Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Discombobulation Syndrome Strikes Again!

The Discombobulation Syndrome Strikes Again!

The problem with those occassional dreams is that they are always so discombobulated. The frustration comes from trying to determine the "message" we are supposedly able to get. Those vivid but discombobulated dreams just seam to stick in your head. It lead me to write what I did yesterday, in "A Discombobulated Dream."

Well, here is the REAL straight talk about that rant I had yesterday. I now admit that I not only discussed, but also only thought about, just one side of the coin. In that commentary, it was the Hill-Billy Team (labeled as Team Billary in that article) that would do whatever it took to team up with Johnny McCain, just for their benefit of getting power later on down the road. While concentrating on that theme, I overlooked another way it could be analyzed.

Let's not forget about the Real McCain. That's the Senator that has his name on McCain-Feingold. John McCain - Mr. Shamnesty - is the guy that wanted liberal immigration laws to the degree of giving millions of illegals amnesty. I'm just saying, I think that actually, and honestly, wouldn't he be the one that would bend to the other side of the aisle?

I guess that I wasn't that far off in my analysis yesterday, other than I didn't consider the 2nd dimension, that there are at least two sides to the coin. I must have somehow forgotten that the coin is supposed to be "bi-partisan".

One of the things that lead me to write about the new revelation this morning was when I discovered the blog, "
Chris Matthews Other Leg". It was when I came across the story, "McCain - A Dyed In The Wool...Liberal! ," that I suddenly had another flashback of my discombobulated dream.

It scares me, because there really could be the Discombobulated Dream Team (DDT) of McCain/Clinton, only they wouldn't be "meeting in the middle". No, I think John McCain would move as far left as necessary to make Hillary feel welcome as part of the "GOP" ticket.

This has to be a nightmare!

(Also, be sure to read, "
Far We Have Strayed From The Truth" - John McCain promises the "chicken in every pot," and more!)

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