Sunday, January 25, 2009

Experiment #44 - Underlying Agendas

By John Kubicek

I found two videos this morning that are "MUST SEE!" The very good thing is, these videos are not only very well done, but also excellent educational tools. Make your kids watch them 5 times a day, at the minimum!

The two videos show pictures of all of the Presidents, from #1 - George Washington, to #44 - Barack Hussein Obama. The pictures morph from one President to the next, and are great quality, for the most part (more about that later.)

Now, what I want you to do is to vote on which one you like the best. As of this writing, one of them has 2,687,275 views, and was uploaded on November 8, 2008. The other is at 62,309 views, and was uploaded on November 18, just 10 days later. So, does the one with over 2 million views deserve that number of views? Or should the other one, with just over 62 thousand views be the one you would really like to watch? You can comment on your votes here (delayed until I approve the comments), or on the digg submittal for this page. Now, let's get started. We're only talking about eight minutes of viewing time, so there should be no excuses, (other than you being on a dial-up line).

Video #1 - From George Washington To Barack Obama - A Long Way - Original Video

Video #2 - George Washington to Barack Obama in Under 4 Minutes

Of course, this is totally non-scientific research on my part. My informal poll is just that. But should there be a lot of comments on either of the venues, my blog or on, it should be interesting. Though the videos are similar in the special video effects (and kind of spooky at that!), they are somewhat different, both in video and audio. I really love both of the background music tracks, so on that "note", I was impressed with both of these. However, there were some differences in the presentation of both of these videos that I thought was interesting. My theory is that the number of views of these two great(est) videos on may have been somewhat slanted based on the differences in presentation.

With that being said, I am hoping you will participate in this informal poll-based research. The responses, which you should make sure to read, will be the most interesting. It is a social experiment. And to think, I only took Sociology 101 and Politics 101 when I went to college. (Why did I have to go to college even before the personal computer was developed?) So, here it is in this social experiment. What say you?

Now, keep this in mind: History can be shown from different perspectives.


John Kubicek said...

So, when I titled this, "Experiment #44 - The Underlying Agenda", this is a question for those who are seeking their doctorate in Sociology, Politics, Psychology, Antrhopology, History, or even Journalism: What the heck was I saying?

I'd love to read your comments!

American Angle said...

Hi Johnny, entertaining post here. I enjoyed the effects of the first video more so than the second, but both were interesting. In response to your questions as far as any underlying agenda, I noticed the image of Bush in the first video was less appealing than in the second one (but nothing over the top)

The message at the end of the first video "change can happen" a borrowed slogan from the Obama campaign, so the subtle inference is that the change is a positive one, though not declared in the video.

The videos were harmless and more entertaining than politically biased. I wish I can say the same for the 44th president ;-)