Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's Michelle Malkin - Always right on!

By John Kubicek

Anytime I get home from work and manage to catch the last hour of Fox & Friends, and get to see a Michelle Malkin segment, it's a great day!  As always, in the segment I got to see last week, on Feb 25, she was right on!

In this segment, Michelle and the Fox & Friends hosts, discussed some great subjects:
  • The Health Care Summit
  • National Security, and the real national security risk, Attorney General Erik Holder
  •  Hollywood liberals (Joy Bahar and Bill Maher) making fun of Dick Cheney after an apparent 5th heart attack
As always, Michelle gets it right on every one of the issues. But it was on the first subject, Health Care Reform, where she brings up a point I so much wish people would pay attention to. The regressive taxes that have been levied on tobacco users is ridiculous. But it is also so ironic that the hope and change candidate would hurt many of the very people he had voting for him in 2008.  Too funny!

So, just watch the awesome segment in the video below. You will soon understand why I'm always fired up when I catch a Michelle Malkin segment on Fox & Friends! And by the way, Steve, Gretchen, and Brian, excellent job in "squeezing" such great info out of Michelle! Great questions!

Video provided by TheREALjohnny2k

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