Friday, May 16, 2008

A Patriot In Israel

Or, why can't America have a leader like this?

After watching the following video on, the good vibes I've always had about Benjamin Netanyahu were further confirmed.

There is only one serious problem with this great leader. He is an Israeli, and not an American! While I don't see how it's possible that he isn't the Israeli Prime Minister, I also feel jealous that America doesn't have a leader like this that would step forward and lead this forlorn old country.

As you will see in this video, the light of a beacon for Western Civilization has just been turned on; somebody in this country, in the once great United States of America, needs to also step forward, and bring about the leadership that this country so desperately calls for:

It would have to be obvious that Mr. Ahmadinejad and Iran have just been specifically warned. At this time, however, Benjamin Netanyahu is not the leader of Israel - but he should be. Both Israel and America need to send Ahmadinejad a strong message, and not back down.

So, how does America show it has the backbone to back up a warning to Iran? We didn't, and we won't be able to now that we've nominated the linguini-spined Juan McLame to the Republican ticket. And forget whoever the dhimmicrats end up coming up with.

It's going to take somebody rising up from within a 3rd Party in order to find the US version of Benjamin Netanyahu. And then it's going to take courage for those of us Republicans that have Conservative values to vote for somebody else besides Juan McLame. It's understandable, as Conservatives are bombarded daily by the usual two arguments:

  1. a third party can never win, and
  2. a Conservative-based 3rd party that does well will assure the Dhimmicrats of the win next November.
But the weirdest argument that I ever heard was the Conservatives would guarantee the loss of the Whitehouse for the Republicans if they were controlling the party! Stranger yet, they blamed that on Bush and the Republican controlled Senate and House before 2006 - who ended up not even being "Conservatives"!

(My thanks to "Thoughts by Steve" for bringing this video to my attenion. His blog can be found at: )

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