Monday, January 04, 2010

The War They Won't Admit We're Fighting

By John Kubicek

Let's see, now, according to the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, events such as explosive devices that kill and maim people are not acts of terror, but just man-caused disasters. Attacks on Americans, whether on military personnel or civilians, are now criminal acts. Let's close Gitmo, it's recruiting material for the enemy. We should be trying terrorists responsible for 9/11 in New York City with all the rights of any American facing trial. Let's try sending captured enemy combatants to a prison in our heartland, or better yet, back to Yemen where the last attempted attack, on Flight 253, apparently originated...

Does it not seem that the Obama regime won't admit we're actually in a war? Or is it that they just don't know how to fight a war? When it comes to fighting enemies of America from foreign lands that want to destroy us, I really have my doubts about our President's fortitude, tenacity, and desire to vanquish the enemies of freedom and Western culture. But, hey, maybe that is not the war that really matters to them, the progressives. Our dear leader has his allies, and they are much more focused on winning more time in power. Their agenda is the all important spoils of war, our dependence on a government over the people, and not of the people.

It's very disconcerting to be finally understanding that there are people that are fighting a war here at home. It's a political war. It's even a spiritual war. It is the government against "We the People." They are willing to stoop to all-new levels of division, not diversity. By utilizing the politics of class envy, and creating resentment and the sense of entitlement, they divide us. We the People, once united in preserving our freedom, are now divided, and ready and willing to turn on each other, rather than those that want total control over us.

The war machine of the progressive left is not focused on fighting terrorism and the true threat to our freedom from those who aggressively desire to annihilate Western culture. It could be easily proven that their real focus is on crushing freedom of speech, the 1st Amendment, by vicious attacks on Conservative talk radio hosts and Fox News, the very threats to their evil agenda.

At one time, the media was one of the main reasons that we were able to fight the Evil Axis of Germany, Japan and Italy. During World War II, Hollywood actually produced films that promoted victory and preservation of the American Way. How much that has changed! Now, Hollywood (now known as Hollyweird) and the state-run mainstream media is used to ridicule and denigrate those that question the motives of those that control the White House and Congress.

Whenever those of us on the Conservative side find new potential leaders, the ridicule dial gets ramped up, to where our heroes are portrayed as wing-nut buffoons. You've witnessed what the leftist media tried to do to Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Joe "The Plumber" Wurzlebacher, Rep. Michele Bachman, and of course Rush Limbaugh... The list could go on forever, but I'll still remind you of how they treated the "Birthers," those of us that won't able to close the books on Barack Hussein Obama's Constitutional eligibility to be our commander-in-chief until he makes certain official records available.

While the current powers now controlling (using Chicago-style politics) the belt-way won't ever admit that we're fighting an enemy that wants to eliminate America as an obstacle to their eventual worldwide caliphate, I'll guarantee you that they will also dismiss any discussion that the actual agenda is for their achievement of ultimate power over our lives, from cradle to grave. Why, that would just be crazy-talk. Those of us that question them, let alone mention that there's a real war that they want to win - the one against "We the People" - may find ourselves further up on the list of enemies-of-the-state. And getting on the "no-fly list" could be the least of our problems.

The "war" is on! And, hey, sorry about making you feel uneasy about who our government considers to be "enemy combatants." Maybe it's just me.

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