Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Doom and Gloom Alarmists

By John Kubicek

There are many people in the media and in politics that are proficient alarmists. Don't you have to wonder how they have become so terrific at being able to amplify fear and anxiety with all of their doom and gloom predictions?

Well, Glenn Beck has let the cat out of the bag. He has hired a Fear Consultant, in which we'll see in the following video that I smuggled out of Glenn's Star Chamber. (I think Stephen Colbert will be very jealous that he missed his chance!) You will notice that the quality of the video is pretty lousy, but I had to get it through all of those various x-ray machines at the security check points at the Fox News building (which is ACTUALLY Glenn's Star Chamber!).

So, back to the story. You do realize that much of the media and about all of the politicians have fear mongering down to an art form. As the above tongue-in-cheek Star Chamber segment illustrates, a lot of the doom and gloom alarmists may not even be telling the complete truth, but if it's bad enough, it sells (Think: books and DVDs). It helps the media (including this blog) get a larger audience. It is a powerful tool for politicians, too. Heck, look at how well it has done for Al Gore in the last decadent decade! Nothing like spreading fear like the Inconvenient Lies about poor little polar bears without an ice cube to stand on!

There are times when we must practice discernment, and do our best to take the doom and gloom stories with a grain of salt. If Chicken Little tells you that the sky is falling, you may want to check and consider all of the facts before you move to a cave. You may want to take into account what the ultimate intention could be for an alarmist when ever you hear or read about doom and gloom. You know, things like man-made global warming having the ultimate goals of global governance and socialism seems to come to mind.

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