Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Gitmo "Discussion"

By John Kubicek

I've always liked Geraldo Rivera, at least as a person. He has a great sense of humor, he smiles with his eyes, and he has had plenty of courage for doing many of the assignments that he has been on. In fact, good old Geraldo is even pro-troops! There is a lot of good I can say about the guy, but dang, I sure wouldn't want to get into a political discussion with him. Just ask Bill O'Reilly. But now, add Brian Kilmeade to those that don't want to try to discuss political issues with Geraldo. Here's a 3 minute glimpse of the way Geraldo tends to dominate the "discussion":

After watching the video, you have to feel bad for Gretchen Carlson. I can't blame her for her apparent discomfort with the volley between Geraldo and Brian. (But in the mean time, Steve Doocy might have had some 'splaining to do with his wife when he got home....)

With another thunderstorm quickly approaching, and with the possibility that my electricity may go out, I better try to get to the point of this. I'll start by expounding on "The Gitmo Discussion" which goes way beyond the personality conflict I've alluded to.

The paradox is that it all leads back to how this "discussion" was done. The Geraldo side, which I would say is on the left, has a perpetual habit of not allowing the other side to enter the debate. After viewing the above video a few times, I still do not know for sure what Brian Kilmeade wanted to say. Geraldo totally dominated the conversation. And isn't that the way it goes when we try to "discuss" various issues with liberals, such as the global warming "debate", or Evolution vs. Intelligent Design? It seems to be a problem with obsessive compulsive arrogance disorder. It could be treatable, but probably at a cost of around $45 trillion.

And in the mean time, do I care if these criminals down at Gitmo get some type of open trial here in the States as Geraldo desires? If they were tried, convicted and executed by tomorrow, it would be no problem for me. Obviously, unlike Geraldo, I don't really care what the world thinks. Because that is not the real problem.

What we have to worry about is not about what the World thinks, but what our war-time tribunals could mean for U. S. citizens that do not quite agree with the administration, especially those that are bold enough to discuss the various diversions from the U. S. Constitution.

While the Left would want you to fear that being in disagreement of what Bush and his "Right-wing" administration is doing - that they'll cart you off to Gitmo - the real fear that I have will be in trying to dissent with the Left if they take over the White House and keep control of the Senate and House, God forbid. In the video above, you've seen an example of the how the Left will try to silence our dissent.

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