Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finding the Answers: Glenn Beck's Interview with Sarah Palin: January 13, 2010

By John Kubicek

Can you imagine Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck hosting Saturday Night Live together? It could save NBC! But that is not why I put this blog together, and embedded the videos I had uploaded to youtube. If that had been the reason, I just wasted many hours of my time.

Fortunately, that wasn't the case. I did all the work because of just one important reason. This was probably the interview of the century. This is a great teaching tool for anyone that wants people to know what this country is about. These videos should be shown in every school or church that presented Al Gore's inconvenient lies.

Well, now that the Beck/Palin interview has made it to every venue in the Conservative side of the blogosphere, we can be sure that the left will be attacking soon (it has already started). I could spend the rest of my time on this planet by uploading videos I could record from the other networks. They will be going into hysterical mode. You will be seeing that on a grand scale, and probably have already.

With that being said, please allow yourself to watch these segments from Beck's hour with Palin, in the week Sarah was being announced to be a new Fox News Channel contributor, without bias. Whether you are Conservative or Liberal, you can learn from these segments. This is about America, Americans, and Americanism.

Segment 1

Glenn talks about meeting Sarah Palin for the first time, and why he picked the location of the interview.

Segment 2

Sarah Palin tells Glenn Beck that the government is not listening to the people. Both Glenn and Sarah seem to agree that we can't recognize our country.

Segment 3

Who do we trust? The choices are few. This is the part where Glenn asks Sarah about whether she can trust anyone. They also talk about the "Most Admired" list. Sarah talks about keeping grounded. It's just a poll. Glenn talks about people being desperate to find somebody they can trust.

Segment 4

Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck, their first meeting, on Jan. 13, 2010... This is the segment where Sarah talks about the guidance God has given us, and we need to abide by it. Sarah says, "There are eternal ramifications based on what we do here."

Brace yourselves for this segment. Sarah says what she believes. We need to hunker down and be ready for it.

Segment 5

This is where Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are talking about Trust. How do we know we can trust what's going on - in the White House? Things they are doing, are they trustworthy?

Segment 6

Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck, their first meeting. They hatch an obvious plot to challenge Saturday Night Live to let Glenn and Sarah host a show. It would be what you could call the ultimate shock and awe SNL ever. Just sayin'....

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