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More About "Being Schooled": Indoctrination

By John Kubicek

In my last column, "Being Schooled," I wrote the following:

So, here's my point: I'm pretty sure that the public education system is totally broken. I have this feeling that our kids are being indoctrinated... However, I am also aware of the fact that kids could also be indoctrinated if they went to private schools or if they were home-schooled. The obvious key here is, who are the ones that are indroctinating our kids? In my humble opinion, those that are going to the public schools are being indoctrinated by a political force with an evil agenda. I do not believe that agenda really has a happy ending for those of us that value freedom.

Of course, what I had written then was based on my own opinion, but I would not have written it had I any doubts that I was right. I can now happily say that something I saw Sunday morning (May 10) on Fox & Friends confirmed what I wrote. I WAS right! And I have the video up on youtube that will verify that. You will see the video below, but first, let me give you some of the background.

Did you hear the story about the high school student, Chad Farnan, who sued his teacher, James Corbett, for bashing Christianity during his lectures for a European History class? Chad and his attorney, Robert Tyler, won the case. U.S. District Court Judge James Selna ruled in Chad's favor. In this case, the allegation against the teacher and defendant, was that he was bashing Christianity and abusing his power as a teacher in order to denegrate Chad's religion. When you see this video, you'll see why Chad won the case.

What this teacher, James Corbett, had done was brazen abuse of his authority as Chad's teacher. In this case, it was about the teacher's defamation of Christianity. But, that isn't the whole story. And in fact, the victory for the student in U.S. district court was just a small part of the story. There is much more to this case that we should be aware of.

My initial plan was to put the video on my Cross Tribe Network, a Christian-oriented blog. When I uploaded the above video to, I wrote in my title and description that Christian bashing by a teacher to his students won't be tolerated. That would have been fine, and I could have left it at that. But, I then realized there was more to the story.

Suppose the teacher was a Christian and was bashing Atheists? Would if the teacher had been a Muslim and was bashing Jews? Would those situations be tolerated? If a teacher was mocking anyone a different race or sexual orientation, we know what would happen. That teacher would not get a pass, no matter what. I'll guarantee you, that if Carrie Prejean became a public school teacher, and told the class that marriage should be between a man and a woman, the NEA would not be coming to her defense! So, why should it be allowed for them to disparage someone of a different religious belief? To keep in line with the 1st Amendment, what the teacher wants to say outside of the school environment is fine. But when it comes to what they are "teaching" in a class, that is no place for those attacks and they have no benefit to the students.

Taking that epiphany a little further, and spending an additional day in thinking about this before writing, I saw confirmation that public schools really were becoming indoctrination centers. In "Being Schooled" I had written the following:
The obvious key here is, who are the ones that are indroctinating our kids? In my humble opinion, those that are going to the public schools are being indoctrinated by a political force with an evil agenda. I do not believe that agenda really has a happy ending for those of us that value freedom.
In that writing, I only stated that there was a problem, but I wasn't really able to produce any possible solutions. It was my own opinion that there was a "political force with an evil agenda" in charge of indoctrinating our kids, and that it wouldn't have "a happy ending for those of us that value freedom."

Now, consider what would have happened had the teacher, James Corbett, been able to continue on with his anti-Christian and anti-Conservative rants while teaching his class? But wait, it is worse, because I'm sure Corbett wasn't (isn't) the only teacher doing this! And you can be rest assured that there is much more insidious education being crammed into the heads of our youth in the public indoctrination centers... I mean, public schools. Well, there is now a solution. We now have legal precedent to employ in taking it to other teachers that do the same thing, and for that matter, school systems that allow it and even encourage it! This could be the NEA's worst nightmare!

Chad Farnan had innocently recorded his teacher's lectures in order to help him prepare for the class (tests). Little did he know what his studious efforts would lead to! It has become something that could turn around the way the public school system has been used to indoctrinate children to fit their liberal and socialist agenda. This is a way to put the brakes on the social decline that we have been witnessing. It's also a way that maybe we can now force teachers to start actually TEACHING, so that our next generation would actually be able to pass that 8th grade test from 1895 that we talked about in "Being Schooled."

What seems to be so absurd is why did it take an 11th grader to take on the "system" and claim victory? It reminds me of the David and Goliath story. Chad didn't just take on the teacher; he was taking on the power of the teacher's union (NEA), the State, and even the Federal Court.

My guess is that the case will be appealed. Or, wait.... will it? Does the NEA really want it to be public knowledge that there is indoctrination going on? To win their case, wouldn't they have to be trying to show that indoctrination is a "good thing"? But then, I guess if it's "for the children," that could work. Let's hope that it doesn't.

Being Schooled ~ By John Kubicek

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