Monday, February 08, 2010

"For Freedom" - A special Valentine for my fellow Freedom Lovers!

By John Kubicek

I watch Fox and Friends every day, at least a portion of it, when I get home from work. They are always having great musical performers doing something special, usually on Fridays.  Well, last Friday, the guests were a group called, "4Troops."  It was very, very special.

Any "tea party" group out there need to sign these people up to perform at conventions and rallies!  Yes, they will blow away the audience. They could easily sell many copies of their upcoming CD following the rally, so you probably wouldn't have to spend a lot to invite them to perform.  They are pro-freedom, pro-military, and pro-America.  They would be a hit!

I'm really looking forward to getting their CD they promoted on Fox and Friends.  I love good, patriotic music.

Of course, some will say I am only trying to promote my video that I uploaded to YouTube.  I'm sure that is what my critics would want to tell you.  Don't worry, though, that's not my covert motive.  I get plenty of views on my channel, my videos have a way to sell themselves.  No, I just want to promote 4Troops, and Fox News and Fox and Friends.  They are the ones that deserve the credit due.

Now, for the video that you need to see!

Do you see what I mean?  These people are talented!  The song brought tears to my eyes, and still does.

It is my hope that by promoting what 4Troops do will help to revive the patriotic spirit in many people in this great country.

Are there many people like me in this country? Yes, absolutely! But, ya know what?  It is great performers like 4Troops that help immensely by giving us more "ammo" to attract more people like us to our cause.  We want people to find out that they are NOT alone.  We're not trying to create "right wing extremists," we're not trying to indoctrinate anyone with some fringe or radical agenda, uh, other than letting people know that there are the elitists that would like nothing better than having people just give up and accept the Federal government as their savior.

So, I'm hoping that by doing this - promoting a great group in a great performance - will help to effectively get the message out there.  I hope that you will spread this message around.  Please spread the love for Freedom! That's the best valentine message you can give anyone.

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