Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Commercial You Will Never See Again

By John Kubicek

The video from jokecrib on takes me back to when I was a kid and there were commercials on TV that haven't been allowed for many, many years, for cigarettes. Some of them were the best ever commercials. I loved the Marlboro Man... Or, remember this one? "I'd rather fight than quit" (Terryton).

You see, those ads worked in my case. And that is not necessarily a good thing, for obvious reasons. I hate to ruin your day, but the sad truth is that I am still addicted to cigarettes. I've been hooked for many years, and it all started when I was just a kid, watching those cigarette ads.

I am all for First Amendment rights and free enterprise, but there are times when the government has to step in if it is found that a commercial is for a hazardous product or service. In the case of the commercials for cigarettes, the mandate to make the tobacco companies stop advertising on TV came way too late.

Somebody just alerted me to the following video, which is what got this rant started. I decided that if I was going to share it with you, I needed to make sure you knew that I wished that I had never started smoking to begin with.

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