Friday, February 06, 2009

So.... Maybe we should all be crying

By John Kubicek

When was the last time you saw or heard a newscaster show emotion and literally lose it on a live newscast?

What I saw a few days ago was something that took a little time to soak in. And now that it has, I find it difficult to write about. I don't know... is it because my eyes have misted over? No, it is much more than that. I am not sure if I can really explain it because there is so much going on these days. But, what I am seeing is certainly not comforting. I think I know of somebody a lot like me, to where it is overwhelming just to see what is going on.

The Archduke Ferdinand Moment - Part One

The Archduke Ferdinand Moment - Part 2 - Glenn says the Cavalry has arrived

Glenn Beck: I Mean what I say. The cavalry is here.

If you have been having some very scary feelings about what is facing us, as a nation, and as people that really care about where this country is now going, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

You can call it "The Archduke Ferdinand Moment," or "the tipping point."

All I know, though, is that what I've been seeing lately, and I'm afraid of where this country is headed. It isn't just that which is scaring me. What is really bugging me is how many people there are that are so oblivious to what is going on.

I just wish I had the space here to write all about the things that are really bothering me. It was my desire to try to write about that feeling that "something is wrong here." and I am afraid that the time is running out. What makes me so sad is that I may not have reached all those that I could have. I tried. And I know many you have tried, too.

Just when maybe you feel the way I have all day, when "Maybe we should all be crying," could we also make it our rally call? Even if these days are so much like what happened at the Alamo?

Update February 7, 2009
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Christinewjc said...

You are certainly not alone in your feelings. I know LOTS of people who are very concerned about this neo-Marxist ObamaFRAUD. Take a look at my latest post.

Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity (to a lesser extent) and Michael Savage appear to be the ONLY news analysts that aren't afraid to go against der Fuhrer and point out Barack INSANE Obama's crazy executive orders, all his corrupt cabinet appointees, the tax evaders (some made it, some didn't) in cabinet positions, and the relentless push for the StimuWASTE government grab of taxpayer money (that this nation CANNOT AFFORD).

All the rest are ObamaBorg automotons who wouldn't dare say anything negative againt NOBama even if their lives depended on it! Maybe that's it...their lives are being threatened?

Welcome to the new dictatorship.