Thursday, June 04, 2009

What we are facing: A true "grave danger"

By John Kubicek

How much scarier can it get?

My colleague Joseph Farah was attacked by a blogger in a post entitled, "Joseph Farah is a serious US domestic danger!" And without some real critical thinking about what was written by the author, Sam Mehrani, it could have been easily overlooked. And I am not even talking about Sam's lousy spelling and grammatical skills. Actually, the real problem I have is that Sam and people like him (or her?) is the real danger in this country.

Wait, didn't I hear almost eight years ago that people were actually complaining because some were saying that those that didn't support the War on Terror were unpatriotic? Apparently, when the tables are turned, it is now unpatriotic to not support "The One." And I quote Sam, when it was written, "The outcome of it so far has become a grave danger [emphasis mine] for the US. It is nothing more than unpatriotic behaviour that should be swiftly delt with." A grave danger... "Unpatriotic behaviour that should be swiftly delt with?"

Sam Mehrani gave us an unintended gift. What was written in that piece displayed the complete picture of what a truly brain-washed devout cult-like follower of a empty-suited figurehead would look like. We can't thank him (her?) enough.

The moronic Mehrani diatribe was spawned by Joseph Farah's quest to get Barack Obama to disclose his actual long-form birth certificate. Seriously, anyone with a neuron or two floating around in their brains would have to really wonder why Barry Hussein Obama would refuse to do so. I don't remember Barack talking about privacy in his campaign speeches. Wasn't his theme about transperency? I mean, the way he was talking, he should be displaying his Social Security Number on the side of Air Force None... I mean, Air Force The One...

What is he hiding? Isn't his refusal to allow public viewing of his long form birth certificate some type of admission of guilt? Why?

But hey, if the Mehranic ones can find a way to demean those that ask the critical questions, they will do so as long as they are enabled by the lame-stream press, and by us. That's right. Even though some of us may feel like we are just a grain of sand on beach, we must speak up. The grave danger would be if when our comrads are attacked, we stay silent.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Johnny2K,

The post I made on opengov.ideascale was a spoof. You can take it literally if you want?

First, the "Birthers" movement doesn't convince me with their claim! Maybe it's just me?

Second, they spammed the site by making multiple post about the same subject. Which violates the moderation policy. Therefore making any good post lost in the "Birthers" mess!

If you wanted to make a point, you should have written one post and all of you should have voted on that one. But you choose to violate the site and it's purpose, which was to give you and me a voice? And that Johnny2K, rubs me the wrong way.

Kind regards,


Ps. I'm can be refered to as "him".