Friday, August 14, 2009

The Silencing of the Sheeple

By John Kubicek

I came up with the idea for this writing when I saw the following segment on Fox & Friends:

We all know that eventually, as we age, we come down with the CRS (Can't Remember Stuff) disease, but I was able to remember when those that protested the War In Iraq complained about being called unpatriotic because they disagreed with the war effort, especially in Iraq. That was back in the days when people still remembered the horrors of 9/11, and of course, anyone that complained about the course of action was just so unpatriotic. They were un-American. They were demonized. And the war protesters made a valid point that it was their right to speak out - even if they were part of the Code Pink minions.

But, isn't it weird that those same people, those who claimed their rights to speak up were being taken away, seem to be the same people that are now calling the Town Hall dissenters "mobs," and Tea Party participants "teabaggers?" The same mainstream media that criticized the Bush administration for calling those that dissented against the War on Terror as being unpatriotic, are now calling people that voice their dissent on health care reform (known as ObamaCare), "un-American."

Being called "un-American" isn't the only thing that we are now hearing about those that go to the town hall meetngs to stand up and speak up:

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A few days ago, Joseph Farah wrote a column, "'Ridicule is man's most potent weapon'," where he explains why Saul Alinsky's fifth rule in his "Rules For Radicals" doesn't always work:
But I have news for the late Saul Alinsky. Those tactics may have served well the extremists of the past – in the short run. However, the ridicule of this campaign has been so over the top, so pervasive, so malignant and so obvious, it has backfired. The rules for radicals work well when radicals are not running things. But when the inmates take over the asylum, as they have in this country in the last six months, the old tactics of intimidation simply allow more people to see through the looking glass.
There are some in the media that aren't going to be reined in like good little sheeple. And it is apparent that the ridicule won't stop some citizens from speaking up, and saying what they want to say to the politicians at the town hall meetings.

So, when ridicule doesn't work to silence the sheeple, the big question is, what tactics will those in D.C. and their state-run media use to quell the dissent? No, they wouldn't resort to thuggery, would they? Ah, c'mon, it would be crazy to believe that would ever happen! Oh, wait...

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When the tea party rallies were taking place last spring, the radical left occupying the White House, the liberals in Congress, and the state-run media claimed that those who attended were organized by the Republican Party or FoxNews. And let's not forget the maligning ridicule such as Janine Garofalo's name-calling, using the derogatory label of "tea-baggers." Janet Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security then added to the cacophony, with the report that claimed most of the people with Conservative values were right-wing extremists and a domestic terrorist threat.

Add those events to what is now going on at the town hall meetings regarding Health Care Reform (ObamaCare), there seems to be a frightening pattern of malignment of those who wish to speak up. As seen above, when the claims of those who are speaking up were manufactured ("astroturf") - organized "mobs" - didn't work, they moved on to claiming that the people speaking up at the town hall meetings were racists, and even dangerous. It even went to the point, as in Mike Sola's case, where he received a threat to him and/or his family after he had confronted Rep. John Dingell (D-MI). The question is now, will the tactics of the left be escalated any further?

Unfortunately, there is an answer to that question which sends chills up my spine. You see, the Obama administration and the leftist crew in Congress have an agenda. They are determined to see that agenda get passed into law. It's pretty apparent to us these days that the "sheeple" are not going to be allowed to get in the way. I believe that the radical left will stoop even lower in order to silence any dissent. I know it may sound outrageous, but I am beginning to believe that the Obama minions will do what ever it takes. That's just my opinion, but certainly seems plausible, considering all that is at stake.

It would only take one act of violence at one of the town hall meetings, by somebody that could be tied to any "right-wing extremist group" - what is called a "patsy" - and all of us sheeple who dissent will be discredited. Worse yet, it could give our goverment an excuse to suspend many of our rights, especially our 1st Amendment rights.

Freedom is important, and I do not want you to forget. So, let me just remind those of you that may have forgotten what tyranny is all about.

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I'm just sayin'...

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