Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's for OUR children

By John Kubicek

"It's for the children" is a phrase that has brought about a bit of passion in folks, including yours truly. As a radio host known as "Mancow" from Chicago says, beware when you hear those words: "It's for the children"

And maybe the word "passion" would be an understatement when it comes to the audacity of a new "star" in the radio talk shows and a personality that a few of us are able to enjoy on the Fox News channel. Glenn Beck goes beyond what any of us would expect to see on a cable news show. And that is a good thing. Here's why:

This is why I am writing today. It is time to turn, "It's for THE children" into "It's for OUR children." When you hear, "it's for THE children," it is most likely propaganda from the government to give them an excuse for another social program. But when you see the above video, there is something new for you to hear, and it better be, "It's for OUR children." That should be the emphasis of what you have to pay attention to. We're talking about just us lowly people that want to have the freedom to be able to speak freely. That is for OUR children.

Just yesterday, I updated my banner at the top of this page. Did you notice that? I hope so. In the top right corner, just to the right of that famous icon you have seen, you may have noticed a little bit of text saying, "We Surround Them." That's my tribute to what Glenn Beck has been saying. That is for OUR children.

Our freedom is at stake. Our children's freedom is even more at stake. Our biggest fight in the next few years is to keep our freedom of speech. Without it, it could be the complete end of our freedom. And as Glenn Beck mentioned, it may be the ultimate sacrifice that a few of us are going to have to make. And I have resolved to be part of it. I'm ready to do whatever is necessary, at least with the power of my speech as tapped out on my keyboard. It's my blog, and it's for OUR children.

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