. But what counts is, could it be too late?

There are many people - patriots - that are now laying it all out on the line. Whether it is those that are at the top of Conservative talk radio like Rush, Hannity, or Beck, there are also those of us that would not have nearly as much to lose, but the risk of losimg it all still has the same outcome.

It has been hard to explain in just a short amount of space, in just one post, the overwhelming feeling that I am getting these days. I've been seeing the writing on the wall. Why, because I'm smart? No, just because I'm following what is going on in the world, and mostly in this country regarding politics. I see the power-grab politics that is going on, and it's making me quite uncomfortable.

Worst of all, there is the more insidious side of what I've come across while keeping on top of it all. I'm finding that the one side in power is finding many outlandish ways of staying on top. And it all has to do with finding ways around the Constitution of the United States. You need to know that our Bill of Rights has been in their sights, and they are going to intentionally water down our rights, little by little, like boiling a frog.

It is that fact that makes wonder if any type of resistance will soon become futile for those of us that still value freedom. It may not be "Check Mate" yet, but it's getting close. And the longer that people stick their head in the sand, the harder it is going to be for those of us that want to make a difference. Once the Obamacide team has it all together, with their Civilian National Security Force in place, along with their efforts to silence the talk radio realm... and if necessary, cut off the internet, well, folks, resistance may become next to impossible. It may just become futile if we don't keep working at it.

It won't be easy. But don't give up, even knowing what Big Brother can do to us. He will be heavy, because he IS our Big Brother!

Don't Give Up
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
Things can be tough, but God Is There

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Lynn said...

Good blog, Johnny! Yes, if more people paid attention to things like Obama's plan for a Civilian National Security Force and his appointment of over 50 Czar's and advisers NOT answerable to ANYONE but him (many of them with extremely radical pasts like Mark Lloyd and Van Jones), they would be as worried as you and I are. Most of mainstream media shuts this information down, as you know, but thank God for people like Glenn Beck who show us what's REALLY happening. If they shut HIM down (and others like him), we are in seriously big trouble!! Keep fighting the good fight. I'm with ya!

xo Lynn

Anonymous said...

I'm a fighter too. As you know. Although I am not as eloquent as you. Every time I send something to the White House or my Senator or Congressman . Or even the local news rag anymore I feel my finger hesitate on my mouse before I click it. And you know what that does to me? it makes me ANGRY. It makes me angry for the very same reasons you have mentioned here in your article. And more. Because not only with the silencing of our rights as America citizens who were once far freer than we are now without that "Big Brother" looking over our shoulders-( and who knows where else today?) I truly believe that what lies behind it is the coming out from behind the curtain the certain revelation of the identity of the anti-Christ. We already know he has a bosom buddy in Obama and his administration.The silencing of Christianity is the true aim I believe. And the way to do that is to assault us by taking away our very freedom of speech and worship that our founding fathers came here to make sure that we all had. Freedom OF religion. Not freedom FROM religion. It's all sad-but TRUE. Keep fighting John. But in that fighting? Don't forget to seek God first. Else you are fighting a losing battle without Him on your team. God Bless you!