Friday, September 11, 2009

I will never forget

By John Kubicek

This story has been brewing in my mind all this week. Just a day or two ago, I really did not know where this story would take me, and you, in what I could and would write.

That was before I had the resolve to see the day through. But today, I saw the whole replay of the events of 9/11 from beginning to end. I could not help but to relive all the emotions I went through that dark morning. I just put together a video montage that says it all.

America, I will always love you, and I will never forget.

America, what happened to us? How could we forget? Were we not all together as one back in those dark days? Have we forgotten what we were like? How did we stray away from the attack on America that just for a moment, united us? How quickly did we forget what George W. Bush did to try to console us? He was the greatest President for those days after the attacks. I will never forget.

Yes, there WILL be justice when it all comes down to it. But in the mean time, for all of us that grieve, we must still stand together. We must never forget, we must unite, still to this day. We must never forget that day, and continue to defend freedom and justice. Good night, and God Bless America. Let's be 9/12ers, and be the way we were at that time. We just need to be America.

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